10 Things You Can Learn From BuzzFeed Quizzes

To make a buzzfeed style quiz, head to tryinteract.com BuzzFeed seems to come into contact with almost everyone nowadays.  Whether it is sharing through other sites such as facebook or directly from BuzzFeed’s home page, BuzzFeed is always there and present.  And one of the main drivers of the success of popularity and presence is […]

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To make a buzzfeed style quiz, head to tryinteract.com

BuzzFeed seems to come into contact with almost everyone nowadays.  Whether it is sharing through other sites such as facebook or directly from BuzzFeed’s home page, BuzzFeed is always there and present.  And one of the main drivers of the success of popularity and presence is BuzzFeed’s quizzes.  Seeing what can be examined from these quizzes can shed   light on why they are so successful.

1.  Design BuzzFeed is addicted to the list style format.  Just take a look at any of their quizzes and you’ll see that BuzzFeed’s questions are checkmarks of either yes/no or a very simple type of multiple choice. Also, it is much easier for readers and quiz takers to get through a list rather than having to read through a bunch of content when everyone just wants to get distracted for a little bit in finding out “Which Pair of Jorts Are You?”

2.  Shareability There is an element to taking these quizzes that connects to people having a sense of fulfillment of themselves by getting whatever result they get.  And so, it is important to always keep the results positive or at least over-exaggeratingly embarrassing that people are always inclined to share their results.

result Take the image above for instance.  The result of “What Font Are You?” happens to be Helvetica: a result that seems interesting but not insulting, appealing and not off-putting, easily making people want to share such results as these to let others know “OMG, I’m Helvetica!”

Also, once people share BuzzFeed’s quizzes on sites such as facebook, BuzzFeed has worked out a formula to continue the interest of their quizzes to others:

As in the example above, you have the person’s result as “I got (result)! Which (blank) are you?” It brings out the result of the person who took the quiz and gives out a hand to join in the fun of the quiz by involving others!

3.  Writing Style BuzzFeed’s stye in writing quizzes is geared towards clarity in the chaos.  They come about this by asking a bunch of random questions that don’t seem to relate to the title of the quiz but get you a result that somehow manages to connect everything together.  Take this quiz titled “Which President Are You?” for instance:

Now, according to BuzzFeed, answering a question like the one aboce can narrow results to figure out that you are indeed Ulysses S. Grant:

From “Your Favorite Form of Social Media” to :Ulysses S. Grant,” BuzzFeed seems to be able to be an ultimate crafter in spewing out the most random questions to narrowing them down to the most detailed results.

4.  Attention Span This is critical to be attentive of because we all know that people in this day and age are constantly moving and their minds are constantly either getting caught onto something new or merely getting distracted.  This point draws back to the whole idea of BuzzFeed quizzes being in list format.  List format is simple and to the point, which is what people are looking for in quizzes such as these.  BuzzFeed utilizes mainly two types of quiz formats, each of which can be completed effortlessly with a couple clicks of the mouse.  A list:

And this big block format:

These two formats that BuzzFeed uses have garnered great success amongst its audience.  Why?  Well, one of the reasons is instant gratification.  Within a minute, people can get their results, by quickly clicking and scrolling down and seeing their answers come together.  BuzzFeed’s format is so eye popping and invigorating that you will almost always never get distracted from taking and finishing BuzzFeed’s quizzes because often times if not all, it is the distraction!

5.  It’s About “You” Let’s look at the listing of quizzes that BuzzFeed offers on its website:

What do all these quiz titles have in common? They’re all about YOU.  The biggest draw of these quizzes is their interactivity, allowing people to leave with something they care about from taking the quiz: themselves.  BuzzFeed makes it a point so that the ultimate incentive that draws everyone to their quizzes is that it involves “you,” so you best not forget that too.

6.  General Specificity BuzzFeed gets it right on the dot with this phrase.  They make quizzes that make people feel as though the questions and the results that they get are specifically made for them.  But there are plenty of people who answer the quizzes the same way and get the same results.  And with that BuzzFeed is somehow able to tap into this fountain of exclusive openness, in which everyone can feel like they can take the quiz because the quiz was made for YOU but also for everyone.

7.  Images Although this may seem like a more subtle attention to detail, images do heavily contribute to the success to BuzzFeed as people find it much easier on their eyes and mind to merely look at an image than reading.  So if they see an attractive title along with an equally enthralling picture, then most people are set and willing to take the quiz!

8.  Commenting BuzzFeed’s quizzes let people’s thoughts come alive through question and answer.  Additionally,  BuzzFeed also gets a lot of circulation from people commenting on and sharing the quizzes that spark conversation amongst others leading to the continual spreading of BuzzFeed’s quizzes.

9.  Whimsical If you simply look at BuzzFeed’s home page for its quizzes, the topics of the quizzes vary from “Which Classic Female Author Are You?” to “How Moist Are You Actually?”  The randomness of topics goes on and on for BuzzFeed and it’s definitely one of its major draws as people can continually get interested over and over again in a myriad number of topics.  This sense of whimsicality can easily be connected to people’s desires to constantly look at something new and be engaged by something different.  An article from the Daily Mail comments that we are switching between devices 21 times an HOUR.  It is easy to see that BuzzFeed has a difficult audience to please when its audience is constantly wanting more or something new.

10.  Tone BuzzFeed’s success is made off of its spontaneous and nonchalant personality.  It has set a specific TONE, with everything that they have developed.  With this nonchalant tone, BuzzFeed has created a conversational and friendly atmosphere so that the relationship between the quiz and quiz taker is almost tangibly amicable.  With such a “developed” relationship due to BuzzFeed’s lax and open tone, it makes it easier for quiz takers to remember a site that made an imprint on them through tone.  Everything that makes their quizzes what they are have contributed to one thing: the image that BuzzFeed sets.  And this image pops up in everyone’s mind subconsciously whenever you think of:


And so now you’re thinking what encapsulates these traits into something other than BuzzFeed? Well maybe a quiz like this may bring up some familiarity.

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