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Quizzes are an incredibly powerful tool for retail brands. They can be used to both bring in new leads and sell products in a personalized way. Here are the tips we’ve compiled from helping over customers bring in over 1.5 million leads and sell millions in products.

Part 1: Creating Your Quiz

1. Quiz Subject

There are two ways to make retail quizzes.

1. Recommend a certain product. If you are a small brand or you want to recommend a specific product within a category, make a quiz that points to a specific product. For example “Which Facemask Should You Get?”

2. Give People a “Style” which narrows down your products. Give people a style based on your categories of products. For example, if you are a clothing brand, the styles could be “chic” “modern” or “classic”

retail quiz subject

2. Quiz Title

This is easy.

If you are recommending one product, the title is “Which (product) are you?”

if you are assigning a style, the title is “Which (blank) style are you?”

3. Quiz Questions

Have a conversation with your quiz takers in the questions. Build a connection, create trust. Here are three specific ways to do that.

1. Inject your personality. Speak like yourself and people will connect with you more naturally.

2. Speak like a human. Don’t make your quizzes like the ones you had to take in school. Speak naturally by using personal pronouns (I, You, We, Me, etc.)

3. Only 6-10 questions. That’s roughly 2 minutes of quiz-taking time, which is ideal.

quiz image questions

4. Quiz Lead Capture

I recommend you capture leads using quizzes, if you do, here are the best tips.

1. Explain why you’ll add value. Modern marketing is all about adding value. Give a reason for people to opt-in (other than just being able to see the quiz results). This could be exclusive discounts, free content, or just personalized advice.

2. Be honest about your marketing. If you send one email each week, say so, if you send one a month, tell people. Remember that a lot of people will find your quiz through social media, so re-enforce your brand by starting off with honesty.

3. Let people skip. You can require an opt-in, but I recommend you let people skip, this will eliminate anyone who isn’t interested.

quiz lead generation

5. Quiz Results and product recommendation

There are two ways to format your quiz results. The first is to have a call-to-action button in the results for one product (which you’d do if you only recommended one product), or you put a call-to-action button to check out the style category (which you do with a style personality quiz). Here are the best ways to do the results and the product recommendation pages.


The results should be pretty simple, include a great image, and include share buttons.

quiz results


The product recommendation pages Should include lots of information about the style you told people they were. It should also include call-to-action buttons to purchase said products.

quiz product recommendations

6. Marketing Automation Follow-Up

After you capture contact information from someone in a quiz, you have to make the transition to sending email marketing messages. This is a tough move, but here’s how to navigate it.

1. Immediate Thank You

Here are Interact we integrate with every major marketing automation system, and you can use those systems to send an immediate follow-up email after someone takes your quiz. The subject should be “Your Style Personality is (blank)” or “Your Product Recommendation Is (blank)” This email connects the dots between the quiz and your email messages.

quiz marketing automation

2. Send out what the other styles are (optional)

One strategy I’ve seen work really well is to send a second email a few days after someone takes your quiz that explains what the other personalities or products are. This is like a bridge email between the quiz thank-you email and other email messages you will send.

3. Send Recommended Products

Send products for someone’s personality or send products related to the original one you recommend.

quiz email product recommendation

4. Offer a discount or special promotion

After sending a few messages, give people an exclusive discount or offer, this is where you close people who were on the fence from the start.

quiz offer discount


Part 2: Sharing and Embedding Your Quiz

1. Sharing


1. Select a great image to share.

2. Write a caption that has to do with the quiz or one of the personality types.

3. Share the image and caption with a link to take the quiz.

Bonus: Respond to people who comment sharing their style

sharing quiz on facebook


Follow the same pattern.

1. Grab a great image

2. Write a caption (can just be the title if you aren’t feeling creative)

3. Share with a link to take the quiz

Bonus: Respond to people who tweet @ you with their results

sharing quiz on twitter

2. Embedding

Put the quiz on your domain using an iframe so that all traffic and social shares come back to you.

embed quiz on site

That’s it, making product quizzes is simple. Start a trial of Interact at

Free Live Training! How to Generate Leads Using Quizzes. Click here to claim your spot

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