How much do you know about North American Music?

You live in the United States, but how much do you really know about North American music?

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Which of the following types of music originated in North America?







Hip Hop


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What is "scat" singing?

Very high soprano and tenor notes


Singing nonsense words like "doo-doot" and "ba-dah"


Choral singing with more than six parts


Singing while dancing


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Which instruments are commonly used in Bluegrass music?

Flute, clarinet, oboe


Accordion, violin


Banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica


Ukulele, steel drums


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What was the famous Native American rain dance performed by the Hopi people for President Theodore Roosevelt?

Rain Rain Rain


The Western Desert Dance


The Snake and Antelope Dance




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Which music is a combination of French and English influences in Eastern Canada? 



Bee Bop


Big Band




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Which of the following famous film composers was born in North America?

Dario Marianelli


Hans Zimmer


John Williams


all of the above


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Which North American composers used jazz music techniques to enhance the music they composed for symphony orchestras?

Aaron Copland


Leonard Bernstein


George Gershwin 


All of the above


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In what part of North America did Motown music originate? 

Detroit, Michigan


Berkeley, California


Boston, Massachusetts


Toronto, Ontario


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Which of the following are associated with Hip Hop music?







All of the above


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African-American spirituals used biblical language to disguise what?

News and current events


Secrets about the Underground Railroad


Neighborhood gossip


Feelings about the practice of slavery


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