Four Reasons to Market Your Course with a Quiz

Let’s explore the four reasons to market your course with a quiz! From impressive conversation rates to invaluable data insights, quizzes offer a simple yet effective way to engage your audience and drive results. By engaging users with a quiz, you not only capture their interest but also encourage them to take action and subscribe to your email list. 

Let’s take a glance at the four reasons: 

  1. Quizzes convert at an average of 40%. 
  2. Quizzes give you free zero-party data. 
  3. New email leads from quizzes segment your email campaigns. 
  4. Segmented email campaigns can increase your ROI by up to 760%. 

Convert More Leads to Subscribers

Quizzes converting at an impressive rate of 40% means that nearly half of your website visitors are engaging with your content and expressing genuine interest in what you offer.  

You definitely want to jump on the email marketing train because this is how to stay in touch with your people—despite algorithm changes, website malfunction, and new updates. With an email list, you have direct access to the people interested in your content and offerings. 

Free Zero-Party Data 

When someone takes your quiz, they also give you free zero-party data. You’re collecting precise information about your audience member—each specific lead on your list. For example, you can ask your leads demographic questions and get into their actions. For example: What makes them purchase your course? What are their goals? What are they struggling with? How can you support them? Imagine having this information to hone in on what your people need in emails and follow-ups.  

Using what you’ve learned about someone from their quiz answers and results allows you to recommend the particular course or offering that you have for them. If someone’s a fit, offer them what they need right away. If they are not quite ready, give them steps to get started. If they’re not a fit at all, go ahead and invite them to unsubscribe—let them know you don’t have a specific offering for them. (You’re saving them time; if they ever do need your offering, I’m sure they would come back around.) 

If you don’t have an offering for a bunch of people, you could even make a new offering to reach an adjusted target audience! That is a new revenue stream for you. 

Segment Your Email Campaigns

You might be able to guess what we will say next…

You can use these new email leads with the zero-party data you collect to segment your email campaigns. You want to send particular messages, emails, and automations to the people who need to hear that message the most. 

Again, based on the answers they’re choosing in their quiz or the outcome that they got, you’ll know exactly what quiz-takers need. So, give them what they want upfront through your quiz and then sell them exactly what they need based on what you’ve learned about them.

Increasing Your ROI

Marketing your course with a quiz can lead to a 760% ROI increase—we know that sounds like a lot. It’s because you’re giving people exactly what they’re looking for. You’re not wasting their time with general and broad messages that they have to read and then decide if your course would make sense for them. Instead, you’re digging into what they’re thinking, feeling, and needing at that moment, and then giving them what they need when it is a fit. 

Segmented campaigns work so well because you’re giving people exactly what they want. They’ll want to become a subscriber because they’ll be interested in what you’re sending them. They will be interested in your offerings—especially when they tell you in their quiz that that’s what they need right then. 

Four Reasons to Market Your Course with a Quiz Recap

Those were the four reasons you should use a quiz to market your course! Now, the easiest way to do this is by using the quiz as your lead magnet up front. If you already have a funnel for your course, leave it in place. Just create a quiz to add to the beginning of that funnel because quizzes convert at a high rate. Then you’ll learn more about who’s the right fit and decide the best way to approach your new leads and give them your offering. 

How to Create a Quiz with InteractAI 

Now that you know why you need a quiz, the next step is to make one! The easiest way to make a quiz is with InteractAI. Once you head on over, click “Create a quiz.”

From there, guide AI toward the type of quiz you want to create. If you have no idea what to make your quiz about, click “I have no quiz ideas.” If you know what you want to make your quiz about or have an exact quiz you want to create, click either of those buttons and follow the prompt.

To show you how easy it really is, let’s pretend you don’t have an idea for our quiz to market your course. All you have to do is drop the link to your course landing page, provide a brief description of what your business does, and list the most common problems you help customers solve. From there, InteractAI will recommend the top quiz titles for you; you can click through them and even refresh to get new ideas. 

Once you select your favorite quiz title, tell AI what you want your quiz to do. 

You can choose from a personality quiz, a knowledge quiz, or a product recommendation quiz. If you’re not sure, have AI choose for you! Next, sign up for a free Interact account, and InteractAI will build your entire quiz! While it’s loading, it will generate some fun facts about quizzes to keep you entertained. 

When your quiz is ready, you’ll be surprised with lots of confetti, and you can click to view your quiz. Log in to your Interact account to view the entire quiz. Click “edit” to add a cover photo and make adjustments as needed—including questions and results. 

After you’ve taken a look at your fully built-out quiz, specifically your results, it’s now time to drop in the link to your course (right where that “call to action” button is). 

Now that you have taken the time to learn more about your audience with your quiz, you can speak to the exact reasons they should take your course, offering, or next step. You can drop the URL in that purple box to make it super easy for people to get excited about starting your course. 


Leveraging quizzes to market your course offers a bunch of benefits, from boosting conversion rate to providing invaluable data insights for targeted marketing campaigns. And with InteractAI, creating your quiz is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to engage your audience, gather essential data, or increase your ROI, InteractAI simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on delivering tailored experiences that resonate with your audience. 

So, if you’re ready to elevate your course marketing strategy, head to InteractAI and start creating your quiz today!

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