Branding & Website Audit Quiz

Take the Branding & Audit Quiz to check how aligned you are with your brand image and website design.

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Think about your brand values and your target audience. How much do you feel your brand suits your target?

My brand and my target audience don't really match up


Some parts of the branding match with my target audience


The branding I have completely suits the audience I am targeting!


1 / 5

Now think about branding with your website. How well is your branding represented on your site?

My logo is on the page but not much else


The branding on my website doesn't quite match up


My website completely encompasses my brand from head to toe


2 / 5

What is the main aim of your website (Newsletter sign ups, Service enquiries, Blog, etc.)? And how clearly is this displayed on your home page?

I'm not sure where people would look first on my website


I have links to my aims but it isn't clear that this is the priority 


The main aim of my website is shown all over the place!


3 / 5

How do you think your website compares to the websites and branding of your competitors?

My competitors have great websites which I could never achieve


I like my website but it isn't as good as most competitors


My website is as good if not better than that of my competitors


4 / 5

In general, how happy are you with the branding and website you have now?

I don't like how my website looks right now but it does the job


I like my website but it doesn't fit my target audience


I love my branding and website and it is perfect for my business


5 / 5

Your brand doesn't match your vision

It seems like you aren't completely happy with the branding and website you have at the moment. Something that suits your business would be better! Maybe you'd like a free consultation to discuss your design needs?

Your brand is half way there!

Not too bad but there are some elements you could improve. Maybe a few things are mismatched or missing on your website? I have some design tips on my blog which might help you make some changes!

Your brand fits your image perfectly - Great Job!

Fantastic! Your website and branding are as they can get and are perfect for your audience. Keep doing what you're doing superstar!