How to Streamline Video Editing with Tella

Today, we’re discussing how to streamline video editing with Tella and how we use it to create YouTube videos at Interact. Tella is an innovative tool that allows users to record and edit audio clips, which can be combined to create high-quality videos. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video creator, Tella offers a range of features to help produce professional-looking content. 

Learn about the different features of Tella and why it is our go-to platform for video editing and recording.  

Let’s get right into it! 

Why we needed a new video recording/editing solution

In short, quality. Screensharing is very important to our videos because, most of the time, we’re explaining our software and how to use it. The reason we choose to answer most of our customer’s questions via video is because: 

  1. We can support more people with the same issues 
  2. We can support them faster 
  3. We can show them the answer, not just tell them

Rather than repeatedly answering the same question, we can send a link to the video that addresses, in detail, what an inquiring customer is looking for. In the past, we used strategy calls, demo requests, and a community to support our customers, but in the last year, we found we can do all this better by creating video tutorials and sharing strategy/best practices in them, too. 

We started by using Zoom, and after publishing about fifty videos, we knew we needed to keep making video content. We also knew there was room for improvement: we needed to make our videos higher quality so customers could clearly see what we were displaying on the screen; we needed to decrease our total video time; and we needed to increase engagement, keeping the watcher’s attention throughout the video. 

62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video, underlining the importance of video quality posted on platforms like YouTube for customer queries and support.

Tella was the tool we needed—in addition to some upgraded equipment and a community full of video support!

Our Favorite Tella Features

When scripting our YouTube videos, we often highlight key pieces of information to include. However, not all of us have access to teleprompters or have the ability to memorize lines and read them back. That’s where Tella comes in. With Tella, you can easily remember and record small sections of a script, ensuring you include all the important information your viewers are looking for.

Here’s a look at Tella: 

The process in Tella is simple. You can stop recording by pressing the red button, as shown in the middle above. After recording a clip, we can click “Add clip” to record another piece: 

Once the clips have been recorded, you can trim them down to the desired length: 

This feature allows you to focus on specific parts of the video and remove unnecessary content.

Once you’ve adjusted the clip size, click “Done” so you can add zoom features. When sharing our screen in a video, especially when displaying screenshots or specific elements, it is sometimes difficult for viewers to follow if everything is too small. With the zoom feature, we can add zoom effects to the video to highlight important areas or make it easier for viewers to see and understand. This is especially helpful for those new to the tools or concepts being shown on the screen. 

Zoom feature: 

You can adjust where you want the screen to zoom in, how much it zooms in, and the speed at which it zooms in—all in one feature!

Tella also offers various layout options, allowing us to choose between showing our faces, the screen recording, or a combination of both. 

Another useful feature of Tella is the ability to crop the screen. This allows us to adjust what viewers see on the screen so we can bring their attention to specific areas or elements. It’s a great way to highlight important details and make videos more engaging.

Crop screen view: 

Once you’ve created your video, click “Finish” and watch the entire video. You can download it, share it with others, and even collect comments. 

Also worth mentioning is, just like any other video tool, it’s super easy to change between cameras and microphones: 

Tella even offers “Speaker notes” under the “More” button, allowing us to add some of our script to the page without having to switch tabs. 

Tella’s User-Friendly Platform 

In terms of usability, Tella is extremely user-friendly. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate and use. Switching between cameras and microphones is a breeze, and the process of editing videos is streamlined with the use of clips. 

Second, Tella allows us to reuse clips. If we repeat specific parts of our videos in multiple videos, we can copy those clips and use them again in future videos. This eliminates the need to re-record the same content over and over again, making the editing process more efficient.

Tella has been a game-changer for us in terms of video editing and recording. Before Tella, we used iMovie, and we can confidently say that our editing time has been cut in half since making the switch. The ability to record and edit videos in small segments using clips has made the process much easier and more efficient.

If you need to share your screen and record yourself simultaneously, we highly recommend checking out Tella. It offers a wide range of features, from recording clips and trimming them down to adding zoom effects and adjusting layouts. 

Entrepreneurs Community 

We first learned about Tella from Dan Bennett and his Video for Entrepreneurs community. This circle community has tons of spaces to learn, test, and upgrade your videos. 

Just to reiterate how much this community improved our videos, let’s look at the before and after!



This transition happened within a matter of months of joining the Video for Entrepreneur’s Video Pro cohort. You can get the best tools, support, and video strategy in the Video for Entrepreneur’s community. 

If you want to learn how, take their quiz!

Final Thoughts 

Tella is a highly recommended platform for video editing and recording. Its intuitive interface, clip features, and various editing options make it a powerful tool for creating high-quality YouTube videos. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced video creator, Tella offers the necessary tools and features to help you produce professional-looking videos. So, give Tella a try and see the difference it can make in your video editing workflow.

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