How “Quiz Funnel Queen” Chanti Zak Generated $50,000 from a Quiz

Who doesn’t want to learn from the best?

That’s why so many of us want to learn about social media from Gary Vee, personal development from Tony Robbins, soulful growth from Oprah, and passion-led business from Marie Forleo.

So, when it comes to quizzes, who better to teach us how to create an interactive quiz than the self-proclaimed Quiz Funnel Queen herself?

Quiz copywriter Chanti Zak has taken the online marketing world by storm by creating personality-packed quiz experiences that feel highly addictive. This is true not only for her own quiz but also for other well-known marketers and entrepreneurs.

She helped Jenna Kutcher create her “secret sauce” quiz, which helped grow her email list by more than 100,000 subscribers, and helped TONIC Site Shop build a “brand cocktail” quiz that generated $50,000 of website template revenue.

That sounds familiar since Chanti has also generated $50,000 from her quiz by helping others learn about—you guessed it—creating their own quiz!

If you’ve considered making your own quiz but aren’t sure where to start, this is your chance to learn from a pro before you take any next steps.

In this candid interview with Chanti Zak, we’ll discover:

  • Why she chose such a “meta” quiz topic
  • How her personality makes the quiz stand out, even with a serious topic
  • Why she included case studies and examples in her quiz results
  • What made her quiz such a hit, helping her email list grow by 212%
  • Her best tips for creating a quiz from scratch
  • …and so much more!

What inspired you to start your quiz?

I knew I wanted to use a quiz as the top-of-funnel lead magnet for my course launch. I’ve created these types of course/membership topic-specific quizzes for my clients and they’ve had so much success. I had to try it in my own business!

Key Takeaway: No matter what you decide to sell, your online quiz can prime audience members for any offering. Our Interact users have created quizzes to sell courses, memberships, coaching packages, eCommerce products, eBooks, freelance services, event tickets, mastermind programs, and more. It’s best to lead with a fun, interactive quiz before you share your offering. Your audience will already be hooked on your brand by the time they join your email list!

Your quiz is unique in that it’s a quiz about finding your best quiz style. How did you come up with the topic?

 Is it not the most meta quiz on the internet? I like to think so.

Here’s the not-so-sexy truth: I really struggled with choosing a quiz topic.

I wanted to create a fun personality quiz because, in my experience, those attract the most leads BUT I also know quality is more important than quantity.

image9 47

My main goal was to attract business owners who already knew they wanted to create an online quiz. To do that, I had to get straight to the point even if it meant my own quiz topic wasn’t nearly as fun as many of my clients’ quizzes.

Key Takeaway: Think about what your audience’s goals are before you create your quiz content. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they want to learn more about? What does success look like to them? What do they want to accomplish? All of these questions can help you determine how you can craft a quiz that helps them solve a problem they care about.

What were the main goals of your quiz?

My main goal was to go above and beyond people’s expectations and overdeliver in the quiz results themselves. I think a lot of times with online quizzes, people are used to seeing shallow Buzzfeed-style results that don’t give them a whole lot of value, so I’m always working to shatter the myth that all quizzes are like that.

Success to me is people replying to my emails and telling me how much they loved the experience of taking my quiz. Of course, I’m also a big fan of seeing my email list grow bigger by the day (who isn’t?!).

Key Takeaway: Try not to generalize your quiz result options. If your quiz result descriptions feel like they could fit everyone, no one will feel like you truly “get” them. Instead, you’ll want to write specific quiz results that help quiz takers better understand themselves. This is the best way to show quiz takers that your quiz results are spot-on.

Since you work with clients in multiple ways, tell us how you decided which products or services you wanted to highlight through the quiz.

I wanted to show my potential quiz funnel clients that they could have a quiz like mine simply through leading by example. That wasn’t the main purpose though.

My real focus was on connecting with other business owners who were interested in creating their own quiz funnel. By giving them some inspiration and initial steps to get started, I positioned myself as THE person to learn from.

Then, when I invite quiz takers to join my course, they already trust me to help them reach their lead generation goals.

image11 42
Key Takeaway: The most successful quizzes, like Chanti’s quiz, give educational value in order to build trust with an audience. What does it look like for you to build trust within your quiz? What do your audience members need to know and hear about before they make a confident purchasing decision? Once someone completes your quiz, it’s your job for the rest of your quiz marketing funnel to provide enough valuable information so their trust in your expertise is at an all-time high.

Your quiz result landing pages are PACKED with educational information! How did you decide what to include?

My philosophy with quiz result landing pages is to, first and foremost, be generous with your knowledge. I decided to take what I teach in my course and put some of that content in my quiz results.

I also subscribe to the idea that as marketers and business owners, we’re always selling. Yep, even when we’re not making any actual sales!

