Where do you rank in confidence? 


I think other kids find me boring.



I don't think so.


Absolutely not, I find them boring.


1 / 11

I always think that I can't do anything right.



I know I am good at some things, but I know I am not good at everything.


I always do everything right.


2 / 11

I feel like a failure when people tell me to work on things.



Only in a joking manner, I don't really feel like a failure.


I would never fail.


3 / 11

I deserve to be loved and respected.



Yes, but just as much as everyone else.


Of course. Everyone already loves and respects me anyway.


4 / 11

No one notices me.



I am noticed by my friends and family, but not everyone (people sometimes are busy).


I am always noticed.


5 / 11

My friends like me.

No, they just pretend too.


Yes, I have a few close friends that really like me.


Everyone likes me.


6 / 11

I agree to do things I don't want to do because I don't want people to not like me.

All the time.


Only once of twice, because of special reasons.




7 / 11

I have done worse in a project, test, dance, etc. so that other people will like me.

A few times.


No, not really.




8 / 11

When I feel someone doesn't like me I will...

Give them whatever they want or keep trying to get them to like me.


Try to figure out why, ask them, or move on.


If they don't like me, they are just jealous. 


9 / 11

If I acted like myself no one would like me.

I agree.


I do act like myself, but I will be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings.


I am always my fabulous self. Everyone likes me no matter what.


10 / 11

I don't like to answer questions in class because I may get them wrong.

I never answer any questions. I keep my head low.


I like to answer questions, and if I get it wrong, I can learn how to do it better next time.


I could never get anything wrong. EVER.


11 / 11

You could work a bit on self-love

You are so beautiful, smart, incredible and kind. You may have been through some tough issues and maybe someone told you that you aren't good enough but you are. You are a shinning light and you need to love yourself because you really are such a beautiful person and you deserve to love yourself. Even though you may feel bad, you aren't alone, so many people do too. Maybe it might help you to talk to a parent or read some quotes from our quote page.

You have pretty good self-confidence levels.

You know how to love yourself and what you see in the mirror, but you are also not too confident. You are kind to others and like to make people who are sad, happy again. What you need to do now is find your talent, work hard and love life.

You may be too confident... 

You love yourself and you should. Just sometimes you may come off as selfish or self-centred. What you should work on is treating everyone the way you treat yourself. Not only will you be happier but by showing someone else that much love might help them through a very hard time in their life.