The Best 100 Trivia Questions You’ll Ever Find

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As we settle into the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be realizing how much you miss competing at bar trivia nights or hosting fun trivia game nights at home with your friends. We do too. 

Luckily, there’s a way to keep the trivia spirit alive in a social distancing-friendly way! 

We’re talking about testing your knowledge through 100 general trivia questions and using them to build your very own trivia quiz.

The first step is to read through the trivia questions below and determine which ones may be perfect for your next virtual trivia night. Next, you can use the questions to create a trivia quiz for all of your friends to complete by signing up for a totally free Interact trail below.

Then, gather your friends or bar trivia team in a group video chat (no matter if you use Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other tool) as you all try to guess the correct answers to these general trivia questions.

In addition to using trivia questions to challenge your friends, did you know there are added benefits to using trivia quizzes for your business?

One way is to choose a subject that’s related to your business to test your audience’s knowledge of it. By the end of the trivia quiz, you’ll be able to segment your quiz audience into subgroups depending on how well they know the subject. Then you can follow up with more resources and educational information that matches their level of knowledge.

Testing your audience’s expertise in topics that pertain to your business makes it easier for you to earn their trust by speaking their language. These audience insights will allow you to better personalize your sales pitch and promote the right products or services based on how well they answer trivia questions.

No matter if you use these trivia questions for business or simply for fun, it’s time to flex your (brain) muscles with this comprehensive trivia list of questions.

You’ll find a wide range of subjects everyone will love, including:

Are you ready to get started?

We thought so! 

Pop culture trivia questions

Nothing influences society quite like pop culture. While pop culture trends spread like wildfire, it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly how each trend becomes a viral sensation. Modern-day pop culture is often defined by memes, GIFs, viral videos, slang words, and references to well-known television shows, movies, music albums, and more.

Pop culture is different today than it was in the 80’s and 90’s, but we want to test your knowledge of pop culture trivia throughout the decades. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s start with some of the most popular subjects in pop culture, ranging from the easiest questions to the most difficult.

Movie trivia

Let’s begin with a little movie trivia, shall we? No matter if you know all the classics or you love today’s biggest blockbuster hits, you’ll find a variety of trivia questions to test your knowledge. So, how much do you really know about Hollywood films? Let’s find out!

Question: What is the highest-grossing film of all time without taking inflation into account?

  • Titanic 
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Avatar
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Correct answer: Avengers: Endgame

Question: Which actor or actress is killed off in the opening scene of the movie Scream?

  • Courtney Cox
  • Neve Campbell
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Rose McGowan

Correct answer: Drew Barrymore

Question: Which film did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for Best Director?

  • Jaws
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • E.T.
  • Schindler’s List

Correct answer: Schindler’s List

Question: Which film won the first Academy Award for Best Picture?

  • All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Sunrise
  • Wings
  • Metropolis

Correct answer: Wings

Question: What is the name of Quint’s shark-hunting boat in Jaws?

  • The Whale
  • The Orca
  • The Dolphin
  • The Shark

Correct answer: The Orca

Disney trivia

No pop culture trivia session is complete without mentioning Disney, one of the largest media production companies in film history. From Disney princesses to Pixar animated films, Disney has been a part of our childhood as well as our adulthood. Do you consider yourself a Disney trivia buff? We’ll see about that.

Question: What was the first feature-length animated film ever released?

  • Pinocchio 
  • Fantasia
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
  • Dumbo

Correct answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Question: What was the first original Disney song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

  • Someday My Prince Will Come
  • Circle of Life
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • When You Wish Upon a Star

Correct answer: When You Wish Upon a Star

Question: What short film featured Mickey Mouse’s first appearance?

  • Plane Crazy
  • Wild Waves
  • The Band Concert
  • The Barnyard Concert

Correct answer: Plane Crazy

Question: What was the last movie Walt Disney was able to work on before he died?

