50 quiz ideas and titles for every industry

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The most successful quizzes aren’t necessarily the ones that are visually stunning or super entertaining (although that certainly helps!).

Quiz success ultimately comes from leading the right people into a smart sales funnel. That’s because your quiz has the strongest selling potential when it is backed by a well-thought out funnel, helping you attract your email subscribers and earn more income.

Contrary to popular belief, your funnel doesn’t start when you send the first follow-up email after someone completes your quiz. It actually starts with choosing the right quiz idea and title.

Your quiz title is the first thing your audience will see, so it has to be perfect.

How do you ensure you’re selecting the best quiz idea so you can turn it into an engaging title your audience will love? By choosing the best quiz type for your audience from the get-go.

(If you already know what kind of quiz you want to build, click here to skip ahead to the 50+ quiz ideas and titles to start your brainstorming session. Otherwise, let’s keep reading!)

The most popular quiz types for content creators

Building an interactive quiz might be something you’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t known where to start. Many of our successful quiz creators found themselves in the exact same spot when they were in the ideation phase, so you’re not alone. 

One of the easiest ways to get started with quiz building is by choosing the right quiz type. If you have the right quiz idea but build it by using an ill-fitting quiz type, you may struggle to turn more quiz takers into subscribers and customers. 

In our next list, you’ll see a breakdown of the main pros and cons of the seven most common quiz types for entrepreneurs and creators. We’ll also include recommendations for specific industries as well as a deeper explanation of each quiz type.

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to make a final decision on what kind of quiz you want to build so you’re ready to choose a quiz idea. We have a feeling you’ll find your perfect match!

Personality quizzes

Arguably the most popular quiz type, personality quizzes have taken the internet by storm. Nearly 70% of all Interact quizzes are personality quizzes. Why? Because they’re proven to work!

Personality quizzes have the unique ability to uncover a new depth of each quiz taker’s personality. This can include their mindsets, habits, interests, and defining characteristics.

When a personality quiz is created effectively, everyone who takes it will feel like their final results fit them to a T. As a business owner, this can help you create a strong bond of trust as you show each audience member you deeply understand them. The data that results from this quiz type can also be used to create targeted content for each personality quiz type, giving you the best opportunities for personalized marketing

Here are a few other reasons why you may want to create a personality quiz.



  • More popularity means other content creators in your niche could already be using a similar quiz idea 
  • Isn’t as powerful if you don’t use the quiz to build your email list (which we highly recommend doing!)

The pros far outweigh the cons, but we’ll let you decide if it’s the right fit for your business. 

Personality quizzes are seen in virtually every industry, but they work especially well for freelancers, coaches, and online course creators.

Need some more convincing?

Take a look at these real examples from other Interact personality quiz creators:

image5 52

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Much like a personality quiz, this quiz type is all about offering favorable quiz results your audience will proudly resonate with. What’s unique about a Buzzfeed-style quiz is the opportunity to weave popular trends and celebrities into your quiz. You can do this through your results, quiz questions or answers, and even your follow-up email sequence.

A Buzzfeed-style quiz (also known as a pop culture quiz) is known for being highly engaging and entertaining. That’s why you tend to see many of these quizzes floating around social media. The pop culture themes and references make it more likely that your quiz will be shared and promoted by other quiz takers.

Here are a few other reasons why you may, or may not, want to create a Buzzfeed-style quiz.


  • Attracts more initial interest because your audience recognizes popular trends
  • Can include relevant pop culture GIFs in your quiz
  • Easier to convince your audience to share their final results with their networks
  • More fun and delightful take on a personality quiz 


  • May not fit your brand’s personality or voice
  • Results may appear to be surface-level if you don’t include deeper information
  • May have to create new quizzes frequently to keep up with changing trends
image12 32

Trivia quiz

Who doesn’t love a good trivia night? If you consider yourself a trivia buff, your audience members might feel the same way. By creating a trivia quiz, you can test your audience’s knowledge of subjects that relate to your brand in a fun and engaging way.

Trivia quizzes can be highly addictive, but make sure you’ve selected trivia questions with a range of difficulty. If they’re all too hard to answer, your audience might exit out of your quiz. If they’re too easy, the same thing might happen. If you aren’t sure where to start, we have a list of 100 trivia questions to help you find the perfect ones to include.

Are you ready to get started with a trivia quiz? Here are a few pros and cons you should know.


