Which Hairstyle Suits You Best

Different hairstyles bring a feel-good factor when you dress up. Whether you like to wear your hair poker straight or in fun and flirty braids, they can bring a change to your overall look. In this quiz, we’ll tell you which hairstyle suits you best. 

If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s about time that you do.

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What is the shape of your head?



Quite like an egg


Samajh Nahin Aa Raha! *gently running the hand over head*


1 / 9

In any activity, how do you contribute?

I am good at organizing stuff


I like to lend creativity


I am a leader


2 / 9

Tell us a little about your sleeping pattern

I fall in deep slumber as soon as I lie on the bed


I keep thinking and then fall asleep


I am a nocturnal animal


3 / 9

How much time do you spend on making your hair?

I just brush them so it hardly takes me a minute


5-10 minutes. I check out various styles that suit my look


I have a trademark style for all days


4 / 9

What’s your ideal weekend plan?

Sleeping and daydreaming


Spending time with myself and doing stuff I like


It is full of activity. Exercise, catching up with friends, etc.


5 / 9

How would you describe your personality?







6 / 9

You’ve got a chance for a photoshoot. Which location would you pick?

A beautiful forest


An open field


Some classic places around the street


7 / 9

How do you choose your hairstylist?

Friends recommendation


I have one in my locale


I have had the same stylist for the longest time


8 / 9

Do you like to try out hair colours?

No. Natural is just fine


I don’t mind safe shades that’ll flatter my look


I’m all-in for rainbows or Khaleesi’s platinum blonde


9 / 9

A PIXIE hairstyle will suit you best

We know you love your long locks but chop them off for a neater, stylish update. Don’t worry, your hair will grow back. Until then, have some fun, enjoy something new and get bold.

LONG WAVES define you

You probably have had the same hairstyle and are unlikely to change. You love that there are many options you can try out with this kind of hair. Whether it is a messy braid or a bun, you pick up hairstyles according to your mood and are in love with what you have.

You are all BANGS!

You are anything but ordinary. Your spirit is wild and so is your style. Your no-nonsense attitude speaks for itself and though you might be a little inclined towards spikes, try to get some bangs this time. They’ll be a great alternative and will simmer down your look without taking away the fire.