Is your website a lead generating machine?

First impressions matter. And you need your website to be a tool that delivers results. A better connection with your clients will yield the growth you’ve been craving. ​Find out how well your site measures up, and how you can improve it!


Does your website easily answer these 3 questions in under 5 seconds: What is it? Who is it for? What do I get?

Yes, it is very obvious!


It would take over 30 seconds to figure out what we offer.


I'm not so sure, they'd have to do some poking around.


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Is your website built with your customer persona in mind?

Absolutely! The customer is at the forefront of everything we do.


I have a professional looking website that I like the look and feel of, not sure what our customers think of it.


We don't really know who our ideal customer is.


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Is there a clear and active call to action on every page of your site?

Yes, it's very prominent and in an active voice! (i.e. Buy now, schedule an appointment today!)


It somewhat stands out but it is very passive (i.e. learn more, get started).


It's very hard to find and buried on our site.


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Are the images you use visually engaging and show the positive results of working with you?

Yes! Happy successful images of people all around.


Mostly stale, generic stock photos.


I don't have that many photos on my site.


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How do people respond to the products or services listed on your website?

They get what it is that you offer and they are excited to purchase


They sorta get what you're offering, but they tend to ask a lot of questions and seem a little hesitant to buy


You don't get a response, let alone sales


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Is the most important information at the top of your website's home page?

Yes, what we do, who we do it for and our contact info is all up there!


Some important information is at the top, the rest is scattered throughout the site.


The most important information isn't at the top of the home page.


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Do you have a few short but powerful testimonials of clients that have had success working with you scattered throughout your site?

Yes, I have short testimonials scattered on every page.


I have a testimonials page, they're very long and it's unlikely people click to go exclusively to that page.


No, I have happy customers but I haven't featured them on my website.


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Do you have a high value download or quiz that will help encourage people to give you their email address?

Yes, I love adding value to my customer's lives and as a way to stay in touch with them.


I have a newsletter sign up form that no one signs up for.


No, I don't have a high value download to give to prospects and clients.


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Is your site designed to be mobile friendly?

Yes, our website is built to work with all mobile devices.


Parts of our site are mobile friendly, others are not.


Not really, you have to zoom and scroll to view our site properly on mobile devices.


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Does the user have full control over their experience on your website?

Yes, audio on videos is muted and auto-scroll on sliders is disabled.


We have sliders that auto-play and it's hard to read the text before the next one slides over


We don't have any functionality where the user can control audio or sliders.


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Does your site load in under 5 seconds?

Yes, our site and images are all optimized to load quickly and easily in no time at all.


Our home page takes over 5-10 seconds to load.


Our website doesn't load fully in under 5 seconds and most visitors leave before all the images and text are even up!


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You're a true guru!

Nice work! You know the ins and outs of building your business, you've got a firm handle on using your site as a lead generating machine.

You're a blossoming expert!

Based on your answers, it seems like a few key site updates would make it easier to attract new customers. Try to make your site as clear as possible, reduce options to increase conversions, and make it easy for people to work with you.

You're a rising star!

With just a few simple changes you could have a site that actually attracts customers while you sleep. Your website can be a very powerful tool in helping to grow your business. Help me help you!