Which Work at Home Business is Right for You?

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Which of these are you best at?

Hanging out on Social Media


Creating one of a kind items


Writing interesting articles


Playing with kids


Baking delicious treats


Organizing your stuff


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Which would you rather do?

Be alone all day?


Be with lots of people all day?


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What do you do for fun?

Read a book


Paint Night


Work on your novel


Night in with the family


Play with your dog


Shop at your favorite store


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If you could live anywhere...







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Which pet would you adopt?







5 / 7

You can only use one social network for the rest of your life! What is it?











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How old are your kids?

Less than one year






School age




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Service Entrepreneur

You have a skill that can help other people! From childcare to massage therapist, dog walker to Doula, there are tons of services that people are looking for. You need to set up a website and start promoting yourself!
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Creative Entrepreneur

A Creative Entrepreneur uses their skills to create a product to sell to other people. It can be anything from a knit hat, to cookies, or a floral arrangement. You have the creative skills to pull off this kind of business. You love to be different and tackle creative projects.

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Online Entrepreneur

You need the flexibility of an online business and have the skills to do it! There are tons of different ways to make money online, it's not just blogging anymore. You've probably run across some scams or sleazy sales pitches for online work but there are so many great ways for moms to make money from home.

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