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Are you headed for burnout?

Complete this quiz and discover the signs you need to look out for.

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In the last month, how often have you felt anxious or overwhelmed? 



Almost Never




Fairly Often


Very Often 


1 / 11

How many of the below do you experience on a regular basis due to stress? (tick all that apply)

Lack of motivation


Obsessing over work while off the clock 




Negative emotions 


Difficulty paying attention 


Poor performance at work


Neglecting your appearance/health  


Problems with relationships  


Feeling dissatisfied with life overall  


Emotional over / under eating  


2 / 11

In the last month, how often have you been angered because of things that happened that were outside of your control?



Almost Never




Fairly Often


Very Often


3 / 11

How often do you check your work emails outside of work hours? 

Every day, including weekends


Weekday evenings only


Only at busy times  




Not applicable 


4 / 11

Have you ever considered quitting your job or changing careers because of stress? 

Yes, and I’ve gone through with it


Yes, often


Yes, occasionally




Not applicable  


5 / 11

How often does work stress keep you awake or wake you up at night?  

Most nights




Occasionally – if there’s an issue playing on my mind 




6 / 11

What do you do to switch off when you're stressed? (tick all that apply) 

Drink / Take drugs


Read books or magazines  


Watch TV / films  


Hang out with friends  




Go shopping  


Browse social media  


Go out to eat  


Avoid technology  


Exercise / Meditate


7 / 11

How often do you drink to relax? 

Every day


Most days


Once or twice a week


A few times a month






8 / 11

Does your health ever take a backseat due to work pressures (e.g. putting off a dental appointment or going into work when you're sick)?

Yes, regularly


Yes, sometimes


No, my health is a priority


Not applicable 


9 / 11

In the last month, how often have you felt that you were unable to control the important things in your life? 



Almost Never




Fairly Often


 Very Often 


10 / 11

In the last month, how often have you felt confident about your ability to handle your personal problems?



Almost Never




Fairly Often


Very Often


11 / 11

You scored a 0


You currently have good coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. You promote self-compassion and leave room for imperfection. You’ve learned that experiencing anxiousness doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you and you can react to those experiences with curiosity rather than judgment.

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You scored a 15

Caution: Burnout Ahead.

There’s still time, but consider this your friendly warning. Our personal and work lives are intertwining and overlapping more than ever, and the recognition that your day-to-day emotional health significantly impacts your career, as well as your health, relationships, and productivity is important to be aware of. Maintaining your stress is an ongoing commitment to looking inward, processing through difficult emotions, and working toward self-awareness and self-improvement, all of which will prevent more serious issues down the line. This process is not always quick or easy, but those willing to invest in themselves will see huge payoffs down the line.

Beneath all the chaos, stress, fear, anxiety and fatigue, lies a perfectly happy, healthy, and thriving YOU.

Ready to free yourself?

You scored a 29

​Danger Zone!

You’re headed straight for burnout. The consequences of burnout for individuals are serious––including coronary disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, depression, anxiety, increased alcohol and drug use, marital and family conflict, alienation, sense of futility, and diminished career prospects. Knowing oneself is the gateway to so much in life. The more we can understand about ourselves––especially the messy, uncomfortable, unexpected aspects that we hide from ––the more freedom we will find to live an authentic, fulfilling, and beautiful life. When it comes to handling stress, invest in yourself; we are our own most effective, powerful resource.

Beneath all the chaos, stress, fear, anxiety and fatigue, lies a perfectly happy, healthy, and thriving YOU.

Ready to free yourself?