Which sofa should you splurge on?

This quiz will determine what sofa is right for you. The quiz taker will discover if they should get a Sectional, Recliner Sofa, Hide-A-Bed, or Statement Sofa. Use this quiz template for your furniture ecommerce store to better understand]your customers, generate leads, and increase sales through personalized recommendations.

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Quiz Transcript

Which sofa should you splurge on?

Nothing sets the tone for a living room like a sofa does — but does your space need a cozy Sectional or a rockin’ Recliner? A transforming Hide-A-Bed or a stunning Statement piece? Take our short quiz below to discover which Sofa will best fit your space and style.

Find your dream sofa!

What kind of space are we working with?

I have a pretty large living room, all the better to go with my huge family!


My space is pretty small and I need my furniture to be versatile with a small footprint.


It’s a typical space with the TV as the focus, so we need something that suits our love of movie nights.


My space is carefully decorated to reflect my style, so I’m pretty picky about what I add in case it throws off the vibe.


1 / 7

What kind of action will your sofa typically get?

The sofa is the center of our busy household! We need something that can fit a lot of love (and butts!) on movie nights.


My partner and I love a good movie night on the couch, but we both love our own throne action with room to hold hands in the middle, like at those super plush theaters with the fancy recliners!


I want a functional sofa, but it’s important that it matches the rest of my (impeccably designed) space.!


I don’t do a lot of entertaining, but occasionally a friend will come into town and need a place to crash for the night.


2 / 7

Which living room looks most like yours?

Chic and tasteful with eye-catching furniture pieces.


Mini Home Theater all the way, baby! I’ll get the popcorn!


Wee but cozy, with functionally versatile furniture.


Socially cozy, with plenty of room for everyone!


3 / 7

What’s your home decor color palette like?

Tastefully Bold


Casually Cozy


Minimalist Neutral


Functionally Theatrical


4 / 7

Every throne makes a statement! And creates a bank statement… so what kind of statement do you want to make with your sofa selection?

I want to make people feel welcome, and fancy, expensive furniture isn’t exactly homey. #ComfortOverCost


I’ll spend a fair bit to get comfort and that home theater experience! #KickBackAndEnjoyTheSurroundSound


Our space doesn’t have room for big statements, but we do love a subtle design flex like multipurpose furniture. #LivingModestlySmart


I know what I like, and I’m not afraid to invest in the right piece! #LuxuryBrandLuxuryBudget


5 / 7

How do you usually like to spend your free time?

Touring art galleries and new local restaurants.


Reading a book


Entertaining friends for board game nights and charcuterie.


Catching the latest blockbuster!


6 / 7

Are there any other rooms in your house that need a fresh new look?

The dining room could definitely use some sprucing! That old pine table has got to go.


I’ve been eyeing up the dated bedroom set in my Master suite. Something lighter might bring me sweeter dreams!


My home office was fine until we all started Zooming full time. I’m almost ashamed to turn my camera on!


Do you do appliances? I feel like my kitchen could use an upgrade!


7 / 7

You should splurge on a Sectional!

For you, “The more the merrier!” is a life motto. Always down to entertain, you love being surrounded by friends and loved ones — and with all those butts, you gotta have somewhere to park them all!

Enter the mighty sectional! Social seating with style and luxury. No piece of furniture welcomes friendly gatherings quite like a nice, plush, L shaped sectional. The only fight comes from who gets to score the coveted corner seat!

And with all the customizable shape options, you can build your sectional to suit your (incredibly inviting) space. Why stop at an L shape when you can add a section and make it a giant U? Or close it in completely for a social square around a central table — board game night, anyone?

Check out The True Sectional, a sofa that comes in small pieces, so you can configure it however you like. Perfect for DIYer and Lego lovers alike, with many different removable (and washable) fabric options, your living room will feel like a cozy Heaven on Earth in no time!

You should splurge on a Hide-A-Bed!

When is a couch not just a couch? When it’s hiding a bed, of course!

In these days of smaller spaces and minimalist fashion trends, furniture that does double duty as a spare bed for guests is kind of a no-brainer. But we’ve all been traumatized by the lumpy, back-breaking Hide-A-Beds of yore.

Well, suffer no longer! The Sneaky Slumber Sofa has a sleek, modern silhouette to fit your small space with style, and easily unfolds to a perfectly supported, 3- piece folding memory foam mattress — without the lumps and squeaky springs of your grandma’s basement abomination!

Available in your choice of upholstery, and backed up by a 10 year warranty, you can rest (and sleep!) easy knowing you’ve added a quality piece of furniture to your collection.

You should splurge on a Recliner Sofa!

Most of us grew up with a mighty throne stuck in the corner of the room. You know the one — the old, well-loved La-Z-Boy recliner (with built-in cupholder), usually reserved for the family patriarch and jealously guarded as the coveted chosen seat of the living room.

Well, now you can take the best parts of a recliner and have them in the social configuration of a sofa!

The Great Recliner has a locked-in seat in the middle, with a fold-down console with built-in cupholders, electric adjustable recliners on each end, and even a built-in USB cable so you don’t run out of juice while you’re second-screening social media and binging the latest season of Stranger Things.

Available in a variety of upholstery options to match any decor, The Great Recliner takes the Throne and brings it to the people — but the ruler of the remote still falls to the divine right of kings!

You should splurge on a Statement Sofa!

A high class, tasteful fashionista like you needs more than just your average sofa to make your space pop!

With a space as carefully curated as yours, you need the perfect statement piece to bring it all together. No mass-produced, hard to pronounce, easy to break piece will bring your living room the distinguished air you’re going for.

Enter The Bespoke. A sofa designed by you from the legs up. Choose from our entire catalog of shapes, sizes, upholstery, and hardware to create the sofa of your dreams, and create a piece of furniture that starts conversations.