  • Mary Poppins
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Sword in the Stone

Correct answer: The Jungle Book

Question: As the Disney princess with the fewest lines, how many lines did Aurora (or “Sleeping Beauty”) have in total?

  • 11
  • 15
  • 18
  • 20

Correct answer: 18

Star Wars trivia

Speaking of The Walt Disney Company, it now owns the entire Star Wars franchise after acquiring it from Lucasfilm in October 2012. Star Wars is one of the most beloved stories of all time, but we don’t have to tell you that. You already know how influential it’s been in pop culture throughout the decades. The real question is how much do you know about this multiple trilogy phenomenon?

Question: What is the name of Han Solo’s ship?

  • Flagship
  • Patrol Cruiser
  • Empire Ship
  • Millennium Falcon

Correct answer: Millennium Falcon

Question: In what month were all six original Star Wars films released?

  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June

Correct answer: May

Question: Which Star Wars character is partially named after director George Lucas’ son?

  • Max Rebo
  • Rick Olié
  • Dexter Jettster
  • Willrow Hood

Correct answer: Dexter Jettster

Question: Which species stole the plans to the Death Star?

  • Sullustan
  • Bothan
  • Cerean 
  • Rakata

Correct answer: Bothans

Question: How many languages is C-3PO fluent in?

  • Over five million
  • Over six million
  • Over seven million
  • Over eight million

Correct answer: Over six million

Harry Potter trivia 

Who knew that a series of seven novels written by a struggling single mom would turn into the world’s most successful book series of all time? That’s exactly what happened when J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, an idea that first came to her on a train ride from Manchester to London’s King Cross in 1990. From there, she penned much of the novels on scraps of paper before it became a massively successful eight-part movie series. Now that you know the origin story, do you know just as much about Harry Potter trivia? Let’s find out!

Question: What is Harry Potter’s patronus?

  • A horse
  • An otter
  • A hare
  • A stag

Correct answer: A stag (or male deer)

Question: What does the Imperius Curse do? 

  • Mimics
  • Controls
  • Kills
  • Tortures

Correct answer: Controls

Question: Who dies during the third Tri-wizard Tournament? 

  • Viktor Krum
  • Cedric Diggory
  • Fleur Delacour
  • Cormac McLaggen

Correct answer: Cedric Diggory

Question: What does Dumbledore give to Ron in his will?

  • Deluminator
  • Invisibility cloak
  • Portrait
  • Wand

Correct answer: Deluminator

Question: Who was the Hogwarts headmaster right before Dumbledore?

  • Phineas Nigellus
  • Armando Dippet
  • Dolores Umbridge
  • Dexter Fortescue

Correct answer: Armando Dippet

Friends trivia

Okay, we admit you know your movie trivia, but do you have the same knowledge of popular television shows? Naturally, we can’t talk about television trivia without Friends. Widely considered the most successful sitcom, Friends follows the storylines of six main characters navigating life and love in New York City. Maybe you’ve been binging the show on Netflix for a while, but how will you score with this list of Friends trivia questions?

Question: What song is Phoebe most well known for?

  • Smelly Dog
  • Smelly Rat
  • Smelly Cat
  • Smelly Rabbit

Correct answer: Smelly Cat

Question: What is Chandler’s middle name?

  • Eustace
  • Francis
  • Muriel
  • Bing

Correct answer: Muriel

Question: Who sings the Friends theme song?

  • The Other Ones
  • Great Buildings
  • The Rembrandts
  • The Quick

Correct answer: The Rembrandts

Question: What was Joey’s nickname while working at Alessandro’s? 

  • Ken Adams
  • Dragon
  • Big Daddy
  • J-Man

Correct answer: Dragon

Question: What was the name of Ross and Monica’s dog when they were kids?

  • Marcel
  • Tutti
  • Buddy
  • Chi Chi

Correct answer: Chi Chi

Game of Thrones trivia

What do you get when you mix Lord of the Rings, Outlander, and Downton Abbey? You get Game of Thrones, of course, which surpassed The Sopranos by becoming HBO’s biggest hit back in 2014. Its medieval violence, complex characters, and explicit scenes have made it a fast fan favorite, but how well do you know Game of Thrones trivia? 

