How to Make a Snapchat Quiz

Are you looking for ways to create and share a Snapchat quiz with your friends? You’ve come to the right place!

In this post, you’ll learn everything about Snapchat quizzes, from choosing the right questions and making a quiz, to sharing it on the platform. 

But first, let’s cover some basics. 

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an online messaging and social media platform that allows you to send photos and videos (called snaps) to other users. However, those snaps disappear once they’ve been viewed—you get to decide how long a snap will “live” (from 1 to 10 seconds) after it’s been seen. If you add snaps to your story, they are deleted after 24 hours.

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Snapchat reaches 238 million daily active users worldwide (as of July 2020). It’s currently the most popular social network among millennials and Gen Z, ahead of Facebook and Instagram. Approximately 61% of Snapchat users are female.

Here are four reasons why young users love this platform so much:

  • Snapchat is a fun way to communicate with friends. Users can share weird, ugly pictures, and then no one has to see those pictures again. 
  • Teens can use Snapchat to share random things with captions about their days—very spontaneous, unplanned, and casual. 
  • Snapchat gives users a way to free their creativity. They can snap pictures from different angles and apply filters or lenses. 
  • Snapchat is ideal for entertainment purposes. Teenagers can share mundane and everyday conversations among close friends. They don’t have to worry about their parents reading their messages because a message disappears once the recipient reads it. 

Use these insights to come up with ideas for your Snapchat quiz questions

Questions to ask on Snapchat 

If you’re looking for question ideas to ask your friends on Snapchat, the possibilities are endless. We’ve put together 50 questions to inspire you. 

Best friend quiz questions

These questions are useful to create a buddy meter quiz to check if you and your Snapchat besties are true friends. 

  1. What is my eye color?
  2. What is something I can’t live without?
  3. What is my favorite quote?
  4. What was the snap I shared with you most recently?
  5. Who always appears on my snap?
  6. Which is my favorite skirt?
  7. What would I do if you kissed me?
  8. Why do I hate Deadpool?
  9. How many folders are there in the C drive of my laptop? 
  10.  What was the ugliest snap I ever shared?

Personality quiz questions

Ask your Snapchat friends these personality quiz questions to find out who they are. 

  1. Which song do you listen to when you feel happy?
  2. What would you do if today was April Fools’ Day?
  3. Have you ever cried in front of many people?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. What three words best describe you?
  6. How would you react if a stranger screamed at you? 
  7. What is your IQ?
  8. What do you do on weekends?
  9. What’s your first reaction if you realize you’ve run out of money?
  10. How would you feel if your boss fired you today? 

Trivia quiz questions

Want to challenge your friend in a limited time frame? Think about trivia quiz questions.

  1. Which actress has won the most Oscars?
  2. Who founded WhatsApp?
  3. Who played Neo in The Matrix?
  4. What color is a Himalayan poppy?
  5. Which chess piece can only move diagonally?
  6. What does the term ‘piano’ mean?
  7. Which two U.S. states don’t observe daylight saving time?
  8. What is the oldest surviving printed book in the world? 
  9. Who wrote the Winnie-the-Pooh books?
  10. In what year was the first iPhone released?

Tricky questions to ask friends 

These questions will have your friends wondering if you’ve been a secret genius all along.

  1. What is always coming but never arrives?
  2. What breaks and never falls, and what falls and never breaks?
  3. What goes up and down, but always remains in the same place?
  4. What has a head and a tail but no body?
  5. If you divide 30 by half and add 10, what do you get?
  6. How do you make the number one disappear?
  7. What two keys can’t open any door?
  8. What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?
  9. What can run but not walk?
  10. What has a thumb and four fingers but isn’t alive?

Questions to ask strangers

On Snapchat, people often receive friend requests from strangers. You can use the following questions to start a conversation and get to know them. 

  1. What one thing would you like to tell me about yourself?
  2. What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?
  3. What is your all the time favorite book?
  4. What is one thing people often misunderstand about you?
  5. What was your dream job when you were a kid?
  6. Who is the one person you can talk to about anything?
  7. What’s the ideal weekend for you?
  8. What are you most thankful for?
  9. What’s on your bucket list this year?
  10. How would you describe your best friend?

