How Much Are You Using Your Deep Genius?

Take this quiz and see how effective you are in using your unique gifts to lead, create and succeed. 

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You completely love your current work/business because it taps into your natural strengths and unique abilities. 

Not at all




Most of the time




1 / 7

You spend at least 80% of your work time engaged in activities that draw out your strengths and talents. Work is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Not at all




Most of the time




2 / 7

As you look at the history of your life and work, it's clear how each experience was a stepping stone to where you are today. 

Not at all






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You live a life of few regrets. 





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You trust your intuition. You don't second guess yourself.  





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When everything you do feels easy and effortless, which animal do you most identify with?













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On a scale of 1-5, how COMFORTABLE do you feel claiming your strengths?

1- Not at all. I definitely have Impostor Syndrome!


2- A tiny bit. I have lots of room to grow. 


3- Somewhat


4- Most of the time. My confidence and comfort level are growing more and more each day!


5- All of the time


7 / 7

You scored a 0

You Are Ready to Sprout!

Maybe you don't feel a huge connection to your Deep Genius, but that just means you are ready to sprout! Start asking yourself questions: "What am I great at?" , "How do I know what I know?" , "What do people seek me out for?"

These questions will start your journey of uncovering your Deep Genius!

You scored a 4

You Are a Spark Ready to Blaze!

You have the fire in you. Now what's it going to take to turn those sparks into a flame? Here are the questions to ask yourself:

Where am I holding myself back?

Am I settling for ho-hum?

Have I said "No" to opportunities because I was unsure, scared, or didn't trust myself?

You, my dear, are on the verge of greatness. Get out of your own way. Please.

You scored a 8

You are Blooming!

What a beautiful, colorful, amazing place to be! You know yourself and appreciate your Deep Genius. You're growth oriented and proud to be a work in progress. Will you ever be done learning and growing? Probably not, and that's perfectly fine with you! You get energized by new discoveries.

You're on an important path. You are equipped with vision and dreams. What you want to look at are the places in your life that need more support so you can be fully in your genius. Are you still doing things that drain your energy and focus? Do you tolerate less than ideal situations and conditions? Where do you need to make change happen?

That might involve some tough decisions or some easy tweaks. The first step is to look and decide.

You scored a 12

Your Genius Is On Fire!

Look at you, you're firing on all pistons! You have great confidence in yourself and your gifts. Others look to you for inspiration and direction. In fact, you make things look so easy and effortless, there are probably plenty of people who want to be you when they grow up. When you're crystal clear on your big vision, you are in a place of inspiration.

Here is what I want you to always keep in mind:

You're always learning and growing. Don't settle for what you think is the pinnacle... chances are there are new heights opening up for you!

Look at what support you need in your life, business, health, relationships, finances, etc to move fully into your Deep Genius. What needs to happen to fill those gaps?

Maintain daily practices to keep you connected to your Deep Genius. Meditate, relax, do fun things.

Understand when you're getting in your own way.