  • Feels like an online version of bar trivia 
  • Can be taken alone or with a group of people
  • Provides a mentally challenging quiz some audience members will love
  • Data collected from this quiz can be used to create better content 


  • Quiz takers may lose interest if your trivia quiz is too long (7-10 questions is best!)
  • Questions may be seen as too easy or too hard depending on your audience’s expertise
image13 33

Product recommendations quiz

Is your inbox full of potential customers who keep asking for personal recommendations? What if you could save time, energy, and money by automating the whole recommendations process? That’s exactly what this quiz type can do for you.

Think of a product recommendations quiz as an online personal shopper that runs 24/7 all on its own. Instead of a potential customer writing an email with everything they’re looking for, you can build a product recommendations quiz that allows them to self-select answers that fit what they want. At the end of the quiz, it will give them results and suggestions based on how your audience answered each question.

This quiz type can be incredibly effective, especially if you are selling eCommerce products. Bethany of Primally Pure, a well-known skincare brand, uses a product recommendations quiz to sell her top-selling natural deodorant products. In less than a year, she’s generated over $100,000 from her product recommendations quiz! (You can read the full case study here.)

Curious to see what a product recommendations quiz could do for you? 

Keep reading to see the pros and cons of this quiz type.


  • Gives a quick and clear answer to a common customer service question
  • Can include an overview of your products with custom result landing pages
  • Lessens the amount of time your customer service team needs to spend on giving personalized recommendations for each customer lead
  • Can be great if you want to include affiliate marketing links into your recommendations
  • This action-oriented quiz type promotes quick but informed online shopping
  • Automated way to approach personalized marketing


  • Might be difficult to highlight multiple products within one result type but it’s possible
  • Quiz topics might not be as engaging or fun as other personality quizzes
image9 41

Assessment quiz

Assessment quizzes feature a set of quiz questions with multiple answers to choose from. As the quiz creator, it’s up to you to decide if you want to include a correct answer for each question or if you want to use the quiz as a personal assessment. Most quiz creators will use this quiz type similarly to a multiple-choice quiz (which we’ll talk about next), but you can get creative with it.

One of the biggest strengths of an assessment quiz is its ability to answer a direct question your quiz title is already asking themselves. Common assessment quiz titles include How Much Do You Know About [Blank]? and Are You a [Blank] Expert?, so creating an effective assessment quiz means the final results should answer the title’s question.

Here are a few pros and cons to help you determine if an assessment quiz is the best choice.


  • Helps your audience answer a question they have been asking themselves
  • Gives a clear answer through your intentionally written results
  • Can be used to test your student’s knowledge in the classroom or in an online course


  • Make sure the quiz doesn’t feel too long by keeping it to 7-10 total questions
  • Feels more serious than a typical personality quiz
  • The results aren’t usually as in-depth or engaging as other quizzes
image11 36

Multiple-choice quiz

Did you think multiple-choice tests were only used in grade school? Think again! Multiple-choice quizzes are often used by business owners who want to test their audience’s knowledge and gather helpful data to inform their marketing strategies.

Most multiple-choice quizzes feature three to four answer options with one of them being the correct choice. When you build the quiz in Interact, you have the ability to show the correct answer right away. This gives you a chance to teach your audience as they move through the rest of your quiz so they don’t have to wait until the end to get their final results.

Some people will turn a multiple-choice quiz into a trivia quiz, like we’ve mentioned above, but you can also use this quiz type for other applications. Before you choose this quiz type, consider if you want to use it to teach your audience by including right and wrong answers, or if you’d rather choose a different type of multiple-choice quiz. It’s up to you!

Here are a few ways to determine if a multiple-choice quiz is a good fit.


  • Offers a greater learning experience for both educators and students
  • Greater retention of knowledge for students 
  • Common format that nearly everyone is familiar with
  • Can decide if you want to reveal the correct answers as someone takes the quiz or wait until the end


  • Some people may be discouraged if they get many questions wrong
  • Might remind some audience members of school tests
image3 53

Scored quiz

Do you remember taking quizzes in old magazines where you had to circle your answers and then flip to the back page to find your results? Depending on how the quiz was set up, you’d first need to write down the numbers that corresponded with each answer you chose before you’d tally them all up. Only then would you discover your results based on your final score. 

