Basketball Element Personality Quiz

Find The Element That Describes Your Basketball Style

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How do you like to practice?

By yourself


With others


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In a Pick-Up Game are You more Likely to...?

Trade a player


Keep your team


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After a Game, What do You Do?

Hang out with your teammates 


Go home and watch tv


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What is your play style?

A one man show




Pass first


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What do you do when there's a new guy?

Welcome them in


Ignore them


Judge how good they are


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When the buzzer is ticking down, what would you be doing?

Getting passed to for the shot


Passing to the shooter


Cheering from the bench


Make sure you keep the ball to shoot


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When you join a new team, what do you do?

Keep everything to yourself


Try to be as social as possible


show off your skills


7 / 7


You got Hydrogen:

You are one of those people that is friends with a lot of guys on the team. You are sometimes a starter, easy to bond with and you don’t like to be alone. Hydrogen has one valence electron so it is looking to bond with another element. You have a lot of fun with your teammates and love hanging out with them after games. Your very social and always looking to hang out with someone.


You got Francium:

You are really easy to get along with and friends almost everyone. You’re always a starter. You and your friend play through each other, your are both great on the offensive and rack up great numbers. Without your duo on the court your nothing special but when you are, they are you stand out. Francium has one valence electron on the sixth ring so it is really looking to bond with another element. Your teammates love the numbers that you put up but wish that you would pass to more than just one person.


You got Oxygen:

You are a team player. Your always looking for someone to pass to. If it comes to a game winner your going to make sure that one your teammates gets open for the shot. You are a very social teammate and you bond well with your teammates. Oxygen is missing to valence electrons so it is always looking to bond with another. Your teammates love that your a past first player because your getting them points but wish you would take more shots sometimes.


You got Krypton:

You like to play everything through you. You’re not the most social teammate and if you have the shot your going to take it. You completely rely on yourself and don’t open up to a lot of people. Krypton has a full set of electrons so it doesn’t need any help. When you get the ball all you think about is scoring. Your teammates look up to you because of how well you play by yourself but wish you would pass more.