How Should You Job Craft?

Know what strategy to try to job craft in your current role.

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How many hours do you spend at work?

Less than 40 hours/week


41-60 hours/week


60-80 hours/week


80+ hours/week


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How would you describe your interactions at work?

I'm surrounded by people but don't really talk to anyone


I'm constantly talking to those around me


I don't talk to anyone


I talk to some people, but not frequently 


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My main focus in life is:

Doing the things I enjoy and spending time with friends and family


Having a job that allows me to do the things I love most at work


Making a positive impact on the world


Reaching my goals


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When I get to work in the morning, the first question I ask myself is: 

What do I have to do today?


When is the earliest I can leave today?


Am I making a difference?


What do I get to do today?


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My dream job would:

Feel important and help me accomplish what I want


Thrill me daily and speak to my soul


Assure me I'm making a difference


Fit in with the rest of my life


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Other people would describe me as:









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How does your work make you feel?





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Task Crafting

Task crafting is changing the mix of activities in your job by increasing or decreasing the scope of tasks or by changing the way you perform the tasks.
  • You may want to explore projects that allow you to work more collaboratively and cross-functionally
  • Add tasks into your working day that you find meaningful to your job
  • Emphasizing and building on tasks you already find meaningful
  • Redesigning unwanted tasks by adding different techniques or technologies that can help you to craft your work to become easier and more in line with your interests and strengths

Relational Crafting

Relational crafting is changing the extent or way your interact with other people in your workplace.

  • Maybe take part in mentoring someone or finding a mentor at your workplace
  • Ask to be included in the hiring process for your team
  • Build relationships with coworkers by expressing gratitude / appreciations

Cognitive Crafting

Cognitive crafting is changing the way you think about the purpose and meaning of your tasks, workplace relationships or the job as a whole.
  • Engage in mindfulness practices
  • See how your roles contribute to the overall firm mission or team purpose
  • Broaden your perceptions of your job’s purpose and scope
  • Reframe your job to develop your interests, desired outcomes, relationships and overall identity thus creating meaningful work