Which Retail Are You?

The rush of a flat out day or a £10,000 sale? Take the quiz...

find out HERE!

How festive are you?

I'm never not thinking about Christmas.


I love a good December Display.


I appreciate it, but don't really go crazy.


I'm not really bothered either way.


It's just another day, Bah humbug.


1 / 9

How good is your parallel parking?

Never not perfect, it's a chance to show my skills.


I love a good challenge.


It's a 50/50 situation.


I avoid it if possible because it takes so long.


I never try it, I'll drive around until I find another space.


2 / 9

How do you feel about having your picture taken?

I'm at a Kardashian level with my selfies.


I know how to work my angles.


I enjoy making memories but don't go crazy.


If I have too.


I feel nothing, because it never happens.


3 / 9

How organised are you?

100%, Monica level towel cupboard.


75%, I'm organised enough to keep myself calm.


50%, there's room for improvement.


25%, who doesn't like some chaos in their life.


0%, I'm late!!!!


4 / 9

Rate your Halloween Costume game?

I'm basically a professional costume artist.


I always make the effort to dress up.


I dress up if I need to, I am a party go-er.


I prefer not to as I can't be bothered.


I hate dressing up, so it doesn't happen.


5 / 9

Do you like shopping?

I wish it was my career!


I love me some retail therapy.


I don't mind it.


I only go when needed.


My socks have holes in them, but I refuse to go.


6 / 9

Choose which best describes you?

I enjoy a set 9am to 5pm schedule.


I need a steady job but I'm flexible with my hours.


I work to live, not live to work. 


Any hours as long as I get to choose when I work.


Who needs to work, haven't you heard of parents?!


7 / 9

Are you a people person?

Hell yeah, I could talk to a wall.


I'm really sociable and love a good chat.


I like spending time with people, but I need alone time.


I prefer my own company but people are nice sometimes.


I like to keep to myself, I'm quite quiet.


8 / 9

Are you a trend setter?

I have a Vogue subscription, I am Carrie Bradshaw!


I know what suits me and I'm always dressed to impress.


I put in the effort when needed, but love my comfy clothes.


If it's trendy it was a gift.


I wear clothes.


9 / 9

Christmas Stall!

Bringing Christmas to life in every square across the UK, Christmas stalls are paramount to bringing light and life to cold grey winter days. Full of all the little 'knick knacks' and ornaments you never knew you needed.

A great job for those that are full of Christmas spirit, and enjoy having engaging conversation with elated shoppers and tourists alike. Christmas stalls are a type of pop-up shop, which is something that Wave are experts in and love creating. After all, what better way to re-energise the retail experience than with captivating and unique brand events!

A Claus!

You are Christmas! Whether you're Santa or Mrs Claus, taking pictures with families and little ones is a pinnacle part of any December. You need a big personality and a lot of Christmas cheer to lead your little elves through a busy December.

Hiring the right person for the job is absolutely crucial for positions like this and at Wave that's what we do. We don't stop there though, we make sure managers receive the right training to equip them to motivate their team to create lasting memories for consumers.

Santa's Helper!

Smiling, waving and entertaining the month away, elves are a key component in many areas of retail. This allows for some diversity in your work. Whether you're stationed in Santa's Groto, walking about a department store or putting on a show, you'll need a lot of festive cheer and energy. It's not for the faint hearted.

Hiring the right people who are not only skilled, but also align with your brands image is what Wave does. We don't stop there though, we give them the tools and the training they need to ace it!


A boutique is the perfect place to find that one off item to transform any look. For those who enjoy having a conversation and helping shoppers find the perfect item, this is the place for you. You'll need to know your products, as there's no hiding behind an established name; a boutique is all about creating a brand.

At Wave that's what we do, create awareness to power up brands which helps them achieve their goals.

Luxury Brand!

You'll need to be fashion forward with a professional and personal shopper approach to retail. Upholding the established brand image is everything. Not everyone is cut out for this job, which may be more akin to a career choice. If you're good at what you do there's always room to move and grow with the brand, which can be incredibly lucrative and exciting. You may even see yourself jet setting off to new places.

This level of staffing is paramount to retail and is one of the reason Luxury Brands are charging ahead of the retail industry. At Wave we pride ourselves on our amazing staff, and we currently provide staff for some of the world's most well known brands. Similar to Luxury Brands, at Wave we like to foster talent and don't let something special slip through our fingers.

Department Store!

If you like a bit a variety in your work life, Department Stores may be the place for you. Offering everything from cooking and home wares to suitcases and technology, you'll work with, and meet many different people as you go about your day. An alternative is working for a specific brand within a department store. This allows for a deeper product understanding whilst maintaining the flow of shoppers.

Brand sales experts are something we specialise in at Wave, and we currently represent some of the world's largest consumer electronics brands. Creating a personal shopper feel gives consumers a great brand experience, encouraging brand loyalty.


Always busy and in demand, Supermarkets keep the world spinning. Everyone needs food so you'll never have a boring day. Whether you're working the till or stocking the shelves, you'll need to be on top of your customer service game.

Getting your product to stand out in the aisles of a Supermarket can be challenging, that's why at Wave we create shop-in-shop concessions which bring brilliant brand experiences to life in supermarkets.

Personal Shopper!

You'll need to not only know the fashion industry but also your own mind. Offering advice and suggestions may seem easy but it's not for the faint hearted. You'll need great personal and organisational skills. There has been quite a bit of growth in this industry recently, as stores realise the importance of retail experiences and aim to make shopping more accessible and enjoyable, in the hopes that shoppers will return and spend more.

This notion drives our business here at Wave. We pride ourselves on training and sourcing staff who offer the personal shopper feel to help create brand awareness and loyalty, regardless of the environment.

Warehouse Worker!

If you prefer a day that is busy with tasks and not shoppers this is the place for you. A crucial element of any retail business, the warehouse is the brain. With the growth of online shopping there has also been a growth in warehouse positions recently.

If you're seeking to increase brand awareness and online sales, Wave is for you. Experiential marketing may be the driver you need to put your product in front of consumers, as these campaigns help instil faith in your brand which can encourage online sales.