Question: Who was responsible for the creation of the Night King?

  • The First Knight
  • The Dark Prince
  • The Children of the Forest
  • The Lord of the Woods

Correct answer: The Children of the Forest

Question: What are the three names of Daenerys’ dragons?

  • Dragon, Vision, and Regal
  • Drogon, Viscer, an Rhegela
  • Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal
  • Drogon, Viserion, and Rheagala

Correct answer: Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal

Question: What does “Valar Morghulis” mean in High Valyrian?

  • All men must die
  • All men must bow
  • All men must kill
  • All men must attack

Correct answer: All men must die

Question: Which house only became one of the Great Houses of Westeros after Aegon Targaryen’s invasion?

  • House Tyrell
  • House Stark
  • House Bolton
  • House Tully

Correct answer: House Tyrell

Question: What is the language of the White Walkers?

  • Valyrian
  • Dothraki
  • Skroth
  • Asshai’i

Correct answer: Skroth

Music trivia

There’s one last category we have to focus on before wrapping up our pop culture trivia questions. Of course, we’re talking about music trivia! No matter if you love listening to old vinyl records or top 40 tracks on the radio, we’re going to test your knowledge of well-known pop music hits.

Question: What MTV music show premiered in 1998?

  • Total Request Live
  • Unplugged
  • MTV News
  • MTV Rocks Off

Correct answer: Total Request Live (TRL)

Question: What was the name of The Spice Girls’ debut album in 1996?

  • Forever
  • Spiceworld
  • Spice
  • Wannabe

Correct answer: Spice

Question: How many black keys are found on a traditional piano?

  • 32
  • 34
  • 52
  • 54

Correct answer: 32

Question: What is Fergie’s real name? 

  • Stacey Ferguson
  • Stacie Ann Ferguson
  • Stacey Ann Fergusen
  • Stacie Ann Fergusen

Correct answer: Stacie Ann Ferguson

Question: What Nashville venue was Taylor Swift playing at when she was discovered?

  • Mercy Lounge
  • The Bluebird Cafe
  • The Basement East
  • 12 & Porter

Correct answer: The Bluebird Cafe

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Sports trivia questions

After a long workweek, many of us want to sit back and relax while watching our favorite sports. You might be a die-hard fan for your favorite team, but how much do you know about each major sport as a whole? Ranging from easiest to most difficult questions, we’re about to test your knowledge of America’s most popular sports.

Basketball trivia

With 30 teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), basketball has become one of the most popular televised sports. Sport icons like Michael Jordan and LeBron James have come from the NBA and are considered some of the world’s top athletes. You may know some facts about the game of basketball, but how much do you know about its history? That’s what we’re here to test you on today!

Question: What team has the longest winning streak in NBA history?

  • Chicago Bulls
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Phoenix Suns

Correct answer: Los Angeles Lakers

Question: What team won the first NBA game?

  • Boston Celtics
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • New York Knicks

Correct answer: New York Knicks

Question: Who scored the first three-point basket in NBA history?

  • Chris Ford
  • Howard Porter
  • Rick Robey
  • M. L. Carr

Correct answer: Chris Ford

Question: What NBA player has won the most league MVPs?

  • LeBron James
  • Michael Jordan
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Stephen Curry

Correct answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Question: How many points did LeBron James score in his very first NBA game?

  • 18
  • 25
  • 31
  • 38

Correct answer: 25

Baseball trivia

Nicknamed “America’s favorite pastime,” Baseball has played a significant role in our country’s history. The 30 teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) are divided evenly into two leagues: the National League and the American League. Although there are a whopping 162 games in a regular season, it looks like players might only play 82 games this season due to the COVID-19 outbreak. How much do you know about this beloved sport?

Question: What is the oldest active ballpark in MLB?

