Biting Your Own Teeth: A Personality Quiz

Are you creative? Take this 8 question quiz to find out where your well of creativity lies. As you read each question, go with your gut and use your first instinct of what you might do in an 'ideal' world. Have fun! 

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In a perfect world (ha!), the first thing I’d rather do when I wake up in the morning is….

Sip a cup of coffee or tea and write in my journal .


Move my body (Take a morning stroll/run/walk/stretch/yoga etc…) 


Check my phone for emails and texts I've missed so I can organize my day. 


Snuggle with my partner in bed for a few extra minutes.


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In high school you would most likely find me…

Serving as President of the student council


In the band, choir, or theatre


Playing a sport, cheerleading, or on the dance team


Volunteering in my community


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Would you rather spend...

A day planting in your garden


A day organizing your closet


A day shopping with your friend


A day writing poems, songs, or stories


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When I was little I wanted to be a _____________ when I grew up.









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Would you rather…

Take a weekend girls getaway with close friends


Make a plan for redecorating a room in your house


Attend an art or crafts class


Take a yoga, dance, or aerobics class


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Which picture is the most inviting? (go with your first instinct) 


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My favorite place to take a daily walk is… 

to the local park for a stroll


through my house tidying up


to my local coffee shop to meet up with a good friend


to the library to find a new book to read


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When helping at your child's school we can usually find you: 

Serving as the PTO President


Volunteering to sew costumes for the school musical


Helping your child's teacher prep class lessons (copies/cutting/ etc...) 


Spearheading the after school running club


8 / 8


Outdoorsy should probably be your middle name! You thrive most when you are able to get grounded outside or spend the day with animals of all kinds. You probably have pets at home, a gorgeous garden to tend too, or a favorite sport that keeps you level headed and happy in the world.


When there’s a problem to solve, you’re the one to call! Your creativity shows itself a bit unexpectedly in your measured calm, structured, and organized personality. You like your spaces neat and tidy (you may even be called a neat freak or a minimalist). You may also be the person your friends come to for home design and layout ideas!


You are a people person and enjoy spending time with friends, neighbors, and your community. You feel most alive when you’re making an impact in the lives of others, whether that be going out for coffee with a close friend and chatting about life, volunteering in your local community in some way, or networking and connecting with new people in work you’re passionate about.


When people speak the word creative you are the example they strive for! You find your creativity in what the world thinks of as very traditional ways: art, photography, music, theatre, dance. You may have a distinct sense of style and a desire to make something out of nothing. Your mind goes a mile a minute and you have a million ideas, aspirations, and hobbies you’d love to explore.