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You're due for an upgrade on your phone. Your current one still works but you’ve had an eye on a newer version. You decide to...

Get the upgrade… after all, you’ve had the old phone for so long and the new one looks awesome.


Keep the old phone as long as you can -- every month you put off the upgrade, you’re saving money.


Sell your old phone and put the extra cash toward the new phone. While you’re at it, you downgrade your data plan to save a few bucks.


Sweet, I didn’t realize I was due for an upgrade! Maybe I will... at some point.


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It's time to go grocery shopping. Do you:

Write a carefully constructed grocery list and price compare different stores


Go to the nearest store with a general idea of what you'll figure it out when you get there.


Buy what’s on can get creative with recipes!


Who has time to grocery shop? Or to cook? Order in instead!


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Congratulations-- you got a bonus at work! What do you do with the money?

Pay off some debts-- those college loans are building interest like crazy.


Splurge on a night out or new outfit to celebrate, and put the rest in savings.


Straight to the retirement account.


Go shopping or plan a vacation — it’s well deserved!


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Your 401(k) paperwork comes in the mail, asking you whether you want to increase your contributions or change allocations for next year. You...

Check the box for whatever the recommended amount is and send it off to HR to be done with it.


Examine your returns and the expense ratios of the funds you’re invested in before tinkering with your asset mix and increasing your contributions to the maximum allowed.


Decide 6% is really too much to give up each pay cycle and bump your contribution back down to 3%.


Ugh, boooorrrring. Recycle.


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You’ve decided to stick to your resolutions this year and get into better shape. You...

Sign up at the closest gym to your home or office so there’s a chance you’ll actually go.


Kick off your plan with new workout clothes from the mall for extra motivation.


Who needs to pay to work out? I can exercise outside or at home for free!


Do your research — take advantage of free trial weeks and search for the lowest monthly rates in the area.


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Your friend’s birthday is coming up and you’re low on cash. You decide to...

Make them something homemade...a DIY gift is thoughtful!


Buy them an expensive present you know they’d’ll figure out a way to pay it off later.


Organize a group gift with your friends — that way you can all split the cost!


Take them out for a coffee or a drink -- it’s the remembering that counts, and we get to spend some time together.


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Your friends are planning a dinner out but you’re dangerously close to exceeding your budget for the month, do you:

Search for deals on Groupon or Living Social and steer the group to a cheaper restaurant with a great discount available.


Ask a friend if they can pick up your tab — you’ll get them back next time!


What do you mean ‘budget’? If everyone’s going out, I want to be there - I’ll just fill up on bread and order something cheap if I’m short on funds this week.


Decline, and offer to host a potluck or dinner party next time instead.


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You find the perfect apartment, but the rent is way out of your price range. Do you:

Look for a roommate to split the bills.


Sign the lease anyway and hope for a raise.


Keep looking, expanding your search to cheaper areas or smaller apartments -- a nice place isn’t worth going broke.


You love it too much to let it go, so you take on a part-time job to make up the difference.


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The bill arrives after a night out with friends...

You’re pretty broke, so you offer to pay the whole check with a credit card and have everyone else give you cash.


You take on accounting duties and tally up everyone’s share.


You immediately grab the check -- and when your friends insist on splitting the bill, you still put in a few dollars more.


You go with the flow and pay what you owe.


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Your child is BEGGING for a new toy he saw somewhere, and he’s been a really big help lately. But it’s over $100. You...

Tell him he’ll have to wait until his birthday or put it on his Christmas list -- let Santa deal with it!


Help him count what's in his piggybank and encourage him to save up the rest to buy it for himself.


Just put it on the credit card. He’ll love it so much, and he’s only this age once -- it’s worth splurging for even if it’s more than you can afford right now.


Tell him it’s too expensive, but take a few extra shifts at work so you can buy it and surprise him.


10 / 10

The Splurger

Life is too short to deny yourself pleasures small and large. You're often careless with your money in the pursuit of happiness, and you know full well you'll have to pay for it eventually. Just remember, if you're not careful, you could end up drowning in debt, missing out on the fun, and regretting some of those reckless purchases.

The Hustler

You wouldn't call yourself frugal, per se. You're not afraid to take risks and some debt in order to get what you want-- but you'll figure out a way to pay it off before it drags you too far down. As long as you can stay ahead of the game and keep your side hustle strong, you'll be ok -- but consider saving more in case you get slowed down unexpectedly.

The Banker

The Banker: You've got your mind on your money (and your money on your mind). Your frugal mindset and financial instincts are sharp: You know where every dollar goes and why, and you're making steady progress toward your long-term goals, even if it means some frugal sacrifices here and there. Keep it up!

The What Now?

You don't pay much attention to your finances as long as your checks aren't bouncing. Ignorance may be bliss, but chances are you're not saving enough -- and that may not bother you now, but when you don't have enough savings for a house or to retire comfortably, you're going to wish you watched your spending a bit more carefully.