What's the perfect spring sport for you?

Are you wondering what spring sport you should tryout for this week? This quiz will tell you exactly what sport you belong in.

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How do you feel about running?

I hate running more than anything


It's okay but I'd prefer not to


Running is fun


I love it!!!


1 / 6

What is your favorite sport to watch?

I don't...








2 / 6

Do you like working out indoors or outdoors?

No preference






3 / 6

How do you feel about lifting?

I hate it


No preference


It's fine


I love it


4 / 6

How many times do you workout a week?



Once or twice


Almost everyday




5 / 6

And finally, do you want to be on a team sport?

No way


Yes definitely 


6 / 6

Personal Fitness(PF) or Pilates!

The perfect spring sport for you is PF or Pilates!! You'll be able to learn some new weight-training techniques from Coach Berry while working out with your friends.

Track & Field

Congratulations! Track is the perfect sport for you. You'll be able to run loops around your friends while joining a great team and having fun!


Lacrosse is a perfect match for you! Get ready to be on an amazing team while you become super fit and compete in games.