How to Add a Quiz to a Leadpages Landing Page

If you want to set up a quiz landing page, here’s everything you need to know about adding a quiz to Leadpages and building a landing page of your own!

Create a Quiz of Your Own Now!

If you’re looking for a way to add a quiz to your Leadpages lead generation landing page, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to do this easily. 

But I won’t stop there. 

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

After going through all of these points, you’ll understand why quiz landing pages are powerful lead-generating machines and what makes them so high-converting.

I’ll walk you through creating your first quiz landing page and how to use it to collect emails from your target audience.

Sounds awesome? Let’s dive in!

make a quiz CTA

What is a lead generation landing page?

Before going to a lead generation landing page, let’s talk about what a landing page is.

In the simplest sense, a landing page is a page where your visitors land. 

So, a landing page can be a home page, a product page, or any other page on my website?

The answer is a loud NO!

Let me get this straight: A landing page is different from a homepage and a regular web page. 


For example, this is 8 Minutes Yoga’s homepage

8 min yoga homepage

When you click the Academy button on the 8 Minutes Yoga website’s menu header, you’ll be directed to its Academy web page.  

8 min yoga academy page

But when you click 8 Minutes Yoga’s ad on Google, you’ll see a different page, which is actually a landing page:

your yoga website landing page with no other links

As you can see, this landing page has no menu header and few distractions. It promotes customer focus. 

A landing page typically has two crucial characteristics:

  • It’s an individual page with one singular goal.
  • It’s designed for a social media ad, a PPC ad, or an email campaign. 

Depending on your goal, you can create a checkout landing page to drive purchases or a lead generation landing page to collect email addresses. 

In short, a lead generation landing page aims to get visitors to sign up for your form. Visitors give you their email addresses in exchange for a valuable offer, which can be a discount code, an e-book, or a free trial, like this:

learn to play guitar with free trial button
Source: Guitar Tricks

Or, you can get creative by inviting visitors to take a quiz. Ask them to leave their contact information if they want to get the quiz results (More on this later). Wandering Aimfully does a great job of applying this technique. 

quiz landing page for What's your business bottleneck quiz

An effective lead generation landing page can bring many leads. And as you might already know, generating and nurturing leads is a crucial part of the sales process.

No leads, no sales.  

Now that you know what a lead generation landing page looks like, let’s move on to creating one. 

What is the best landing page builder?

There are approximately 17 landing page builders—Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages, to name a few. 

landing page builder market share graphic
Source: Datanyze

Among these 17 landing page builders, there is no best one.

Each landing page builder has pros and cons. They shine in their own way.

Do some research and choose a landing page that suits your needs. Don’t look for the best one (because you’ll never find it).

Leadpages, for example, receives positive reviews and has a good reputation.

In this section, I’ll give you detailed information about Leadpages and its features and pricing. Then you can decide if this tool is what you’re looking for.

What is Leadpages?

Leadpages helps generate leads with its many templates for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages.

leadpages homepage

You can use Leadpages to create several types of landing pages like lead generation pages, squeeze pages, or sales pages. Just drag, drop, click, and type to quickly create a custom landing page without needing to hire a designer or a developer. 

It’s a very robust landing page builder!

It’s worth noting that Leadpages isn’t the same as ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, or other email marketing software. It allows you to collect email subscribers, but it doesn’t allow you to create and send emails to your list. 

In other words, you can use Leadpages for lead generation and then another service to communicate with your leads.

Make sense? 

So, why would someone want to use Leadpages even though it’s not an all-in-one tool? The answer comes down to its amazing features. 

Leadpages features

Leadpages offers six main marketing tools, including websites, landing pages, popups, alert bars, opt-in texts, and email trigger links.

  • Websites: Create a high-converting website in minutes with the online website builder. No coding required.
  • Landing pages: Use drag-and-drop customizations and well-designed templates to build a landing page.  
  • Popups: Design a popup form and add it to your landing page or website with the popup builder.
  • Alert bars: Place a smart bar at the top of your website, displaying your latest deal or announcement.
  • Opt-in text messages: Collect leads via text message. 
  • Email trigger links: New subscribers can opt in with a one-step opt-in link. 

