Case Study: 2,500 Leads With a Quiz Featuring Amber Lilyestrom

What led you to quizzes and interact in the first place?

I had seen a few quizzes that I really liked, but there was one in particular that stood out to me from a colleague who had used Interact for her own quiz.

I initially launched my quiz with a different provider, but just couldn’t get excited about the limited ability to use our own branding, the ease of use or the amount of control/options we had in following up with people who took the quiz.

Switching over to Interact was a no-brainer in the end- it was so user-friendly, I was able to customize and use my own branding, and was able to easily follow-up with new leads and continue to offer them value based on their individual results.

How much time and money did it take you to get your quiz up and running?

The process was so easy and such a great investment.

In terms of creating quiz questions and results, it took me and my team about 5-6 hours to come up with the questions, write results and then create customized emails based on each.

As for setting it up and getting it running, it took us another 5 hours or so.

In total, I would say the time investment was about 10 hours, and the financial investment (between paying team members and setting up with Interact) was around $250-$300.

How is your quiz implemented and promoted?

I use Facebook ads homepage traffic to generate new leads with the quiz.

I also promote the quiz from time to time on my Instagram account along my podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show, to keep the quiz gaining continual exposure.

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What are the results of your quiz? New leads? Sales? Low cost Facebook ads?

I’ve had incredible results with the quiz!

I continue to get consistent, low-cost, new leads via Facebook ads- and the ads seem to have better performance the longer they’ve been running.

My mailing list has grown by over 4,000 since implementing the quiz and many of those leads have brought in sales/signups for my lower ticket programs- which then funnels those leads to my high ticket programs down the line.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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