  • Wrigley Field
  • Fenway Park
  • Dodger Stadium
  • Angel Stadium

Correct answer: Fenway Park

Question: What country contributes the most players to MLB besides the U.S.?

  • Venezuela
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba

Correct answer: Dominican Republic

Question: What can be found inside a baseball?

  • Cork, wool, and yarn
  • Rubber, wool, and thread
  • Cork, cotton, and thread
  • Rubber, cotton, and yarn

Correct answer: Cork, wool, and yarn

Question: What baseball announcer was famous for this signature phrase: “Holy Cow!”?

  • Vin Scully
  • Harry Carray
  • Joe Garagiola
  • Mel Allen

Correct answer: Harry Caray

Question: What three teams did Babe Ruth play for?

  • Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Braves
  • Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs
  • St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs
  • New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros

Correct answer: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Braves

Soccer trivia

Other countries call this sport “football” but we know it as soccer, the world’s most popular sport. However, it has been slow to grow in popularity in the United States and other parts of the world. There are currently 26 teams in Major League Soccer (MLS) with 23 in the United States and three others in Canada. Experts estimate that the MLS will continue to grow as the league prepares to expand in 2021. So, how much do you know about soccer, both today and historically?

Question: Who is the current commissioner of MLS?

  • Roger Goodell
  • Don Garber
  • Paul Tagliabue
  • Pete Rozelle

Correct answer: Don Garber

Question: What is the name of the Chicago Fire’s soccer stadium?

  • Toyota Park
  • CenturyLink Field
  • Allianz Field
  • Dignity Health Sports Park

Correct answer: Toyota Park

Question: Which country has appeared in three World Cup finals but has never won?

  • England
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Uruguay

Correct answer: Netherlands

Question: Who won Chelsea player of the year in 2012 and 2013?

  • Eden Hazard
  • David Luiz
  • Fabio Borini
  • Juan Mata

Correct answer: Juan Mata

Question: Who scored the first goal at Wembley Stadium?

  • David Jack
  • Fernando Cabrita
  • Josep Seguer
  • Olavo Rodrigues Barbosa

Correct answer: David Jack

Football trivia

During the fall and winter seasons, it may seem like everyone is huddled around their television on the weekends to watch American football. Interestingly enough, although football is the most watched sport in America, it has been slow to catch on in other parts of the world. Other countries have international football leagues, but none are as popular as the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. With 32 teams in the NFL, these competitive games always lead to the most watched events in the country: the Super Bowl.

Question: How many regular season games are played in the NFL?

  • 12
  • 16
  • 18
  • 20

Correct answer: 16

Question: What franchise team is the oldest in professional football history?

  • Green Bay Packers
  • Arizona Cardinals 
  • New England Patriots
  • Chicago Bears

Correct answer: Arizona Cardinals

Question: Which player holds the longest NFL record for longest interception return?

  • James Harrison
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick
  • Ed Reed
  • Lorenzo Lynch

Correct answer: Ed Reed

Question: Who was the first football player drafted in 1936 during the first ever NFL draft?

  • Bruce Smith
  • Bill Fralic
  • Ray Childress
  • Jay Berwanger

Correct answer: Jay Berwanger

Question: Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to have played on the losing team?

  • Paul Krause
  • Chuck Howley
  • George Blanda
  • Sonny Jurgensen

Correct answer: Chuck Howley

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Education trivia questions

Remember the popular television show, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? This trivia section will feel a little bit like that. If you’re like most students, you may have had a favorite school subject growing up, but these education trivia questions are meant to test your knowledge of common subjects. Do you think you have what it takes to master these trivia questions? Let’s see!

Math trivia

Did math make you groan in school, or did you love it? No matter how you feel about math, you might be surprised at how many answers you get right… or wrong. From geometry to algebra to basic math, give these math trivia questions your best shot!

Question: What’s the top number of a fraction called?

  • Denominator
  • Numerator
  • Decimal
  • Fractional

Correct answer: Numerator

Question: What day of the year is considered National Pi Day?