Leadpages also offers other tools like Leadmeter, which gives users access to insightful information in real-time. 

How much does Leadpages cost?

Currently, Leadpages has three pricing plans: Standard, Pro, and Advanced. Leadpages doesn’t offer a free plan, but there is a 14-day free trial. 

leadpages pricing

When you purchase a Leadpages subscription, you’ll have access to all of the features in the plan you sign up for, plus three months of using Leadpages (at that plan level) for free. 

Each Leadpages plan comes with a lot of useful features. The higher plan you sign up for, the more premium features you unlock. 

Leadpages Standard plan

Price: $27/month, billed annually

Key features:

  • Supports one website 
  • Landing pages, popups, alert bars
  • Unlimited traffic and leads
  • Free customizable domain with annual purchase
  • Free hosting 
  • Mobile-responsive templates
  • Lead notifications
  • Email support from Leadpages team
  • 40+ Standard Leadpages integrations like WordPress, MailChimp, and Wix

Leadpages Pro plan

Price: $59/month, billed annually

Key features:

  • Includes all of the features in the Standard plan, but it supports up to three websites 
  • Communicate with the Leadpages team through email and chat 
  • Online sales and payments
  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • Email trigger links
  • 10 opt-in text campaigns 

Leadpages Advanced Plan

Price: $239/month, billed annually

Key features:

  • Include all of the features in the Pro plan, but it supports up to 50 websites 
  • Communicate with the Leadpages team by phone
  • Advanced integrations, including HubSpot, Salesforce CRM, and Marketo
  • five pro sub-accounts
  • 50 extra opt-in text campaigns
  • one-on-one quick start call

How can you pick the right Leadpages plan for your business?

It depends. 

How many websites do you have? Do you want to drive sales from landing pages or just collect leads? Do you need to integrate your website with HubSpot or Salesforce? Are you tech-savvy, meaning you can figure out technical problems on your own? What is your budget? The list goes on.

No matter which plan you chose, Leadpages makes it quick and easy to create a landing page for your website. Don’t hesitate to go for it if you want it.

Now, it’s time to dig deep into a critical question: Why should your landing page feature a quiz.

Why should you use a quiz landing page to capture leads? 

A quiz landing page is a landing page that contains a quiz and a lead capture form hidden within it. Quiz landing pages are great for generating leads while giving visitors fun and meaningful ways to engage with your content. 

Here is an example of a quiz landing page from Bright Line Eating:

what's blocking you from losing weight quiz

Why do quiz landing pages like this work? 

Here are three reasons. 

1. Quiz lead magnets are conversion machines

Kayla Hollatz got 700 new email subscribers in less than 12 hours after launching her brand voice style quiz on her website. 

Brand strategist Kaye Putnam generated over $100,000 in online course sales from her quiz.

Designer Jen from TONIC Site Shop generated $50,000 from her Brand Cocktail Quiz that she created with Interact.

When done right, lead generation quizzes can convert at over 50%. Yes, FIFTY PERCENT. 

2. Quizzes, AKA interactive content, are a hot trend 

If the numbers above don’t convince you, then let me tell you a secret: 

Quizzes are interactive content, which is a must-watch digital marketing trend in 2020 and 2021

Jodi Harris, director of editorial content and strategy at Content Marketing Institute, emphasized that interactive content experiences “give audiences something to do, say, see, and feel.” 

She also added that types of interactivity like quizzes “[…] can bring your brand’s vision and value to life while giving audiences a chance to participate. It deepens engagement with your brand and might drive greater customer satisfaction.”

In a survey, Demand Metric found that interactive content does a much better job of educating the buying audience, as 93% of study participants reported interactive content as somewhat or very effective in this role.

graph comparing passive vs interactive content effectiveness in iducating buyer

According to Demand Metric, any materials with elements that make interaction possible are efficient in lead conversion in approximately 70% of the cases, while passive content reaches only 36%!

