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This guide covers how the most popular types of quizzes function, as well as how you can create your own quiz. Research for this post comes from interact quiz builder where we pulled insights on which kinds of quizzes are most popular as well as best practices for how to create each type of quiz.

These are the most popular types of quizzes for 2022, click each type to see its definition, how the scoring works, and a real-life example of the quiz type being using for lead generation and product sales.

Personality quizzes: Definition

Personality quizzes work by grouping people into a personality type quiz result. These grouping happen by asking people questions about themselves, and based on which answer choices they choose the person is put into one of the quiz result (personality types). Most personality quizzes are adapted from frameworks like the Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, or Attachment styles.

How Personality Quiz scoring works

Personality quizzes work through correlations. As someone is taking your quiz and they are answering questions, each answer choice they choose correlates to one or more of the quiz results. Correlations are like “+1’s” and as your quiz takers answer the quiz questions they are getting points towards the quiz results. When the person finishes the quiz, whichever quiz result has the most correlations “+1’s” towards it will be shown as their result.

Setting this up in interact couldn’t be simpler, you simply click on answer choices on the left side of the personality quiz scoring setup in our builder, then click on the right side to correlate to your results.

answer choice correlations personality quiz

Example of a personality quiz

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how a personality quiz works by unpacking a real-life example from Love Intently. Founder Sophie Kwok is a relationship coach who formulated this quiz to help people find their love personality type so they can thrive in their relationships.

What is your love personality

Once you start taking the quiz it asks questions about your relationships. The example below is a scenario-based quiz question that asks people how they would respond in a specific instance of their relationship with their partner. Based on which answer choice someone chooses, they are getting correlations to one or more of the possible quiz outcomes.

Personality quizzes can have as many questions as you’d like, but we typically recommend 5-12 questions per quiz.

love personality quiz questions

Once your quiz taker finishes answering the questions, they are presented with an option to subscribe for personalized information based on their quiz result. This is a unique feature of interact quiz builder, you can segment your audience based on which quiz result each person gets and send personalized follow-up emails.

FYI: The average opt-in rate for people who begin taking a quiz is 40.8%!

love personality quiz opt in

Once someone opts in (or skips the opt in) it’s time for the big reveal! Now you show the person which personality type they are and get to share details on what that means for them. In this case it’s all about what your love personality means for your relationships and how you can make your relationships more enjoyable given your personality type.

love personality quiz result

How to create a personality quiz

If you’re looking for detailed advice on how to create a personality quiz, you’re in the right place. We have an entire course that’s totally free and covers everything about creating great quizzes. Access our quiz building course here. If you prefer to chat with a human person about your quiz, you can start a trial with interact and someone will be in touch to set up a quiz strategy call with you!

Product Recommendation Quizzes: Definition

By definition, a product recommendation quiz, also referred to as a product finder or shoppable quiz, is a personality quiz. Except instead of personalities you have products for the quiz results. So think of your products as personality types and direct people towards the product that matches their greatest need.

How Product Recommendation Quiz scoring works

When someone takes your product recommendation quiz they are presented with questions. Each question has answer choices and each of those answer choices correlates to one or more of the quiz results (which are your products). You can have the results be one product or a category of products. Here’s a screenshot of how the scoring for one question looks in a product recommendation quiz.

Question How do you take your coffee

Example of a product recommendation quiz

A prime example of using a product recommendation quiz to give personalized picks and sell more products while also building an email list comes from Henry’s House of Coffee. Their coffee matchmaker helps site browsers find the right type of coffee based on personal tastes and preferences.

They’ve also got a beautiful integration with Shopify that gives product recommendations directly after someone takes the quiz and includes shoppable coffee options as soon as someone finishes the quiz.

Coffee recommendation quiz

The quiz works by asking you about your coffee preferences, from taste profiles to how you prepare your coffee so that Henry’s House of Coffee can determine which roasts to recommend to you.

What flavors of coffee do you like

After you answer the quiz questions (in this case there are five taste profile questions), you are then asked if you’d like to opt-in for a discount and to get more stories and coffee tips via email. It’s optional so you don’t get people on your list who don’t want to be there.

coffee quiz opt in form

Then the magic happens, and you are taken directly to a product page on the Henry’s House of Coffee site where you can shop personalized coffee picks for you based on the quiz. This process is so smooth and makes the recommendation of products really natural and fun.

coffee quiz result

How to make a product recommendation quiz

If you want to create your own product quiz, we have a guide for you. If you prefer to speak to someone about your particular needs with a product quiz, you can start a trial with interact quiz builder and we’ll get in touch to talk through strategy with you.

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Scored Quizzes: Definition

Scored quizzes are like the ones you see printed on magazines where you get points for each answer you choose and your quiz result is based on what range of points you end up with. These quizzes are used to help determine someone’s level or which step they should take next.

How scored quiz scoring works

With scored quizzes each answer choice for every question of your quiz has a point value associated with it. As someone goes through the quiz they will accumulate points, and based on how many points they get you show them one of the quiz results.

scored quiz scoring system

Example of a scored quiz

Scored quizzes are often use to test your “Level” or “Proficiency” in an area. For example this quiz template from interact called “What’s your level of emotional intelligence?

what is your level of emotional intelligence

The quiz asks questions about scenarios you might find yourself in and then presents answer choices. Depending on which of the choices you make it assigns you a score that is connected to how emotionally intelligent the quiz perceives you to be.

scored quiz question

At the end of the quiz you can ask for an email address or other information if people are interested in continuing the conversation and learning more.

emotional intelligence quiz opt in form

Then the results are shown and reveals to someone their level of emotional intelligence. You can display the score in the results if you’d like to show that to people.

emotional intelligence quiz results

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Knowledge Tests (Trivia): Definition

Knowledge tests, which include trivia quizzes, true or false quizzes, and matching quizzes. Every question has a correct answer and you can display the correct answers immediately after someone answers each question or at the end of the quiz or both.

How knowledge test scoring works

With knowledge test each question has one correct answer (or multiple correct answers) which you will specify for each question. You can choose to show the correct answer right after each question, in the results of the quiz, or both. You can also provide an explanation of the correct answer for each question.

knowledge test scoring system

Example of a knowledge test

Let’s take a look at a knowledge test example from the Oakland Museum of California. They created this quiz for a feature at the museum, it’s called How Well do You Know California Women in History? and it’s a trivia knowledge test about women’s history in the state.

how well do you know california women of history

Each question presents you with a question that has a definitive correct answer. In this case they are using image answers to make the question really illustrate the question.

Who was the first black woman to run for vice president

Right after the quiz taker selects an answer they are shown whether or not they got it correct and there is also an explanation of why that answer is the correct one. This provides an immediate feedback loop to make the quiz more engaging.

correct answer screen on quiz

You can use your knowledge tests to build an email list as well by presenting an opt-in form at the end of the questions.

knowledge test opt in form

Then you can show people their score as well as a description for that score range. You can also provide a button for making a purchase, like in this example to purchase tickets.

knowledge test results

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