Which Home Is Most Similar to Your Personality?

Based on a few questions, which home suits you best?

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Which words describes you best?

dreamy, exciting, romantic


organized, neat, rule-follower


homey, old-fashioned, cheerful


upbeat, busy, active


friendly, social, likeable


1 / 10

Do you like romance?





2 / 10

Favorite flower?

Whatever looks good!








3 / 10

Extrovert or introvert?





little of both??


4 / 10

Which city do you like best?

New York, NY


Gattlinburg, TN


Springfield, MO


Denver, CO


5 / 10

Favorite emoji?

laughing until crying


heart eyes


upside down smiley


simple smiley


gotta run! emoji


6 / 10

Which season?









7 / 10

Do you enjoy large gatherings with friends?



only CLOSE friends




8 / 10

Have you ever liked someone and had them like you back? 

Oh yeah :)


One time.... :D




9 / 10

Which kind of clothing do you like best?



skirts and tops


shirts and jeans


tops and leggings




10 / 10

Modern Escape

This snazzy home is for the fashion-forward, futuristic loving friends who like things to be clean and neat. Your friends probably think you are the organized and cleanly person who likes simplistic but amazing design.

Cozy Cottage

You like a quiet, homey life and like to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures. You probably prefer quiet days as to busy ones and like a little bit of solitude every once in a while.

Country Farmhouse

You enjoy the great outdoors, family, and days with nothing to do. You are always with people, and enjoy gatherings and spontaneous meetings with the people you love.

City Apartment

You are always on the go! While you have a 'home', you prefer to be out doing things than hanging out at it. You keep a minimalistic space and have fun with what you do, not what you own.

Historic Mansion

You like a classic fairy-tale life. You can't wait for adventures and to be swept off your feet, and you enjoy the classics in life.