Luckily, online quiz building tools like Interact take the manual work out of the equation! Our platform will instantly tally the numbers for every quiz taker so there’s no extra work or time spent while waiting for the results.

These new and improved scored quizzes can also take the form of IQ quizzes. This quiz type helps you measure someone’s knowledge of a specific topic. They’re often used by online and in-person educators in testing their students, but you can use it in business as well. 

Not sure if a scored quiz is right for you or your audience? 

Here are a few pros and cons to help you find out.


  • Just challenging enough to make the quiz interesting
  • Scores don’t have to measure correct answers if you want to set it up differently
  • Interact will automatically tally each quiz taker’s score (see how it works!)
  • Good fit for online course creators and coaches who host trainings or workshops


image6 52

50+ quiz ideas and titles for virtually every industry

Now that you have a quiz type in mind, let’s find your perfect-fit quiz idea!

No matter which industry you’re in, you can find a lead-generating quiz idea that will help you grow your email list and income. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of over 50 quiz ideas and titles to start your brainstorming session. You’ll find pre-made quiz title templates that you can customize with your own topic, or simply use the quiz title as is!

Skip ahead by choosing an industry below or keep scrolling to view them all:

Wellness quizzes

What is Your Holistic Wellness Archetype?

Personality quiz

Since wellness is often focused on an individual learning more about themselves, it makes sense to turn the topic into a personality quiz! With this quiz example, you can offer different archetypes based on real people or a distinct set of personality traits. We’ve seen entrepreneurs who offer archetype results receive great results from their quizzes, like Kaye Putnam and Jenna Kutcher. You can do the same by using this What is Your [Blank] Archetype? quiz title template to launch your first personality quiz.

Which Wellness YouTuber Are You?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

YouTube is one of the most influential content platforms on the web with two billion users, so it’s no surprise that wellness-focused YouTube creators have become increasingly popular. With a Buzzfeed-style quiz, you can choose well-known YouTubers in your niche and draw similarities between them and your audience members. After all, who wouldn’t want to be compared to someone famous?

How Much Do You Know About Wellness?

Trivia quiz

By giving your audience the chance to answer trivia questions on wellness trends and facts, you can determine what their current level of knowledge is. This data could help you create better content for your audience and privately segment them based on how much they know. This personalized approach to marketing will help you improve your sales by building trust through relevant information and offers.

Which Beauty Brand is Your Best Fit?

Product recommendations quiz

If your audience doesn’t know which beauty products to shop for, using a product recommendations quiz could be a great way to add value. As a wellness blogger or content creator, it would be smart to add your own affiliate links to the quiz results to earn more passive income from your quiz. Positioning yourself as an expert in the beauty industry while making money on autopilot? That’s the dream! If you want to recommend other kinds of wellness products outside of the beauty industry, use this same Which [Blank] is Your Best Fit? quiz title.

How Well Are You Following Your Morning Routine?

Assessment quiz

One of the first steps many people take toward building a better wellness plan is creating a morning routine and nightly routine. In this case, how well someone follows their morning routine will show how committed they are to their wellness journey. The results can be helpful for wellness coaches and bloggers who want to help their clients and attract more leads by creating relevant content around this specific subject, although you can change the topic to suit your brand’s needs.

How Well Do You Sleep?

Multiple-choice quiz

Wellness isn’t just about fitness or nutrition. It’s also about sleep! This multiple-choice quiz topic could be a great fit for wellness coaches, instructors, and educators who want to help their audience understand what obstacles are holding them back from getting enough rest and how that might be affecting their daily life.

What Should You Add to Your Self-Care Routine?

Scored quiz

The concept of self-care is growing in popularity, especially in the wellness industry, making it a great topic for a scored quiz. Much like the quizzes you’d take in old magazines, a scored quiz gives your audience the opportunity to receive their perfect-fit results based on their final score. All you need to do is set up the score ranges for each answer option and make sure it corresponds correctly to your final result types.

image4 51

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Health quizzes

What Kind of Fit Foodie Are You?

Personality quiz

In this personality-style quiz, you can help your audience discover what kind of foodie they are by providing them with a personality result after they complete the quiz. This example uses “fit foodie” which might work for a brand name that includes fitness and nutrition, but you can customize the What Kind of [Blank] Are You? template to fit your needs.

Which Celebrity Chef Are You Most Like?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Since Buzzfeed-style quizzes often mix in pop culture themes, it might make sense to choose a few celebrities your audience will already be aware of. This will bring your personality results to life and make the quiz feel more fun, especially for audience members who may not be used to talking about their health or learning more about it.