This means you need to take your topic and share why you’re so passionate about it. Why is this the best thing since Nutella? For me, I wanted to shout from the digital rooftops all the reasons why investing time and energy in creating a quiz is so worthwhile. I think that comes through with my quiz.

image2 58
Key Takeaway: When you’re using a quiz to generate leads for your business, always lead with quality education. Ask yourself what knowledge and expertise you feel comfortable giving away for free. Like Chanti’s recommendation, you could choose to repurpose content from a product or another resource you’ve created if it’s relevant to your quiz topic. Before you publish and promote your quiz, think about what educational information will make the biggest impact on your audience and include that.

You also include real-life examples of quizzes on your landing pages – so cool! How has this helped you build trust with potential clients and customers?

Some of the quizzes I feature are ones I’ve done for clients. When someone mentions how much they loved a popular quiz and I can tell them I created it, that’s huge for helping them feel like they’re in good hands working with me.

The other examples I share are just a few of my faves, and I love sharing them because it gets people thinking about what their famous quiz concept might be.

image1 61
Key Takeaway: If there is an opportunity in your quiz to share case studies of how you’ve helped other entrepreneurs, by all means, include them! Using real-life examples not only shows quiz takers what’s possible, but it also solidifies your brand as an expert in whatever you’re teaching or sharing. This is a great way to take your quiz result landing pages one step further!

Tell us more about the strategy behind your quiz funnel. Has it been effective?

Yes! So when I’m not in launch mode, the funnel takes quiz takers straight into my welcome sequence — a six-email sequence designed to introduce them to my brand, teach some core concepts, build trust, and get our relationship off to the right start. Once a new subscriber has been through my welcome sequence, they’ll start getting my usual emails and promotions.

When I’m actively launching and running ads to the quiz, new leads get my welcome sequence and a few invitations to attend my webinar. If they sign up for the webinar, they get my sales sequence for my course on how to create your own quiz funnel.

image4 56

What I love most about my follow-up sequence is the number of personal replies I receive! It’s so much fun and makes me so happy when my new subscribers reach out to tell me about their lives and businesses.

My conversion rate on my course from the leads who register for my webinar is around 5% which, compared to the average 1-3%, doesn’t feel too shabby!

image3 59
Key Takeaway: We love how Chanti strategically thought about how she wanted to use her quiz funnel as evergreen content and launch content. This hybrid model might work for your business if launching is a part of how you market your products and services. Make sure this strategy is reflected in your follow-up emails so quiz-takers know what to expect.

Why do you think your quiz has been such a hit with your audience? What kind of feedback have you received?

I think it’s a hit because once someone decides they want to create a quiz, they usually ask themselves “what type should I create?” I get inside their heads and answer the question for them, which makes their life easier and gets them one step closer to making it happen.

image10 47

I get such sweet feedback on how helpful it was and people really love the level of detail I include in the results. I also get a lot of feedback from quiz takers saying they like my writing style which makes my copywriter ego do backflips.

image6 58
Key Takeaway: Even though Chanti chose a more serious topic for her quiz, she injects a lot of her personality into her quiz questions, answers, and even her bio. Your quiz experience can still be delightful even if your topic isn’t as fun as others might be. Just make sure it is helpful!

What were the results of your quiz? Anything that surprised you?

 Thanks largely to my quiz, my list size has grown by 212% in the last year.

As far as how much it’s increased my revenue, a conservative estimate is around $50k but the reality is many of my private clients take the quiz too. If it’s a factor in them choosing to work with me, then that revenue number is a lot higher.

My Cost Per Lead using FB and IG ads is a little on the higher side for quizzes at between $1.50 – 3 (many of my clients regularly get $.50 leads) but considering one lead is worth around $80 to my business, I’d say it’s well worth it.

Key Takeaway: While quizzes are great for growing your email list, it’s only beneficial to your business if it impacts your bottom line. Like Chanti, you’ll want to look not only at the number of leads you are generating but also how it affects your business revenue. We love that Chanti was able to generate $50,000 just from her quiz. That doesn’t even include future launches! Take a moment to set email list and revenue growth goals for your quiz and track your progress through our Interact analytics dashboard.

What advice would you give other content creators who want to make their own quiz from scratch?

Done is better than perfect!

Don’t be afraid to repurpose content from other areas of your business, even your paid offers.

Most importantly, keep your end goal in mind when coming up with a quiz topic, even if it means you won’t get as many leads as telling people what Game of Thrones character they are!

Quality is so much more important than quantity.

Key Takeaway: Instead of waiting for the perfect day when stars align to create a quiz, start building your own today! Sign up for a free trial of Interact and test out the tool for yourself. You can choose between three quiz types (personality, assessment and scored) before you decide on a quiz. Learn everything you need to know about launching your first quiz here. We can’t wait to see what kind of quiz you create for your business!

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