Which Japanese food are you?

Are you a cute mochi or stinky natto? find out now!

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Which Japanese hobby would you like to try?



Japanese calligraphy


Read manga


Ikebana flower arrangement










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What is your best character trait?







Good sense of humor










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You are in town with a friend, someone tries to pick a fight with you. What do you do? 

I freeze up 


I encourage my friend to fight them


I walk away to get some beer


I run


I fight to protect my friend


I'm too cute no one picks a fight with me


I try to calm them down with a joke


I scare them away with my awful smell 


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What would you like to do on a date?

Go on a cruise


Go to a festival/party


Enjoy a home-cooked meal


Relax at a spa


Take a walk in the park


Visit an art gallery


Go to the movies


I don't go on dates


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What's your favorite color?

















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What kind of person are you at work?

I’m hardworking but I don’t like it when someone disagrees with me.


I like helping people out but I have a hard time saying no to my boss.


I always participate in after-work activities like parties and trips


I’m always busy running around doing different tasks


I like taking on various tasks and challenges 


 I’m lazy but I always have fun with my coworkers


I’m the leader and assign tasks to others


I’m a perfectionist but a good team worker.


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Where would you like to eat/drink?

















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You are... Sushi!

Sushi is one of the most well-known Japanese foods that people enjoy all over the world! To create the perfect sushi you need to be creative but also precise and balance the ingredients out well.

You are a very creative and artistic person with many talents and great taste! You are also a little sensitive and a perfectionist. Just like Sushi is not complete without rice, you also do best when you work in a team!

Sushi: Creative, perfectionist, sensitive, team worker.

Wagyu Beef

You are... Wagyu beef!

Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive Japanese foods that can be enjoyed in the most fancy restaurants. The meat tastes so amazing because the cows that it comes from get massaged and fed sake.

You are just like wagyu beef, classy and many people people admire you for your great taste! You are a great leader because many people look up to you and you secretly like taking advantage of that. You love to be pampered and treated like a queen/king!

Wagyu beef: Classy, fashionable, high-maintenance.

Japanese Curry Rice

You are… Curry Rice!

Curry Rice is a Japanese dish based on Indian curry. It’s a real family dish, easy to make at home it will guarentee a smile on everyone's face, especially kids!

You easily connect people and get along with everyone because of your good sense of humor. You’re a little lazy but people forgive you because you’re just so likeable!

Curry Rice: Good sense of humor, social, little lazy.


You are… Ramen!

Ramen is a popular noodle dish that people enjoy in small shops in town. But don’t underestimate this casual dish! Ramen comes in so many different variations of soup and toppings, it takes skills and years of practice to create a perfect bowl of ramen.

Even though you appear like a laid-back person you are actually very ambitious! When work is done you like to relax with good company, food and drinks. People like you for your easy-going personality.

Ramen: Easy-going, ambitious, talented


You are… Natto!

Natto is traditional Japanese food made of fermented soybeans. It’s rich in vegetable protein and considered a superfood! Many people eat Natto in the morning for extra energy throughout the day. It is however known for it’s sticky texture and awful smell.

You have a super healthy lifestyle and are good at sports. People feel energized just by being around you. However, if you want to succeed at love you should shower more often because a bad body odor is not very attractive! You like to keep yourself busy and are always taking on different tasks, challenges and hobbies.

Natto: energetic, sporty, fun, a little stinky


You are… Gyoza!

Gyoza are Japanese dumplings usually stuffed with ground meat and vegetables. Gyoza is a side-dish often shared among groups of friends at Japanese izakaya bars! Crispy outside and soft inside, a party isn’t complete without these delicious dumplings!

People love you because of your outgoing and fun personality. You take every opportunity to go on an adventure, whether it is a party, a concert or a climbing Mount Fuji! But even though you appear cool on the outside you are soft on the inside, just like gyoza and often worry too much about things.

Gyoza: Outgoing, adventurous, fun, overthinker.

Fugu (blowfish)

You are… Fugu

Fugu is one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. The dish is true delicacy that comes with a price. Not just anyone can serve fugu, If the poison isn’t removed correctly this dish can be fatal! Years of training are required before chefs are allowed to serve fugu to customers.

You are a very intelligent person and you like to spend your hard earned money on luxuries! A great friend who stands up for others and someone you can trust. You are proud of your ideas and your work but you don’t like critique. Strangers shouldn’t try to cross you because you have a short temper that makes you blow up like a blowfish!

Fugu: Intelligent, good friend, dependable,short temper.


You are… Mochi!

Mochi are traditional Japanese sweets made of sweet glutinous rice flour, often filled with sweet red bean paste. Everyone loves mochi because of its sweet taste and all the different fun variations for different seasons and celebrations!

You are just like mochi, sweet inside and out! You are very caring and probably a great cook. You often help others out and like to give gifts. Because you have a hard time saying no, people tend to walk over you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself!

Mochi: Sweet, caring, charming, too nice.