Now that you know what to ask, it’s time to learn how to ask it.

How do you ask questions on Snapchat?

There are three ways to ask a question on Snapchat: direct message, Snapchat Story, and Yolo. 

Use direct message

Snapchat lets you send disposable text messages to your friends (called Chat). You can use this option to send questions to your friends. 

When you open the Snapchat app, it goes directly to the camera screen (also the main screen). Just tap the Chat icon or swipe right on the camera screen to access the Chat screen. Then tap a friend’s name, type your question, and hit Send

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Post questions on Snapchat Story

The best thing about Snapchat Story is that it allows you to invite friends to answer your questions in a way that feels much less invasive than direct messaging.

A Snapchat Story is a collection of snaps taken within the last 24 hours. By default, your stories are visible to all of your friends, but you can limit who sees them by changing your privacy settings.  

To ask a question via Snapchat Story,  take a picture snap or a video snap. Once you capture a snap, click the T icon to add a question. You can change the text style, add stickers, emoji, and more.

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Click Send and choose My Story to create a story. You can also choose to send your snap directly to a friend. When someone answers your questions, their answer with a small portion of the image (so that you know what they’re talking about) will be sent directly to you as a direct message.

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NOTE: When sharing your question, you can tag a friend in your story using text with an @ symbol. Doing so will let your friend know you’ve included them in your snap.

How to create a Snapchat quiz

The best and most effective way to ask several questions simultaneously on Snapchat is to create a quiz. You can do this by working with Interact—a simple, easy-to-use quiz maker that allows you to make a new quiz with as many questions as you want in minutes.

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You can choose to create a quiz with a fully customizable template or make it from scratch. Follow these tutorials to learn how to build your first quiz:

Share a quiz on Snapchat

Once you’ve created a quiz, you’ll get a sharable quiz link as shown in the screenshot below:

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All you need to do is copy the link and send it directly to a friend or a group chat. You can even include the link in a Snapchat Story. 

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Take a quiz on Snapchat

If someone sends you a quiz on Snapchat, just click the link and start doing the quiz. You can take the quiz right inside the app.

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How to make your Snapchat quiz fun

Remember, photos and videos on Snapchat are temporary—they go “poof” after a while. So, to push your friends to take your quiz the moment they receive them, make sure your quiz title is fun and arouses curiosity (like “Am I addicted to Snapchat?” quiz).

Here are a couple of quiz titles that work best:

The Buddy Meter quiz

Who doesn’t want to know if they have a true friend or a fake one, right?

For example: 

  • How well do you know me?
  • Are we really best friends?
  • Are we BFF besties for life?

The “Actually” title

This title can turn a simple question into a challenge. It asks your friend to reveal a truth about themselves. 

For example: 

  • How much do you actually know about [blank]?
  • When do you actually grow up?
  • What kind of Netflix binger are you actually?

The “Celebrity” title

Celebrities have a significant influence on teens. So how about mentioning a celebrity in your quiz title to trigger their curiosity? 

For example:

  • How well do you know Taylor Swift’s boyfriends?
  • What celebrity fits your personality?
  • Are you Justin Bieber’s biggest fan?

The Personality quiz

We all like to hear good things about ourselves, and this “self-serving bias” is why personality tests work so well. This type of quiz categorizes people into personalities that compliment them based on their answers. 

For example:

  • Which Disney princess are you?
  • Which High School Musical character are you? 
  • Are you an introvert?

The Knowledge test

This is another commonly encountered type of quiz that you can find on social media. The knowledge test simply challenges your friends’ knowledge on a given topic. 

For example:

  • Can you pass this basic physics quiz?
  • Could you pass A-level math right now?
  • History quiz: Can you score 10/10?

The Comparison title 

This type of quiz compares the person taking the quiz to another person or thing, categorizes them, or helps them answer a question. 

For example: 

  • What type of food are you?
  • What type of college is best for you? 
  • What kind of flirt are you?

Time to make a Snapchat quiz!

Now it’s your turn. Pick a quiz type and brainstorm fun questions. Then sign up for Interact and make your first Snapchat quiz to share with your friends. Happy quiz-building! 

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