Are You a Fitness Buff?

Trivia quiz

Test how much your audience members know about fitness and exercise with this trivia quiz idea. This quiz title may work for you if you are a fitness instructor or personal trainer who wants to teach others about how to improve their fitness. You could also use this Are You a [Blank]? quiz title template for trivia questions about yoga, kickboxing, or any other kind of exercise you specialize in. The more specific you can make it to your niche, the better!

What is Your Next Step Toward Better Health?

Product recommendations quiz

If you have a collection of products or services you want to recommend through a health quiz, this product recommendations quiz might be a good fit. This could be used for selling health coaching programs, masterminds, online courses, memberships, monthly subscriptions, and more. You can add your own topic to the What is Your Next Step Toward Better [Blank]? quiz title template when you’re ready.

How Much Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

Assessment quiz

In this quiz, you will determine what level of health education you need to provide based on how much someone knows about their current blood pressure levels. This specific quiz title could be perfect for health coaches who focus on helping people with high blood pressure or other heart-related issues, but you could use this How Much Do You Know About [Blank]? quiz title template for any kind of health topic.

Do You Know the History of Health?

Multiple-choice quiz

This kind of multiple-choice quiz can be strategically used to test how much your audience remembers about a specific health topic. In this case, the quiz would cover health history facts, but you could use this format to test how much information your online course students have retained on subjects related to your expertise.

Do You Know What It Takes to Build Muscle?

Scored quiz

If someone is interested to see how much they know about a health-related subject but doesn’t want to wait until the end of the quiz to see their results, this quiz idea might be perfect for them. You can use the same Do You Know What It Takes to [Blank]? template for any health related topic. Make sure to choose relevant questions and answer options that make it moderately difficult to answer so your audience members feel challenged but not too overwhelmed while taking your quiz.

image8 48

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Travel quizzes

Which City Matches Your Personality?

Personality quiz

Is your audience member’s vibe most like New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago? Each major U.S. city has its own personality. This kind of quiz will give you the chance to pair each audience member with a city-based personality result that fits them best. You could also use this Which [Blank] Matches Your Personality? quiz title template for any topic related to travel.

Which Celebrity Would You Travel Best With?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Who wouldn’t want to have their favorite celebrity as a road trip partner? Putting this Buzzfeed-style quiz together could be easy since you can take well-known celebrities your audience already knows and use their personality traits to create interesting quiz results. You’ll be able to hook them with an engaging topic and follow up with how it relates to what you sell or teach in your quiz email sequence.

How Much Do You Know About U.S. National Parks?

Trivia quiz

If you are a travel blogger or brand who specializes in National Parks (or another area), you can use your expertise to create a trivia quiz. By testing your audience’s knowledge, you have the ability to follow up with more information that will help them learn more. This will also solidify you as an expert in your niche.

What Does Your Favorite Mode of Transportation Say About You?

Product recommendations quiz

Your audience’s decision to travel by plane, train, or car says a lot about what kind of vacation they are looking for. Do they want a slow-and-steady pace that allows them to sight-see along the journey, or do they want to quickly get to their desired destination? No matter what your audience chooses, you can recommend products and services you offer based on the pacing and style of vacation they desire.

How Fluent Are You in Spanish?

Assessment quiz

When your audience is traveling, they may want to assess how well they know foreign languages so they can communicate with locals in the area. This quiz idea could be a great fit for travel agents, planners, bloggers, or brands who sell online courses and programs to teach others how to learn multiple languages.

Which Country Should You Travel To Next?

Multiple-choice quiz

Through a series of multiple-choice answer options, your audience will be able to determine where they should travel next after taking this quiz. This is a great quiz idea for travel brands who want to increase their sales or countries who want to increase their tourism. By finding people who have been bit by the travel bug, you’ll be more likely to turn initial interest into more bookings.

What is Your Travel Preparedness Score?

Scored quiz

There are all kinds of challenges that come with traveling, so the best way to overcome common obstacles is to prepare for them ahead of time. No matter what kind of niche travel business you have, this scored quiz idea could help you increase trust with your audience members by providing really helpful information.

image16 28

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Sports quizzes

Which All-Star Player Are You Most Like?

