How Gretchen Rubin Media and Interact Partner for Quiz Success

Written by: Josh Haynam, CEO at Interact. In Collaboration with Anne Mercogliano, CEO at Gretchen Rubin Media.

We’ve had the unique privilege of partnering with the team at Gretchen Rubin Media to create multiple successful quiz campaigns. The Gift Giving Quiz was featured in Axios and owns a top search result for the highly trafficked term “Gift Giving Quiz”. The Habits Quiz was featured in Fortune and contributed to a strong PR start to the year. 

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“Quizzes are one of our most powerful discovery features for people to find Gretchen’s body of work. Within a month of launch we are seeing that they consistently are in our top 10 SEO drivers to our site and a huge drive of our list growth as  we see quiz takers consistently stick around and become engaged readers of our Newsletter.” – Anne Mercogliano: CEO at Gretchen Rubin Media

Here’s the most recent feature of Gretchen’s Habits quiz in Fortune. This quiz was especially fun to work on because it gets super granular and specific with habit recommendations that go way beyond just the standard “eat better” or “work out more.” The quiz really feels like Gretchen is able to pinpoint areas to focus on and connect with every person who takes the quiz in that way.

Fortune feature of Gretchen Rubin's happiness quiz
Gretchen’s Habits Quiz Featured in Fortune

The way this Interact Plus partnership works is flexible and strategic. At Interact, our goals are aligned with Gretchen and Anne. What we’re aiming for is high quality quiz content that benefits the end quiz taker by offering up the right personalized content, while also gaining as much exposure as possible for Gretchen. 

In order to achieve these two goals, we collaborate on the backend scoring systems for these quizzes to ensure that the right result is given to each quiz taker each time. This often leads to complex mapping and conditional logic wherein every possible path through a quiz is accounted for. 

Here’s a great example. The screenshot below is from one of many possible habit recommendations on Gretchen’s Happiness Quiz. With branching logic we were able to get very detailed in how each outcome was reached by quiz takers, ensuring a tailored and relevant experience for each quiz taker.

Screenshot 2024 01 18 at 9.01.23 AM
Gretchen’s Habits Quiz

This is vital because these quizzes will be many people’s first exposure to Gretchen’s work, and it must be a valuable experience if those people are going to go on and subscribe to Gretchen’s podcast, read her books, and become part of her universe. 

Because Gretchen’s team is part of Interact+, we are available throughout the campaign setup and launch process, on call to ensure that everything is running smoothly and any changes get pushed live before the quiz goes out. 

Screenshot 2024 01 18 at 9.06.16 AM
Gretchen’s Gift Giving Quiz Featured in Axios

Often this looks like in-process calls to sort out details and remove any roadblocks that may come up. With campaigns that are tied to PR cycles or seasonal events this is super important and we make sure that everything is taken care of so quizzes can go out on time and make the most possible impact. 

“Working with the Interact+ team is so powerful because they understand our long term goals to keep building out discoverability though multiple quizzes that bring to life all the content we have on site. The quizzes we have on site continuously help us grow our audience year over year. The higher quality the quiz and the more strategic thought put in with this team means we are making a powerful growth investment every time we partner.”

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