  • March 14th
  • May 14th
  • March 4th
  • May 4th

Correct answer: March 14th

Question: What is the sum of the angles of a triangle?

  • 75 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 180 degrees
  • 360 degrees

Correct answer: 180 degrees

Question: What mathematician published “The Element” and influenced the study of geometry?

  • Archimedes
  • Leonhard Euler
  • Pierre de Fermat
  • Euclid

Correct answer: Euclid

Question: What mathematician published more papers in his lifetime than any other mathematician in history?

  • Paul Erdos
  • Isaac Newton
  • Leonhard Euler
  • Archimedes

Correct answer: Paul Erdos

Geography trivia

How much do you know about the Earth, it’s land, and its seas? This is what we’ll be testing you on with this group of geography trivia questions. Put away your atlas maps and close your Google Earth window tab before we begin. You may have been paying attention in class all those years ago, but how much knowledge have you retained? Let’s determine if you’re a geography trivia buff.

Question: What river runs through Paris?

  • Tiber
  • Thames
  • Seine
  • Danube

Correct answer: Seine

Question: What is the warmest sea on Earth?

  • Dead sea
  • White sea
  • Red sea
  • Black sea

Correct answer: Red sea

Question: What is the only major city located on two continents?

  • Reykjavik
  • Istanbul
  • Mowcow
  • Madrid

Correct answer: Istanbul

Question: What is the oldest active volcano on Earth?

  • Mount Saint Helen
  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Mount Nyiragongo
  • Mount Etna

Correct answer: Mount Etna

Question: Which of the eight major islands in Hawaii is currently uninhabited?

  • Kaho’olawe
  • Lanai
  • Niihau
  • Molokai

Correct answer: Kaho’olawe

History trivia

Do you love visiting museums and remembering important dates of the past? If so, these history trivia questions will be right up your alley. From United States history to international history, you’ll have the opportunity to test how well you know major events and historical landmarks. Let’s put your knowledge to the test!

Question: What year did the Cold War officially end?

  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1991

Correct answer: 1989

Question: How many U.S. presidents have been elected for two terms?

  • 9
  • 12
  • 14
  • 15

Correct answer: 12

Question: Which one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is still standing?

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Colossus of Rhodes
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Temple of Artemis

Correct answer: The Great Pyramid of Giza

Question: What year did India gain its independence from Britain?

  • 1938
  • 1942
  • 1947
  • 1949

Correct answer: 1947

Question: How many people make up the U.S. electoral college?

  • 270
  • 352
  • 442
  • 538

Correct answer: 538

Science trivia

Science is one of the most popular trivia subjects of all, but how much do you know about it? You’ll find everything from astronomy to biology in this set of science trivia questions. Have you studied and retained enough knowledge about the science behind people, plants, and things? Let’s find out!

Question: In what month is Earth closest to the sun?

  • May
  • October
  • January
  • April

Correct answer: January

Question: Which astronomer first discovered the sunspots on the surface of the sun?

  • Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Galileo Galilei
  • Johannes Kepler
  • Isaac Newton

Correct answer: Galileo Galilei

Question: Who is considered the founder of the modern study of genetics?

  • Gregor Mendel
  • Hugo de Vries
  • Carl Correns
  • Erich von Tschermak

Correct answer: Gregor Mendel

Question: When was the idea of the atom first introduced in historical records?

  • 400 B.C.
  • 450 B.C.
  • 500 B.C.
  • 550 B.C.

Correct answer: 450 B.C.

Question: How many new species continue to be discovered every year?

  • 16,000
  • 18,000
  • 32,000
  • 34,000

Correct answer: 18,000

Food trivia questions

How much do you know about the food you eat? That’s what we’re here to test in these 10 food-related trivia questions. From healthy nutritional facts to other questions relating to popular snacks and beverages, how many do you think you’ll guess correctly? Let’s see how well you’ll score! (By the way, you might not want to read these food trivia questions on an empty stomach. Just saying.) 

Question: Which nut is used to make dynamite?

