Does My Project Need a Cinematographer?

or should I just hire a video guy?

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When it comes to your latest project, what can you say about its budget?

We can't tell you the exact number, but we've got you covered.


We're just looking to keep this project under budget. Or at least that's what my boss said.


The budget's a little tight this year.


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What would say are the feelings around this project?

We can't stop talking about this project back at the office. 


Between just us, girls, this wasn't really my project to start with. I'm just getting this one to home base safely.


This project's like your 31st birthday - not too remarkable, but we're happy to celebrate it.


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Which answer best describes your need for image quality?

We can't exactly find the words, but we want it to look nice.


We need a Master Artist of Light. Paint away!


Shoot it on a cell phone if you want. We're not picky.


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When it comes to "panache", where does this project stand?

As much as we'd like this project to dazzle and shine, there's probably not much we do for it.


It'd be nice to get a little buzz around this project.


We need this project to clean house at the next awards show.


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What can you say about your relationship to the video production process?

How does this camera work? Magic? You tell us.


We've got a little Canon DSLR back at the office. You could say we're pro...ficient.


We've been shooting videos for years now. Action!


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Size is everything - how does your project compare?

Corporate just got involved. It's about to go down!


We kinda-sort-of have permission to make this project, but we can't do anything crazy.


We've been bugging our boss for weeks to get this project off the ground.


6 / 6

Absolutely! A cinematographer is perfect for this project.

A cinematographer will bring your project's vision into a reality.

Of Course! A cinematographer will be the perfect fit for your project.

You've got the vision.

All you need now is a skilled cinematographer to bring it all together.

Ehh...maybe you just need a video guy. 

Your project is special; there's no doubt about it. But a cinematographer might be a bit much for something like this.