Which Herb is Best for You?

Find which plant you need to spice up the foods you love 

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Would you like herbs for cooking or health?

I cook everyday with herbs!


Once in a while I grab some herbs


I love using herbs for my health


I don't really like herbs for any reason


1 / 5

Do you like spice?

I love spicing up my food


I only spice it up occasionally 


Spices make me want to die 


2 / 5

What temperature do you eat your food?

I like my food boiling


I like my food warm so I don't burn my face off 


Kid temp is too hot for me 


If it isn't half frozen, it isn't for me 


3 / 5

Do you want to smell your herbs in the room?

I don't really care because candles exist


Sure, plants smell fresh 


Yes! I love plants that have fragrance 


NO! Ew


4 / 5

What taste is your favorite?

Sweet (:




no taste, I only drink water 




5 / 5

You scored a 0

You should probably stick to veggies 

Let's face it, herbs probably aren't your thing. But that's okay, there are tons of other options out there that will suit your more plain approach. Maybe use herbs for medicinal purposes or grow veggies instead. Take the vegetable quiz to learn more about foods that may suit you and your life better!

You scored a 30

Try Mint

Mint is a delicious but also safe herb to start with. It offers amazing cooling affects while adding a yummy taste. Try this in your next smoothie for a little pop!

You scored a 59

Try Oregano! 

You should really give oregano a shot! This spice is perfect for italian dishes, warm plates, and even soup. This herb also is great for so many types of healing, but can also provide a subtle woody flavor. Top your favorite pizza with it to give your mouth a small (but not to spicy) party.

You scored a 80

Try Parsley!

Parsley smells super wonderful, plus it offers amazing amount digestive help! Parsley can be topped on hot, warm, and cold foods, which makes it an incredibly versatile food. Definetely incorporate this in your next dish.

You scored a 117

Chives are for you!

With your results, you most likely like some flavor. Chives are the perfect option because they add a little bit of sweetness but also some spice. They can brighten any dish with as a beautiful garnish or be laced in the meal for an onion-like result.