That means if you make your landing page content interactive, your conversion will rock. 

Need data? 

In a blog post, email copywriter Tarzan Kay shared that when using a quiz landing page, her email subscriber’s average lifetime value is $25 per subscriber. This number is far above the industry average of $10-15!

“There’s a question in the quiz that asks people whether they are course creators or service providers, and they are tagged accordingly. I can then customize my emails and offers for these segments. This is one of the great things about a quiz—you can segment your list as you build it!

“The data I get from the quiz is gold. From the quiz results, I can tell who’s a beginner (a good fit for my courses) and who’s more advanced (a better fit for the private mastermind). And… I proceed with my marketing accordingly.”

Excited to replicate the results, huh?

I know. But keep calm and read on to learn the third reason why a quiz landing page is over-the-top amazing!

You might be surprised.

3. The psychology behind a quiz landing page 

There is an important psychological principle at play in a quiz landing page.

It’s called the Foot in the Door (FTID) phenomenon, where visitors are more likely to complete a larger action by first completing a smaller one. 

According to Psychologist World, this “is a strategy used to persuade people to agree to a particular action, based on the idea that if a respondent will comply with a small initial request, then they will be more likely to agree to a later, more significant, request, which they would not have agreed to had they been asked it outright.”

Many websites apply the FTID principle to collect leads. For example, when you visit Pura Vida’s website, a box on the left-hand side of the screen reads, “Get Free Bracelets.”

popup on side of puravida website

By clicking this button, you see a nifty popup that gives you $10 off your next order in exchange for your email address. When you invite your friends to shop with Pura Vida, your friends also get a 50% discount on their first order (with an order minimum of $40). 

popup for subscribing for $10 free

A quiz landing page also uses the FTID principle but in a different way.

I’ll take Melyssa Griffin’s quiz landing page as an example. Let’s say you’re on her quiz landing page. You don’t see any form but the Discover Your Money Magnetism Archetype quiz. 

You know if you take the quiz, you’ll find out your money magnetism archetype. It’s fun. It triggers your curiosity. And you WANT to see the result. 

You click to start the quiz and answer some questions. You’re excited to click the last question. Done! But at that moment, this form appears:

money magnetism archetype opt-in form

Will you enter your email address? 

Chances are you will!

Why? Because you’ve already taken the big steps. You’re only one step away from knowing your money magnetism archetype. The quiz result is irresistible.

By encouraging visitors to take your quiz and showing an opt-in form only after they finish the quiz, you help them feel more comfortable with the idea of opting in. 

These are three main reasons why a quiz landing page works so well.

Now, let’s take a look at some compelling quiz landing pages you can learn from and apply to your campaign. 

make a quiz CTA

Examples of effective quiz landing pages

1. Sahara Rose’s quiz landing page

Sahara Rose is the author of many books like Eat Feel Fresh, Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, or Discover Your Dharma. She also hosts the Highest Self podcast, with over 16 million downloads on iTunes. 

Here is her quiz landing page:

Dosha quiz cover

Why it works:

  • The headline tells visitors what they’ll learn from the quiz: “What is your Dosha? Discover your ayurvedic mind-body type.” The description gives a short explanation of Dosha, which is useful to those who don’t know about it.
  • The background, color, and imagery are relevant to the copy.
  • The phrase “with best-selling author Sahara Rose” builds trust with visitors. And the phrase “one-of-a-kind Dosha quiz” gives visitors some sense of urgency—The quiz isn’t the same as others out there, and visitors shouldn’t miss out.
  • The first call-to-action button (i.e., I’m Ready to Discover My Dosha) uses the first person, making visitors feel as if they already possess the quiz. It’s also placed at the top of the page, so when visitors click it, they’ll be directed straight to the quiz questions. 
  • The testimonial by well-known author Deepak Chopra provides social proof for Sahara and the quiz.

