Which style type are you?

Let's get to know each other 

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What's your favorite color?

All those blue shades! 


Pink of course, it's hot, it's romantic 


There's not enough purple in the world 


Nothing beats a pure white (nudes are okey)


Green of course, like nature 


None of the above, I'm a multi-color fanatic 


1 / 10

A perfect Saturday night would be...

Going to the theatre


Attending an art class


Out dancing of course 


Home reading books 


2 / 10

I'd love to host a....

Cocktail party for friends of the arts


Gallery opening for up and coming artists


State fair stand for farm aide


Fundraiser for Save the Children


Private club party for the Museum of Modern Art


Conference on green initiatives


3 / 10

I have several of these in my wardrobe…

Dresses and skirts 


Vintage sweaters






Lounge pants


4 / 10

My favorite everyday shoes are…

Classic pumps


Combat boots


Cowboy boots


Flip flops/sandals


Designer sneakers


5 / 10

My dream wedding dress would be...

A mermaid dress to show my curves 


A princess ball gown 


I'm not sure but it's not going to be pure white for sure


A long veil is all I care about 




6 / 10

Thirsty, time for a…



Strawberry lemonade


Sun tea


Spiced chai




Organic spring water


7 / 10

My dream vacation is...

A big city like New York


Some deserted island, I need peace and quiet 


My backyard, nothing is like home 


Take me to a jungle with lots of waterfalls, I love an adventure


A mix of beach and city 




8 / 10

My favorite print is a…

Burberry plaid


Gypsy floral


Gingham check


Animal print


Bold geometric


Wildflower silhouette


9 / 10

My favorite dessert is. . .

Chocolate mousse


Mint chocolate chip ice cream


Apple pie




Gourmet cupcake


Carob cake


10 / 10

Renewed Classic

You are the consummate curator, valuing the past with an eye on the future. Update and revive with an innovative mix or add those playful touches and unexpected combinations that make everything new.

Eclectic Artistry

Mastering the creative mix is your forte. Your defining vision makes you the go to girl for that perfect piece to repurpose or that creative hand made item. Your home is your art.

Relaxed Rural

Today’s ruralist is so by choice. Casual elegant space is the very definition of the American way of living, and your warm and welcoming style says it all. You are the smart, up to date, energy that champions the family tribe.

Polished Global

Your style is your life experience; a grouping of cultural influences acquired on your personal quest of discovery. In the end, it’s not about the journey, but the people and ideas you touch along the way, worldly, welcoming and sophisticated.

Mostly Modern

You’re all about clean and simple with a sophisticated edge. Living smart, living hip, with color and a touch that is subtly personal. You’re on the crest of every wave, dynamic, strong and oh so independent.

New Naturalist

You’re inspired by the natural world. You responsibly prefer organic design in nuanced neutrals and industrial metals which combine in a master mix of edgy warmth. This is your design style, in rhythm with both Mankind and Mother Earth.