Who should you spend your perfect day with?

You design your perfect day, and we will know who you should spend it with!

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Cool. Let's design your perfect day. When would you like to start?

Crack of dawn! Let's start this early!


At my usual wakeup time.


I am sleeping in and not getting out of bed hours after I wake up.


Whenever. I'm not setting my alarm today.


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What kind of breakfast mood are you in?

Whatever's in the kitchen.


I'm ordering in! Pancakes, omelette, coffee, the works!


There's this obscure new place I heard about that I can't wait to try.


I'm kinda in a diner mood.


Eh, skip it. I've got other things I'd rather do.


Brunch it up at that nice place everyone knows!


A nice meal at the park.


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First activity of the day! What's on your mind?

I'm thinking museum today. There's some stuff I wanna see while I still can.


I'm thinking a hike. If the weather is right.


Let's go shopping. Get some new stuff and meet some people maybe.


A relaxing drive sounds nice.


TV. So much TV.


Catching up on the world through social media.


Something totally crazy and unexpected.


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I see. And what's next?

Some fast food real quick.


TV. And maybe games.


A sandwich or salad at a well reviewed cafe.


Let's take in a matinee.


Getting a quick snack, then working it off real quick at the gym.


I'm sure there's more stuff in the fridge I can heat up...


Trying some new food that I might regret later.


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The sun's getting real low. Any more plans before it gets dark?

Seems like a great day to go to a play or musical.


Let's just watch a movie.


I'm thinking of just hanging out, chilling at my place.


What about a boat ride?


You know that place that all the cool kids hang these days? That!


Video games, baby.


5 / 8

Dinner time already? Alright!

Just order pizza. Cool?


Somewhere expensive and awesome. Maybe with some music.


A nice chain restaurant where I already know exactly what I want.


I'd like to cook, actually. 


My favorite bar.


Can we just skip to desert?


6 / 8

What's after dinner?

The club!


I still have plenty of TV time!


A nice walk under the stars.


The bar! I'm having a great time!


Some nice conversation time wherever.


Late night stand up show.


Calling it a day, saying my goodbyes, and getting into pajama mode.


7 / 8

How do you wanna end the night?

Oh, I'm already sleeping.


One last snack.


I'd rather not say ;)


Slowly drifting off with the TV on.


Making plans for the next perfect day.


8 / 8

Your parents.

This is a special and clean day. Nice, but not romantic. Your parents are tagging along because you all need an excuse to go out.

Prince or Princess Charming

You are clearly trying to make a special connecting with someone today. This is the superstar in your life who you may already be with, or that special fantasy that you have been dreaming about at night and also while daydreaming at work.

A cat. 

Just a cat. You don't need anybody else.

Your best friend.

Your BFF is always down for a good time, and enjoys things the same way that you do. It makes it easy to go with the flow and have a great day.

A beautiful stranger.

You are down for trying something new and exciting, and it looks like you found a perfect random partner to join you.