How good is your singing voice?

This test will help you know how well you can sing. Remember, the more honest you are, the more accurate your result will be!

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How well do YOU think you can sing?

Great - I'm very skilled. Maybe better than Taylor Swift!


Very well - I think I'm talented


Pretty well. I definitely think there's room for improvement, though


I can sing OK, but not as well as many other people


Not well at all...but I love to sing and hope to get better


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How many people have complimented you on your voice?

Many people have, every single time I've sung


A lot of people:)


Sometimes people tell me I'm pretty good


Only my family and friends


I hear more criticism than compliments


2 / 10

Have you had any voice lessons/training?

Yes - Im still taking lessons!


Yes - Im looking for a new challenge


Not anymore


No, but I want to!


No, but I think I want to take lessons!


3 / 10

Have you ever sung in front of an audience? (Both group singing and solos count.)

Yes, too many to count/Sometimes I sing on stage in front of a huge crowd


Yes, many times


Yes, once, but it was not a big deal


No, but I want to. Maybe someday!


No, I'd never be brave enough to do that


4 / 10

How often do you sing? (Singing alone in your room counts, too.)

I spend more time singing than talking!


Almost every day!


At least once a week


Not that often/once a month


Barely at all


5 / 10

Is singing your favorite hobby?

Yes! I live and breathe it!


Yes! but only in the car or shower


It could be with a bit of help!


Nah i'm not good enough!


No way! Only in my dreams!


6 / 10

How many people do you think have heard you sing?

More than 1000 people have heard me sing (I have videos of me singing online!


I'm not famous or anything, but maybe about 50 people have heard me sing


My extended family and some friends have heard me


Only my closest friends


Nobody has ever heard me sing


7 / 10

What kind of feedback do you usually hear when someone hears you sing?

You are amazing! You should try out for Idol/The Voice/Got Talent


So Good! Can you sing at my Wedding/Birthday/Special Event


Yay! More! Sing Again!


I don't get any feedback or people just kind of go about their business.


People usually just change the song so I can't finish it! :(


8 / 10

Do you think you could have a great voice one day?

Absolutely! And I'll keep trying until I am


Maybe, but it's probably not going to happen


I don't think so, even though that would be pretty cool


Probably not but who knows


There is no hope for me


9 / 10

Do you think you are you a better singer than your family or friends?

Yes, but I try not to boast about it


I think so


I'm better than most of my friends/family


I'm better than a few other people


I'm probably the worst singer out of everyone I know


10 / 10

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