Who is your perfect money mate?

Take this compatibility quiz and find out your ideal money match.

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How often do you like to eat at a restaurant?

Three times per week or more


Twice per week


Once per week


Once per month


1 / 7

How often do you use a budget?



Three times per week


Once per week


Once per month




2 / 7

Which is your ideal dinner setting?





Happy Hour




3 / 7

Who should pay for most dinner dates?

Split the bill


The person that asked for the date


He should


She should


The higher income earner


4 / 7

Who do you prefer to handle your finances?







A financial professional


5 / 7

Which do you prefer to be?

An entrepreneur


Six-figure salary earner


housewife / husband


SVP of a billion dollar corporation


6 / 7

If you inherited $100,000 what would you do first?

Contact an accountant


Purchase some real estate


Pay debts


Start a business


Buy some stock


Go to the casino


7 / 7


Chasers are your perfect money match. They are risk takers and very ambitious. If it's date night, they are more than willing to always pay for everything. Chasers prefer eating out over dinners at home. They like to gamble, and often need outside help to effectively manage their finances. If you are capable of handling their budgeting, they will love you even more. Frugality is their enemy, but so is complacency.


Managers are your perfect money mate. They are ready and willing to handle your finances along with their own. If you're too busy with work or being an entrepreneur, they will make sure all bills are paid on time. While dating, they prefer to split the bill more often than not. However, if it makes more financial sense for them to pay, they will cover the bill. Managers are very financially conservative, and will criticize your bad shopping habits. They enjoy eating out, but prefer in homes dinners. All date nights will be planned ahead of time.


Builders are your perfect money mate. They pursue building multiple streams of income, but also refuse to neglect their family. While they don't prefer to handle your finances, they are willing to help when needed. Builders are occasional gamblers that will never put the family's livelihood at risk. They prefer mutually beneficial companionship.