Which Founding Father Are You?

Find out

What is your favorite color?

American Red


Patriot Blue


Union White


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What Career Would You Rather Have?

Military General








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What is your biggest pet peeve?

Being Underestimated




Temperamental People


Being controlled


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Can You See Yourself Becoming President?

Totally! I'd love to lead the country!


Nah, I prefer to stay behind the scenes


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What trait do you value most?









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Complete this thought, "I'd rather be..."

At the movies


Exploring nature






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What's your biggest flaw?

Your temper


Your stubbornness


Your inability to keep a secret


Your ego


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How do people feel about you?

They love me! I'm very likable


They either hate me or love me


I have my close friends, but not a ton of people like me


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Thomas Jefferson

You are courageous and strong, with a commanding stature. You are charismatic, and use your charm to get your way. You may be temperamental, but you are extremely intelligent.

George Washington

You are brave, moral, regulated, and a natural born leader. You may be reserved and serious, but you are loyal, and intelligent.

Ben Franklin

You are intelligent, motivated, strategic, and ardent. You like to create, and solve problems. You are persistent, and won't stop until you achieve your goals.

Alexander Hamilton

You are intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. You may be stubborn and rebellious, but you only act the way you do because you have drive and unlimited potential.