2. Ritual Care’s quiz landing page

Kelly Newsome Georges creates the Ritual Care blog dedicated to self-care for moms. She’s developed many coaching programs to help women build daily care rituals, a lifelong mindset of joy, confidence, and worth.  

Here’s a quiz landing page Kelly created for her Ritual Care website:

self-care style quiz landing page

Visitors click the “Take Quiz” button, and a quiz popup appears. They can start the quiz without leaving the landing page. 

self-care style quiz cover

Why it works:

  • The landing page is short and straightforward. Visitors don’t need to scroll down the page to read the information. 
  • The image is bright, engaging, uses brand colors, and is relevant to the copy. 
  • The copy uses different text formats and fonts, directing visitors to focus on key points. 

3. Hayley Maxwell’s quiz landing page

Hayley Maxwell is a copywriter providing different services like email strategy, email nurture sequences, and quiz funnel. She creates a quiz landing page to help visitors find the right way to grow their email lists, but at the same time, she’s collecting emails for her list too. 

Here is Hayley’s quiz landing page

email marketing maven quiz landing page

When visitors click the “Take The Quiz Now” button, they’re directed to the quiz page:

email marketing quiz question about lead magnets

Why it works:

  • Both the quiz landing page and quiz page are well designed. 
  • The picture of Halley Maxwell gives the page more credibility and increases appeal. 
  • The copy uses emojis (instead of bullet points) to highlight key points, allowing visitors to scan information quickly.
  • The copy clarifies what visitors will receive after doing the quiz, i.e., knowing their email marketing status and getting useful tips. 
  • The CTA button includes the power word “Now,” giving visitors a little push to take action instantly. 

4. Katie Grazer’s landing page

Katie Grazer is a Swiss educator, blogger, and Pinterest specialist. Her blog, the Katie Grazer blog, helps people become successful bloggers and social media superstars.

Below is a quiz landing page Katie uses to grow her email list:

What's your inside scoop quiz question

Why it works:

  • The quiz landing page is simple and straightforward. The moment a visitor enters the page, they see the quiz and can start answering questions immediately. 
  • The headline and subheadline work together to help quiz-takers understand what they’ll get from the quiz. 
  • The word “Now” in the subheadline capitalizes on visitors’ desire for instant gratification.
  • Katie’s Instagram images at the bottom of the page increase her credibility with new visitors. 

5. Ashley Tahl’s quiz landing page

Ashely Tahl is a career coach and entrepreneur. She dedicates her time and energy to help people find their purpose, land more job offers, and scale their business. 

To grow her email list, Ashley creates a landing page featuring the What Career Path is Actually a Fit for You quiz as shown below:

quiz cover for What career path is actually a fit for you

Why it works:

  • The quiz title is clear and to the point. 
  • The picture of Ashely looking at the copy and the gray downward arrow act as visual cues, guiding visitors toward the CTA button, not away from it. 
  • The CTA button includes a time-sensitive element (i.e., “Got 60 seconds?”), which is good to convince visitors to take the quiz. The quiz is just one minute long, so it’s very quick to take. 

It’s easy to see that all of these quiz landing pages have no menu headers and include only information about the quizzes. Visitors can focus on taking the quiz without distractions. 

Learn from these great examples and continue to read to find out how to create your first quiz landing page.  

make a quiz CTA

How to create a quiz landing page for free

Okay, now you’ve learned you can use a quiz to improve conversion rates

In the last section of this guide, I’ll show you how to design a quiz with Interact, tips to make your quiz compelling, and steps to add it to a Leadpages landing page.

The creation process only takes a couple of minutes.  

How to design a quiz with Interact

We’ve talked about how you can create different types of quizzes using Interact quiz builder. If you don’t know where to start, check out our quiz how-to guides on our Tutorials page

Interact gives you more than 800 pre-made templates. Pick one you like and customize it to create your dream quiz. If you want to unleash your creativity, you can also make a quiz from scratch. 