  • Almonds
  • Pine nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Walnuts

Correct answer: Peanuts

Question: What was the first cold breakfast cereal invented in 1863?

  • Corn flakes
  • Granola
  • Bran flakes
  • Cheerios

Correct answer: Granola

Question: Who invented Coca-Cola?

  • Asa Griggs Candler
  • Charles Elmer Hires
  • John Matthews 
  • John Pemberton

Correct answer: John Pemberton

Question: How many calories per gram are stored in protein?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Correct answer: 4

Question: What is the only U.S. state to grow coffee beans?

  • Florida
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana

Correct answer: Hawaii

Question: What does the word “onion” mean in Latin?

  • White sphere
  • Small oyster
  • Large pearl
  • White oyster

Correct answer: Large pearl

Question: What is the only edible food that never expires?

  • White rice
  • Honey
  • Rye
  • Barley

Correct answer: Honey

Question: What condiment was sold in the 1830’s as medicine?

  • Soy sauce
  • Ranch dressing
  • Ketchup
  • Maple syrup

Correct answer: Ketchup

Question: What is a tall chef’s hat called?

  • Trilby
  • Toque
  • Skull cap
  • Bucket hat

Correct answer: Toque

Question: How many flowers do honeybees need to visit in order to make one pound of honey?

  • 900,000
  • 1 million
  • 1.5 million
  • 2 million

Correct answer: 2 million

General trivia

Do you fancy yourself a jack-of-all-trades with trivia? If so, we’ll be able to see if that’s true with these last 15 general trivia questions. Let’s discover how much you know about animals, auto history, technology, social media, books, and more. Are you ready to determine if you have what it takes to finish strong? We are!

Question: What is a group of turkeys called?

  • A clutch
  • A rafter
  • A brood
  • A peep

Correct answer: A rafter

Question: What is the fastest snake in the world?

  • Black Mamba
  • King Cobra
  • Boomslang
  • Taipan

Correct answer: Black Mamba

Question: What car sold more than one million units in 1965 and still holds the record today?

  • Buick Riviera
  • Pontiac Grand Prix
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Ford Thunderbird

Correct answer: Chevrolet Impala

Question: What was the first car to break the sound barrier?

  • Bloodhound
  • X-1
  • Bugatti Chiron 
  • ThrustSSC

Correct answer: ThrustSSC

Question: What was the first car that was mass-produced?

  • Ford Quadricycle Runabout
  • Ford Model-A
  • Ford Model-T
  • Ford Model-B

Correct answer: Ford Model-T

Question: What is the technical term for the “brain” of your computer?

  • Hard drive
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • Motherboard

Correct answer: CPU

Question: What was Google’s original name? 

  • Googol
  • Oneshot
  • Typist
  • Backrub

Correct answer: Backrub

Question: What company did the founders of YouTube work for before starting YouTube?

  • Citi Bank
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • US Bank

Correct answer: PayPal

Question: What year was the first color photograph taken?

  • 1861
  • 1885
  • 1894
  • 1899

Correct answer: 1861

Question: Who invented the Kodak camera?

  • Johann Zahn
  • George Eastman
  • Henry A. Strong
  • Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Correct answer: George Eastman

Question: What was the number of Twitter’s original character limit?

  • 125
  • 135
  • 140
  • 280

Correct answer: 140

Question: What year was Pinterest founded in?

  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011

Correct answer: 2010

Question: Which famous YouTuber uses the catchphrase “Kisses for my little fishes”?

  • Eva Gutowski
  • iJustine
  • Trisha Paytas
  • Zoella

Correct answer: Trisha Paytas

Question: What was the original title of Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride & Prejudice?

  • Longbourn
  • Eligible
  • First Impressions
  • Vanity & Pride

Correct answer: First Impressions

Question: What is the most expensive book ever sold?

  • Birds of America
  • Codex Leicester
  • First Folio
  • The Gospels of Henry the Lion

Correct answer: Codex Leicester

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