Which Grey's anatomy character are you?

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pick a specialty..











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what do you do in your free time...

work! duhh


spend time with soul mate


spend time with family


spend time with friends


by myself...maybe sleeping


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pick some words to describe you...

bubbly and kind


dark and twisty


hot and sexy




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pick a color









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how would you tell a patients family their loved one has died...

quick and straight to the point


comforting them while trying to explain


caring but not too touchy


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Mark Sloan

You are extremely confident and need to feel loved. It takes you a while to catch feelings for someone but when you do you cant live without them and would do anything for them!

You scored a 7

Meredith Grey

You are a very strong person and you work very had.

You love your family and would do anything for them!

You dont just trust anyone but when you find your person you would ride or die with them!

You scored a 14

Cristina Yang

You are a very hard working and serious!

You love your friends and having fun but when it comes to work there is no exception to not go!

You scored a 20

Lexie Grey

You are sweet and very bubbly! You love work but family always comes first!

You are very smart and try your best on anything you do.