Which Kind of Coffee Are You Based on Your Style?

For a lot of us, coffee marks the perfect start to our day. Referred to as the elixir of life by many, it is a staple for the people. Believe it or not, but the style and personality you have say a lot about the kind of coffee you would choose. Take this quiz to find out which coffee beverage you are. 

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How would you describe your personality?

Short tempered. I get angry in a jiffy.


Cognitively flexible. I respond according to the situation. 


I am cool as cucumber.


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What would you wear to a cocktail party?

A little black dress


Jeans and top (giving up comfort is not my thing)


The party pantsuit


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Which of these fashion trends do you relate most to?







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Define your style.

I am casual but versatile. Comfort is key. 


Though not a big risk taker, but I like to try new things every now and then. 


I am poised and magnetic. My style is crisp and polished.


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Which place do you like to visit for holidays?

Mountains. I find my tranquility up above.


Any place as long as it serves yummy food.


Coastal areas. I can bathe in sun endlessly.


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Colours that you prefer to wear

Neutral colours


Bright colours


Black and blues


6 / 7

Which bag do you like the most?

A trendy sling bag


A studded clutch


A vintage bag


7 / 7

You are a Café Latte!

Like a relaxed and cozy Latte, your comfort-oriented personality is loved by all. You are easy going and warm. Your loveable and affectionate nature is very attractive to your peers and they like to stay by your side.

You are a Mocha!

Mocha is an innovative coffee drink and that’s exactly how you are – creative. Your enigmatic personality attracts attention wherever you go. You are fun and your friends find your company greatly entertaining.

You are an Americano!

You are a confident and strong person. Your poised personality makes you the leader wherever you go. You take charge and work like a go-getter. Your clear communication and composed attitude make you the frontrunner.