Q&A With Kayla

What led you to quizzes and interact in the first place?

As a website copywriter and content creator, I geek out when it comes to personalized marketing. I really believe it's the future of marketing, so getting in on the ground floor (or at least close to it) with interactive quizzes felt like it was worth the experiment. I didn't have too many expectations going into it since I was just interested in trying something new for lead generation and email list growth. I couldn't believe how quickly people loved the quiz and how many other quizzes my friends and community members have created for their own businesses because of their experience with my own quiz. 

How much time and money did it take you to get your quiz up and running?

I was up and running with my quiz within one day! I spent an hour creating the actual quiz content and implemented it using the Interact tool in less than 30 minutes. It took me about 5 hours to create the personalized email sequences and put them into my email marketing software. For an investment of one day, I've been able to run my best performing lead magnet completely on autopilot. I still get emails from people who are just discovering the quiz and love it, even though they have no idea I haven't had to touch the quiz for over a year. It's been a great way to personalize my marketing while being really hands-off. 

How is your quiz implemented and promoted? 

Since my quiz has been performing so well, I use it as the main social media bio link for all of my accounts. It gets some traction that way but the vast majority of people find my website through Google so it's been a great way to nurture new visitors who are interested in learning more about what I offer. I have the quiz in my website footer and on my homepage as well as on my blog as a content upgrade. 

What Were the Results? (what outcomes? leads? sales?

The results have been surprising, in the most delightful way. I’ve actually never used social media advertising so all of my email leads from the quiz have been driven through organic traffic. As the SEO value of my website continues to grow, I’m able to capture more leads using the quiz than ever before. The quiz topic focuses on helping entrepreneurs find your brand voice style which is the first step of working with me as a copywriter. It creates a natural tie-in to my services which has helped me generate more interest in what I offer.  

The quiz has “sealed the deal” by landing me at least four copywriting client projects (in the $2000-3500 budget range) in the past year that I know of, so it’s been well worth the time investment.

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