Which of Henry VIII's Wives are You?

Henry VIII was married over five times!  Want to know which one of his wives you're most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Find out

What causes your marriage to end?



Died of Illness






1 / 8

What would you name your child?







I don't have kids.


2 / 8

What are you most likely to be accused of?



Being unfaithful


Not being loyal enough


Being too ugly


3 / 8

How long did your last relationship last?

A few weeks


Two years


Four years


More than 20 years


4 / 8

How many relationships have you been in before your most recent one?







5 / 8

Complete this thought, "I'd rather be..."













6 / 8

What's a typical blog comment you might receive?

"This is hilarious!"


"This is so cute, where'd you get it?"


"Thanks so much for sharing your experience."


"Wow!  This is so helpful!"


7 / 8

Which best describes your personality?

I'm very polarizing; you either hate me or love me.


Always dress to impress!  You never know where the day will lead.


Adventure is everywhere, you just need to go out there and create you own.


I love sharing what I learn and teaching what I know.


Renaissance certainly applies to me; I enjoy lots of different facets of my life.


8 / 8

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine was married to Henry VIII for over 20 years, and had a daughter named Mary, despite Henry VIII wanting a son. The marriage was annuled in 1533, 24 years after it happened in 1509.

Anne Boleyn

Anne married Henry VIII in 1533, and the pair had a daughter named Elizabeth, who ended up becoming Queen Elizabeth I. However, Henry blamed their marriage for the fact that they didn't have a son. Anne ended up being beheaded due to accusations of witchcraft and treason.

Jane Seymour

The third wife of Henry VIII, Jane Seymour was married to him from 1535 to 1537, when she died from illness two weeks after giving birth to their son, Prince Edward.

The Travel Blogger

You are driven by adventure and fueled by the dream a life filled with passion and excitement and your blog is a reflection of just that. You enjoy being able to "escape" and you can turn to your blog to do that! You might enjoy the finer things in life, or you choose to live on a budget, but you know how to document your life and the adventures that surround it.