What Type Of Content Creator Are You?

Find out which type of content you are the best at creating so you can focus on creating the type of content you are the best at so you only attract the best clients for your tribe! 

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Which statement best describes you?

You love writing step-by-step articles.


You find yourself writing content to clarify or correct wrong information you’ve run across.


You work in an industry people are clamoring to understand or be a part of.


You often write about topics in the first person 


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What kinds of content resonates best with your audience?

Information they can read and refer to later.


Fast content they can watch and consume in fewer than 3 mins.


Fast content they can listen to while completing other tasks.


All of the above


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What helps your audience build trust the most?

Hard Facts – Percentages, Rates, Charts.


Social Proof – Testimonials, Reviews, Word of mouth.


Results Based Content - Case Studies, Screenshots, Step-by-Step content.


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Which statement best describes you and your content?

I enjoy creating written content that my audience can consume and apply in bite-size steps to achieve their goals at each level.


I love sharing exclusive knowledge with my audience while providing proof and examples of my success.


I debunk popular beliefs by posting myth and mistake content. I question, try and replicate content that is produced in my niche.


I gather content from other experts or teachers in my niche to keep an engaged audience and to stay informed.


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What problem would you rather solve?

I would like to remove the fluff of “how to” posts that brands create that aren’t easily applicable to its audience.


I would like to share the fastest way to get to a finish line without all of the unnecessary research my audience would have to do without my knowledge.


I would like to shine light on incorrect information that my audience believes due to the results of other people or their life circumstances.


I would like to educate my audience to make better business decisions when they are just starting their business.


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Choose a statement that best fits your brand’s personality:

Cultural - Feminine, Fashion, Trendy. You connect with your audience through lifestyle photos with a conversational tone.


Formally Masculine - You connect with your audience through strong opinions, hard facts, and dark photos.


Formally Feminine - You connect with your audience through traditional corporate style photos, up to date industry information, and tips for success.


Vivid & Fun - Bright, Colorful and Full of Life. You connect with your audience through photos that are youthful and loudly attractive. Your brand tone is strong, bold and one of a kind!


Simple - Clean and Pure. You connect with your audience through simplicity and minimalism. The tone of your brand is relatable and concise.


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The Teacher

You successfully break down an idea or task into bite size parts that build on each other. You allow your audience to achieve success at the completion of each goal based on the steps you’ve provided.

You prefer to provide examples such as screenshots or screen shares that allow students to work while you teach. You understand that you must provide the why to your audience before you show the how.

The Insider

You're all about exclusivity. You are successful because of the amount of curiosity you create through the types of content you create.

You have personal experience and knowledge from working with or for brands that people love and are curious about. You have inside knowledge about how things work and you are thrilled to share it! Not only are you excited, you have proof and examples that lead to success stories.

The Expert

You have a broad knowledge about many things in your niche and that’s why so many people turn to you for advice. Other brands and influencers reference your material often. But, you know a subject extremely well, inside and out. You correct wrong information that many people believe to be true. You produce content at a rapid rate! Many people can’t keep up with you.

The Observer

You are an Observer.

As an observer you help your audience to get their perspective back. When you create content, you are necessarily focused on your audience and your niche that you start to lose an understanding of where your content fits in with your industry.

You write with a birds-eye approach to things, providing the bigger picture, or putting a topic into context so we get a bit more meaning out of it.