Should you DIY or hire a designer?

This quiz is for you if you are wondering whether or not to hire a web designer, a developer, or an online marketing consultant!

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Do you enjoy a little tech challenge?



Hell, no!


1 / 4

Have you created a blog or website before?



Sadly not...


2 / 4

Is hiring someone in your budget right now?

Yes, I guess so.


Sadly not. 


3 / 4

Are you clear on your target audience



Not yet.


4 / 4

Hiring someone will probably be best for you!

If you want to safe yourself some time and get your online platform up and running asap hiring someone is probably your best bet!

You can totally do this yourself!

So many of us totally underestimate our tech skills - I promise its easier than you probably think and it might even be fun!