You’re free to create three different types of quizzes, including:

Once you choose the type of quiz you need, start designing it with the Interact quiz builder. The builder has all the creating and editing tools you need to make your quiz look professional and engaging.

interact quiz builder

If you’re new to building quizzes, check out these helpful tutorials:

make a quiz CTA

Tips for creating a high-converting quiz landing page

Your goal is to create a quiz landing page that will drive as many leads as possible. So, keep in mind the following:

1. Determine a quiz topic that attracts your potential audience 

One of the most common mistakes when designing a quiz lead magnet is irrelevant quiz questions. Choose a quiz topic that your prospects relate to so they’ll want to take your quiz. 

Check out Interact quiz templates to find a quiz to adapt to your business. 

You should also review your top-performing blog posts on your website to discover which topic most interests your target audience. Connect Google Analytics with your site to access this data. 

2. Ensure your quiz results are valuable

Your quiz results should bring real value to your quiz-takers, so they’ll be willing to enter their email addresses to see the results. 

For example, your quiz results help visitors understand their interior design style, so they can design and decorate their home in a way that matches their style. 

Or, you offer visitors relevant product recommendations based on how they answered quiz questions. 

If you want to take your quiz to a higher level, offer a discount to encourage quiz-takers to purchase products that you’ve recommended to them. 

3. Create an effective opt-in form 

Making an opt-in form is a step that many people ignore when making a quiz landing page. 

They pay so much attention to the quiz questions and design that they forget their goal: collecting new leads (through an opt-in form).

In case you’re new here: Interact has opt-in form templates that you can customize freely. You can change the CTA button, adjust colors to match your brand, or add additional fields. 

However, only ask for the information you’ll actually use in your email marketing campaign. If you ask for too much, visitors will leave your page.  

Rule: The less information you ask for in an opt-in form, the better. 

4. Use social proof to build trust with visitors

Using social proof (e.g., reviews, ratings, or testimonials) is an effective way to optimize conversion rates by easing worried customers’ minds.

According to Nielsen’s report, 70% of people trust online reviews. Another report shows that 92% of online consumers look at a product review before making a purchase.

By adding social proof to landing pages, you can establish trust with first-time visitors. As copywriter Joel Klettke at Business Casual Copywriting put it best:

“Social proof is immensely important for landing pages, to the point that it’s one of very few elements I’ve never seen reduce conversion rates in my tests. Third-party proof does so much at the same time-sets expectations, gives leads a comparison party to weigh themselves against, reinforces your messaging, and substantiates your claims.”

Once visitors trust you, they’ll take your quiz and give you their contact information. 

A good offer is never enough. 

make a quiz CTA

How to add a quiz to Leadpages

Once you’ve created your quiz, follow these steps to add it to your Leadpages landing page:

Step 1: Go to your Leadpages dashboard and open the landing page where you want to add a quiz.

Step 2: Click “Widgets,” find the HTML block and drag it to any place on your opening landing page.

Leadpages dashboard with where to add HTML widget

Step 3: Click on the code block to open the box for adding the quiz embed code.

HTML block open in Leadpages

Step 4: Go back to the quiz you’ve just created with Interact and click “Publish.”

publish button in Interact dashboard

You’ll see a popup, as shown below. Click “Embed Code,” then “Copy Code” to copy the quiz embed code to the clipboard.  

embed code in Interact

Step 5: Access the Leadpages landing page builder, and paste the quiz embed code into the HTML block code box.

pasting embed code in Leadpages

Step 6: Preview your landing page to ensure your quiz shows up correctly on the page. 

preview landing page

Note that you don’t need to connect your Interact account with Leadpages for this to work. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll have a quiz landing page in less than one minute. 

make a quiz CTA

Are you excited to create your first quiz landing page?

Building a quiz landing page will drive traffic and help you generate leads in the most efficient way possible.

Create your quiz with Interact quiz builder and embed it to a landing page using Leadpages. 

Thousands of marketers and business owners have done this. Why not join them and enjoy a better return on investment from your marketing campaigns?

Good luck!

Create a Quiz of Your Own Now!