Which "Supernova" Character Are You?

Which major character from "Supernova" are you? Take this quiz and find out!

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Are you picky about who your friends are?

I'm friends with anyone and everyone.


Eh...there are some general qualities I like, and some general qualities I don't like.


If they aren't just right, we will not associate. Ever.


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If someone wrongs you...

That's it. It's over. They should have treated me better.


It'll take me a minute, but I'll eventually forgive them.


Forgive and forget, I always say!


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Someone is being pushed around in the street.

I run to them and intervene before it gets worse.


Somebody stop them! I mean, not me...but somebody!


I wait until it's over, then approach the person and make sure they are okay.


Walk away...walk away quickly...


I don't know them, it's not my problem.


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What is your goal in life?

To live a quiet, peaceful life by myself.


To find happiness, wherever that may be.


To do my job.


To make the world better.


To be successful. 


To find who I am.


To make others happy.


To learn as much as I can.


To keep my friends and family safe.


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Which is more important--doing your job, or doing what is right? 

Doing your job


Doing what is right


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Your superior/mentor makes a mistake. You...

Correct them immediately.


Don't correct them, but fix it later when they're not looking.


Just go with it.


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Your best friend makes a mistake that puts them in deep trouble. You side with...

Your best friend. Loyalty is important, and they would do the same for me.


The authority figure. I side with the rules, always.


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Which skill/attribute is most important?







Keeping to yourself










Sense of duty


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What kind of people are you drawn to?

Those who I've known for a long time


Those who need help


Those who appreciate who I am


Those who care about others


Those who are smart


Those with ambition


Those with strong interests and morals


Those who are hardworking and consistent


Those who are patient and steady


9 / 9


You are Jason! Strong, patient, and disciplined, you know your purpose in life. However, you have a strong sense of right and wrong that sometimes makes you question the actions of others. When it comes to your friends, you are loyal to the end--as long as they show you the same courtesy.


You are Peter! For you, life has been a bumpy ride. Maybe you aren't the most approachable, and you don't make friends easily, but those who get past your tough barricades know you're a softie at heart. Those who have wronged you don't stand a chance, because you don't forgive or forget. But those who are close to you are rewarded with your kindness and occasionally dry sense of humor.


You are Coleen! You have two sides--you can be proud, intense, and fiercely independent, or you can be shy and gentle. Always ready to step up when the situation calls for it, you end up saving your friends' tails quite a lot. This earns a lot of respect from others, which you reciprocate by giving them your undying loyalty and trust.


You are Nathan! Much like Jason, you have a strong sense of discipline and duty, but you prefer to stay in your comfort zone, even if that means following those who are wrong. Very serious, you have a dry sense of humor that only comes out around your friends. Out of all of your friends, you are the most loyal.


You are Johnathan! Your crazy and sometimes silly sense of humor can lighten up anyone's day, and you always know the right thing to say. Some may get on to you for your lack of seriousness, but you have a much more optimistic outlook on life that keeps you going.


You are Harry! The genius of your friend group, people respect you because of your high intelligence and quick, logical thinking. Whenever your friends are in a twist, they turn to you to get them out. Maybe you're a little introverted, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to make friends--they just have to be the right kind of people.


You are Davis! Maybe your friends call you "dad", or maybe you're just a very caring person--either way, nobody goes uncared for on your watch. You love to joke around and have fun, but when the situation calls for it, you don't hesitate to step up and defend your friends.


You are Ira! On the surface, you may come off as stern and aloof, but in reality you are passionately invested in whatever cause or interest you are in. Proud, independent, and quick-witted, you do the right thing because it's the right thing to do, not because you want credit.


You are Rew! Ambitious, patriotic, and cunning--you know how to get what you want. Others may see this as a bad thing, but you see it as ensuring your future.