Personality quiz

No matter what sports you or your audience are most interested in, this quiz title could work as an interesting personality quiz. By gathering a list of all-star players, you’ll draw similarities between your audience members and the best-of-the-best players in the league. After all, who wouldn’t want to be compared to one of the greats?

Who Should You Draft On Your Fantasy Football Team?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Many die-hard football fans love to build their own fantasy football teams. There are even full-time content creators who host podcasts, video shows, and create blogs solely dedicated to fantasy football! Since it’s a huge part of pop culture, it might make sense to create a Buzzfeed-style quiz with this title if you want to increase your brand’s visibility within the sport.

Do You Know Your NBA History?

Trivia quiz

Testing your audience’s knowledge with a sports history trivia quiz is a great way to show others how much they really know. If you are a basketball coach or like to create online content around the game, it might make sense to use a quiz title like this, which can also be adjusted based on the sports organization of your choice.

How Can You Improve Your Baseball Pitch?

Product recommendations quiz

People are more likely to take action on your offer if it promises to improve their skills. With this in mind, you can use this quiz idea to then recommend a specific project or service that’s best for the audience member. Of course, you could take out “baseball pitch” in the quiz title template and replace it with any sports-related subject. That way, it stays relevant to your business.

Are You a Super Bowl Expert?

Assessment quiz

An assessment quiz like this could be fun for a trivia night, but you can also add it to your website if you have a football-related business. If you’d rather choose another sporting event, you can change the quiz title so it relates to your new topic.

What’s the Perfect Spring Sport For You?

Multiple-choice quiz

As an athlete, you may want to switch up your exercise routine by adding another sport. This can improve your skills in many areas by working new muscles and adding some much needed variety to your workout schedule. One of the best times to try new sports is in the spring, so you could create a multiple-choice quiz that helps your audience discover what spring sport they should try next. You could also choose a different season if it fits your brand better.

What is your Olympics IQ?

Scored quiz

By adding a scored range of one to 100 (or any other numbers you choose), you can provide your audience with an IQ number based on how much they know about the world’s most popular sports competition. You could make this quiz title specific to the Olympics or keep it broad, depending on what you are using this scored quiz for.

image7 48

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Education quizzes

What Kind of Teacher Are You?

Personality quiz

If you are an online educator or teacher, you might be already selling online courses and other programs to help people who want to do what you do. This personality quiz can help you better understand what kind of educator your audience member is before you provide them with information about their strengths and weaknesses. You could even use this kind of quiz to segment your audience based on their educator type and personality result.

Which Famous Teacher Would Love to Have You in Class?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Buzzfeed-style quizzes are the perfect opportunity to think outside the box, especially if you are a teacher or educator who’s creating your first quiz. Personality results from this specific quiz title could include Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World, Walter White from Breaking Bad, and more. You can get really creative with quizzes like this!

How Well Do You Know Modern Mathematicians? 

Trivia quiz

You could choose to use this How Well Do You Know [Blank]? quiz title template for other subjects, but this quiz idea will help you start brainstorming the different kinds of trivia questions you may want to include. If you need more help, here are 100 trivia questions with dozens that are based on educational topics.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Teacher?

Product recommendations quiz

Not only will this quiz type assess if your audience members have the right skills and interests to become a teacher, but it can also recommend various digital or physical products you already offer. It could include a certification program, group coaching offers, one-on-one mentoring, online courses, and so much more. In this case, you would only send product recommendations to people who take the quiz and get a “maybe” or “yes” result.

Which School Subject Are You Best At?

Assessment quiz

Most people are better at some subjects than others. By providing a variety of assessment quiz questions, you can test your audience’s knowledge of Math, Science, History, English, and any other school subject. Just make sure you have an equal number of questions for each subject ranging from easy to moderately difficult to answer.

Do You Know Enough to Pass 10th Grade Science?

Multiple-choice quiz

Much like a multiple-choice test you’d take in school, this quiz type will allow you to assess how many things your audience remembers from grade school. This quiz title was inspired by the infamous show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, but you can choose any school year or subject as long as it is relevant.

What is Your Literary IQ?

Scored quiz

No matter what school subject you choose, you can have your audience take an IQ test and turn it into a scored quiz. In this example, you could test people on their knowledge of classic novels, modern authors, grammar rules, and more. This might also work for you if you’d like to identify which audience members are ready to work with you based on their previous knowledge and which ones need to learn more before you both collaborate.

image10 42

Use this exact template to build your own quiz here.

