Are you a Radiator or a Drainer?

Some people have the kind of personality and positive outlook that really attracts others while sadly some are negative and have this nasty habit of taking away all your energy. These two personality types are called Radiators and Drainers.

If you really want to see what kind of person you are then click on the "Take Quiz" button below. Don’t take it heart if you don’t like what you read – it is meant to be a fun quiz so just vow to be a different person

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When someone makes a suggestion to do something different, what is your first response?

To embrace it enthusiastically


You think it is a good idea but want to know more


You are not sure it’s a good idea


You totally reject the suggestion


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When you are working as part of a team do you?

Find it difficult to work with colleagues


Do not always feel part of the team


Frequently criticise colleagues


Work well with colleagues


2 / 15

When you take on a new project what do you think is the most important outcome?

To ensure it is completed quickly and on time


To ensure that it is as detailed as possible


To ensure that it offers best value


To ensure it is interesting and innovative


3 / 15

How do you think your friends and colleagues would describe you?





Firm but quietly spoken


Kind and considerate




4 / 15

How good do you think you are at your job?



Good but need help from time to time


Sometimes struggle but always do my best


I am not that good


5 / 15

When something goes wrong do you...?

Believe it must be somebody else’s fault


Accept that you are human and mistakes happen


Take responsibility for the failure and support your team


Find it difficult to accept


6 / 15

When you deal with other people do you find?

You are always happy and cheerful


You can sometimes be sarcastic


Tend to be impatient


Find it hard to suffer fools


7 / 15

Is it important to you that you are?

More successful than most of your friends


About the same


Not important at all


8 / 15

Which one of these is the most important to you?

My family




My Job


My spare time


9 / 15

When you meet strangers for the first time do you?

Engage them in small talk


Ignore them and hope they will not notice you


Try to avoid them completely


10 / 15

Choose a reason for wanting to call someone

You have not seen them for a while and are wondering how they are keeping.


You need a favour


It’s a guilt call you have been pressurised to make


You fancy a good chat


11 / 15

You have been asked to give money to charity. What is your response?

Outright refusal


To give as little as possible


To give as much as you can afford


To give too generously to your own detriment


12 / 15

How many real friends would say you had?







More than 5


13 / 15

What sort of attitude do you have?

It is important to be part of a team


It is important to put myself first


It is important to radiate energy and enthusiasm


14 / 15

Do you think life has been fair?

No, I have always faced problems


No, but I have managed to deal with everything


Yes, but it could have been better.


Yes and I have been so lucky


15 / 15

Super Radiator

Congratulations – you are one of heck of a radiator. You exude energy and enthusiasm and are the kind of person others gravitate towards. You try to see the best in people at all times but this sometimes comes at a price as you frequently take on too much because you never want to say no to anyone when they have a problem.

Drainer personalities in particular choose you to unload their feelings which means you are always having to dig into your energy reserves. Avoid them as much as you can and save all that energy for like-minded people.

You are a person who can achieve anything you want but you are so big hearted you are always happy to let others have the credit. Be kind to yourself for once and stand in the spotlight – you deserve it.


You are a radiator, but your open personality means sometimes that you do not think about what you are saying to others. You tend to speak what’s on your mind and frequently you wound without realising it. Once this is pointed out you are quick to apologise and your friends are usually equally as quick to forgive.
You are not a bad person, far from it, but you can be a bit of a loose cannon which is one of the main attractions you have for others. They love the idea that you are a bit quirky and are prepared to say what everyone else is thinking.
You exude energy, tend to gossip too much, get jobs done and are the go to person when others are in difficulty.

Border Line Drainer

You are a border line drainer, probably a bit of a split personality. Most of the time you are a decent person, a bit reserved and then suddenly for no reason you can be quick to anger or criticise. You are probably a little impatient with others who fail to see what is clear to you or take longer than you to complete or appreciate a task.

This means that others can be a little wary of you because they are never totally sure how you will react. When you are being negative you are draining the energy of others and have this ability to change a positive into a negative very quickly.

You are by nature a hard worker and can be fiercely driven but being a part time drainer is the price you pay to have this drive and it has probably lost you friends or caused rifts. Only you have the power to make any changes, but do you feel you need to?

Unfortunately, You're a drainer.

Sorry, but you are almost certainly one of life’s drainers. You feel that you have had a bad deal and nothing ever goes right for you. When you have the ear of a sympathetic friend you choose the opportunity to complain and unload your problems and in turn sap all of their energy.

As a result, people try to avoid you. The chances are that you have many failed relationships, financial failures or both. You are however prepared to work hard but when things go wrong it is always someone else’s fault.

You probably have a sarcastic nature and may even be seen as a bully or an embittered person, quick to anger even over trivial matters. Will you change? Only if you look in the mirror and accept that the person looking back is probably responsible for the way things are right now – it’s your choice