How Breaking Eighty Breaks an 80% Conversion Rate

sean ogle

As the Founder of Breaking Eighty, Sean has spent the last 10+ years reviewing the world’s best golf products and courses. He helps others find exactly what they need to enhance their enjoyment of the game, and he prides himself on writing only about the products and courses he’s experienced firsthand. Additionally, Sean is the creative mind behind Location Rebel, where he shares insights and strategies on online marketing, and Slightly Pretentious, a hub for cocktail enthusiasts seeking refined libations.

Let’s dive into Sean’s journey with Interact quizzes and how they’ve transformed his business. For years, Sean focused on reviewing top-notch golf products and courses, but growing his email list remained a challenge—until he discovered the power of Interact quizzes. His three different quizzes not only offer personalized recommendations and valuable advice to his audience but also serve as a fun way to engage. 

Read on and enjoy learning about Sean’s quiz journey! 

Can you describe what Interact has done for your business?

I ignored growing my email list for years. I struggled to find a compelling reason to get my readers to sign up. However, with Interact Quizzes, I suddenly found a way to offer highly personalized recommendations and valuable advice for my readers, all while entertaining them.

Key Takeaway: Quizzes provide a compelling solution for growing email lists by offering personalized recommendations and valuable advice.

Where does your audience typically find you?

Mostly, my audience finds me through search engines—which accounts for most of my website traffic. I’ve also been experiencing significant growth on YouTube as a platform for engagement. Although Instagram remains a part of my online presence, it currently ranks as a distant third in terms of audience reach and interaction. 

YouTube is the primary way I promote my quizzes. My quiz landing pages are my main CTA on relevant YouTube videos. 

In my video about the Best Golf Launch Monitors, I encourage viewers to click my quiz link in the description to get a personalized recommendation. The same video is embedded in our “Best Golf Launch Monitor” blog post, providing one more CTA and a reminder for people to take the quiz.

On top of that, when I review individual products on YouTube in categories where I have quizzes, I direct people to the quiz to see if there’s another product they haven’t considered.

What purpose does your quiz serve for your business?

The most successful quizzes help my audience make well-informed purchasing choices.

Acknowledging the diverse preferences across different niches, no universal product is right for everyone. So, I’ve used quizzes to gather insights from readers regarding their specific needs. The quizzes tell me what they’re looking for so that I can make personalized recommendations based on their needs.

I put considerable effort into the accuracy of my quiz recommendations. The resulting audience engagement has been well worth the time spent.

Key Takeaway: Quizzes play a vital role in informed purchasing decisions. 

Who is your target audience, and how are they reflected in your quiz?

My target audience are individuals looking to purchase golf accessories, such as bags, shoes, and clubs. This demographic is directly reflected in my quiz, and my quiz is strategically shown across relevant sections of my website. 

I feature CTAs across my site and in relevant posts. So, if someone is browsing reviews of a golf shoe, they’ll get this pop-up: “Trying to find the perfect golf shoe? Take our 30-second quiz, and we’ll give you our best recommendations based on your needs.”

Key Takeaway: Targeted quiz placement is an efficient way to understand your audience’s needs and preferences, enhancing their overall experience on your website. 

How did you promote and run your quiz? For how long?

I’ve exclusively promoted my quiz through related content on my platform, adopting an evergreen strategy. To ensure continuous visibility and accessibility, I’ve used this method consistently for the last eight months. 

Below, you can take a look at all the specific pages I use to promote my quizzes: 

Key Takeaway: Promoting your quiz through related content will result in sustainable engagement. 

What led you to implement a quiz for your business? What problem has it solved?

With so many different products available for consumers who each have unique wants and needs, a quiz was the best way for me to make personalized recommendations at scale.

It significantly reduced the time and effort I would have otherwise spent individually responding to every email about specific products.

What were some of the challenges you faced during this process that worked out or encouraged you to take a different perspective?

One of the primary challenges I encountered in growing my email list was the absence of golf instructional advice on my site. The easiest way to build an email list in my specific industry is to offer something like, “How to fix your slice in 5 minutes! Sign up here.”

I don’t do that. So, my challenge has been finding legitimate ways to grow my email list. Subscribers receive content that is genuinely useful and entertaining, but my hurdle was getting them there in the first place.

The biggest tactical challenge has been ensuring the accuracy of recommendations tailored to individual needs. With Interact’s branching logic, though, I can easily visualize the responses.

Since I started running quizzes, my email list has grown by five times. The most amazing part is that we’ve retained extremely high open rates even with such big growth. One of my most successful quizzes has an incredible 80.9% conversation rate!

After scrolling through this section of my website for a few seconds, readers get a pop-up asking them to take my launch monitors quiz, and it has proven to be extremely successful. 

Key Takeaway: A challenge along your quiz journey can result in finding an authentic and valuable way to grow your email list. 

How has your business evolved since you launched your first quiz?

Since implementing the quiz, I’ve realized the significant number of people who view me as a trusted source of golf information. Rather than changing things up, I’m more focused on amplifying what’s already effective and delivering the most helpful, impartial golf product information possible.

Key Takeaway: Capitalize on the trust you can gain from creating a quiz by focusing on consistency and delivering valuable information to your audience. 

Anything else you want to share?

Discovering a win-win scenario where readers receive genuinely useful feedback while I  continue to expand my audience has been incredibly rewarding. Now that I’ve found a successful approach, it will be fun to continue optimizing and finding new ways to implement these tactics.


Sean’s journey with Interact quizzes has been nothing short of transformative for his business. From struggling to grow his email list to witnessing a 400% increase in subscribers, quizzes have become a cornerstone of his audience engagement strategy. By offering personalized recommendations and valuable advice to his readers, Sean has enhanced their experience and solidified his position as a trusted source in the golf industry. As he continues to optimize and implement these tactics, the future looks promising for Breaking Eighty and Sean’s other ventures.
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