Business quizzes

What Type of Content Creator Are You?

Personality quiz

With many entrepreneurs starting as content creators, this personality quiz idea could be a great fit for business educators who want to attract first-time entrepreneurs. This could include side hustlers who are building their business after their 9-5 job or content creators who want to build a well-rounded business model. Think about the different content creator styles in your niche and how that can relate to your audience members.

Which Billionaire Do You Have the Most In Common With?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Many aspiring and new entrepreneurs look up to other business owners who have already grown massively successful companies. This could include well-known billionaires like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, Marcus Lemonis, and more. When building your own Buzzfeed-style quiz, try to choose likeable celebrities that your audience would like to be compared to. You could also use this same quiz title template but choose popular business owners in your niche rather than billionaires. It’s completely up to you!

Do You Know the History of Blogging?

Trivia quiz

Many content creators have turned their blogs into income-producing businesses. If your audience members want to do the same, it might be helpful for them to learn about the history of blogging so they know how the industry works. This trivia quiz format will include easy and challenging questions, helping your audience quickly move through it so they can get to whatever next steps come after your quiz.

What Kind of Business Coach Do You Need?

Product recommendations quiz

Along with recommending a variety of products, your quiz can also be used to personally suggest services that would benefit your audience. Before someone makes the decision to work with you, they may be wondering if you are the right fit for them. Through this kind of quiz, you’ll give them confidence that they’ve made the right decision or lead them toward another coach who is a better fit. Either way, it’s a great way to weed through your audience to find the best quality client leads.

What Should Be Your Next Stream of Income?

Assessment quiz

People say the most successful business owners have at least seven streams of income, so creating an assessment quiz around this topic might be a good idea if you’re a business coach or educator. By answering a series of questions, your audience member will choose their own path toward a stream of income that best fits their needs. It’s almost like you are coaching them through this decision in a completely hands-off way. Think about how powerful this could be for incoming client leads!

Do You Have What It Takes to Start an eCommerce Business?

Multiple-choice quiz

Starting a business is a big commitment, and first-time entrepreneurs are often looking for guidance on what kind of business they should build. You can help them determine how ready they are by creating a multiple-choice quiz that gives them a clear “yes” or “no” answer to the quiz title’s question. In this example, the quiz results would show if starting an eCommerce business is the right fit for your audience member, but you could adjust the topic to fit whatever is relevant to what you teach or recommend.

Is Your Business Prepared for Tax Season? 

Scored quiz

Tax planning and preparation is a common struggle for new business owners, making it a great topic for a scored quiz. You have the opportunity to not only assess the person’s tax preparedness but also teach them about what they need to know along the way. Your scored quiz can be set up in a way that reveals the correct answers as your audience member moves through the quiz, making it educational and more fun than having to do the research on their own.

image15 28

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Marketing quizzes

What is Your Instagram Style?

Personality quiz

Instagram users know it’s all about having the right visuals. To build your Instagram following, you need to create a consistent and cohesive aesthetic that your audience will love. If you are a social media strategist or marketer, this topic could be a great fit for a personality quiz. Since we are already talking about visual marketing with this quiz idea, you’ll want to add image-based answer options to make your quiz more engaging and interesting. It’s also a good idea since 90% of the most popular Interact quizzes used image-based answers!

Which Social Media Trend Fits You?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

Creating a fun quiz based on the most popular social media trends might be a great way to add something new to your website. Trends come and go, meaning you may not be able to use this quiz idea forever, but it could be a great fit for your social media channels or blog. Timely content is just as important as evergreen content, so keep this in mind as you create a Buzzfeed-style quiz from popular trends your audience will love.

Are You a Video Marketing Expert?

Trivia quiz

Did you know that 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands they love? This is the kind of trivia question you could include in the quiz! As video marketing becomes more of a must-have for business owners, creating a trivia quiz on the topic might be a great fit for your audience. By doing so, you can test their knowledge about video marketing and determine if they’re ready to work with your marketing business.

What Should Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Be?

Product recommendations quiz

With so many different ways to connect with potential customers on social media, it’s good to be strategic about how your brand is showing up. If you teach social media marketing, offering a quiz that gives strategic recommendations for each quiz result and follows up with your own products could help you earn more email subscribers and money. Instead of using a quiz title that says you’ll be recommending one of your online courses or programs, you can lead with the strategic help you’ll be providing first. This shows how much value you want to add for free before you present paid offers.

