How Much Do You Know About High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

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How often should an adult get their blood pressure checked

once every other year


at least once a year


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What is an aneurysm?

Another word for fainting


The bulging of an artery wall that can burst and cause bleeding


Low blood pressure


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Which foods are included in a healthy diet? (choose 5)

Whole grains




Ice cream






Healthy fats


Lean meats


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What is blood pressure?

The pressure your heart exerts on your blood vessels


When you stop the bleeding from a cut


When you're stressed at work


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What is the definition of Hypertension?

A regular blood pressure result


An elevated blood pressure


A low blood pressure


A blood pressure that requires a medication to lower it


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What are lifestyle choices a person can make to decrease their risk of hypertension? (choose more than one)

healthy diet


drink more alcohol




maintain a healthy weight


continue smoking


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What are the risks of uncontrolled hypertension? (choose more than one)









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