Is Your Sales Strategy Working?

Assessment quiz

Your marketing strategy can be airtight, but if your sales strategy isn’t doing what it needs to, you won’t see an increase in sales. Since marketing and sales go hand-in-hand, it might make sense to create an assessment quiz that measures how well your sales strategy is performing. Beyond a simple “yes” or “no” result, you could also provide your audience with additional strategies for strengthening their sales approach to add more value. 

How Much Do You Remember About Marketing to Millennials?

Multiple-choice quiz

If you decide to create an online course, you might want to test your students to ensure they are retaining all of the information you’re teaching them. In this quiz example, you would be teaching on how to market products and services to a specific generation. By giving a set of multiple-choice questions, you’ll be able to monitor how many students are remembering what they’re learning. If you see high scores, you’ll know your lesson plans are working. However, the lessons are producing low scores, you may want to look back at your course content and see if you can introduce more exercises and implement other strategies to help your students retain more information.

What is Your Digital Marketing IQ?

Scored quiz

If you want to test how much your audience knows about digital marketing, you can use an IQ quiz that includes a total score at the end. Since someone’s IQ is often connected to a set of numbers, it’s a great fit for a scored quiz! Feel free to adjust the topic depending on what you want to quiz your audience on.

image14 32

Use this exact template to build your own quiz by clicking here.

Finance quizzes

What is Your Money Mindset?

Personality quiz

There are few things that affect our daily life more than our money mindset. How we view money changes the way we make multiple decisions, so using a personality quiz to identify someone’s money mindset can be incredibly helpful. Since people like to walk away from personality quizzes feeling great about themselves, make sure every money mindset type is written in a positive way. You can get really creative with this kind of personality quiz!

Where Are You Most Likely to Shop For Clothes?

Buzzfeed-style quiz

What we wear often shapes the world’s perceptions of us. Since clothing is one of the first things people notice about us, pairing people with a popular clothing brand could be a fun way to describe their signature style. If you become an affiliate for each of the clothing brands, you could even put a curated shopping list together of items you love. Then, if someone completes the quiz and buys something from your list, you’ll get affiliate revenue from their purchase. Simple, right?

How Financially Literate Are You?

Trivia quiz

Financial literacy is very important, but it’s often something we learn on our own or from our upbringing. Using a trivia quiz can help you understand the level of knowledge someone in your audience has around finances so you can send relevant educational content to them. There’s no use to send a beginner’s guide to financial planning if an audience member takes this trivia quiz and is clearly ready for more advanced strategies. This trivia quiz could also help you determine who is ready to take your courses, enroll in your programs, or work with you one-on-one.

Which Financial Planning Book Do You Need to Read?

Product recommendations quiz

If you tend to get a lot of emails from audience members who want your personal reading recommendations among other advice, it might be a good time to create a product recommendations quiz. That way, you can cut down on the amount of emails you get while still answering your audience’s questions. In this example, you could highlight books that are written from financial planners, but you are welcome to change the topic based on what makes the most sense for your brand.

Do You Make Money Decisions Based on Scarcity or Abundance?

Assessment quiz

Money coaches and financial advisors commonly help their clients understand if they’re operating from a scarcity perspective or from a place of abundance. By using this information, they can help clients rewrite what the financial industry calls their “money story.” Using an assessment quiz like this can help your audience identify what thought patterns are influencing their money decisions, whether they are positive or negative. If you want to lead with the emotional aspect of money rather than the practicals, this quiz idea may be a good fit for your brand.

How Well Do You Know How to Save?

Multiple-choice quiz

If reaching a specific savings goal is important to your audience, offering a multiple-choice quiz like this could help them assess how well they’re doing. Understanding how someone spends, invests, and saves their money will give you a better idea of how committed they are to reaching their desired savings goal. Financial planners, advisors, bookkeepers, and tax professionals can use this type of quiz along with a variety of coaches.

How Many Years Until You Can Retire?

Scored quiz

No matter how well your audience members have planned for retirement, you can help them determine how close they are through a scored quiz. You could substitute this topic to determine how close someone is to buying a home, sending their kids to college, earning six-figures, or any number of goals. Just make sure you choose a highly desired outcome that you know people in your audience are currently aiming for. Then, your scored quiz will be a great straight-forward planning resource for them!

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