Is Kitchen Open Shelving Right For You?

On the fence about converting your kitchen to open shelving? Take this short quiz to see if it's right for you and your family.

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Are you generally an organized person?

Definitely. I organize everything and have no problem putting things back where they belong after use.


Not so much. I try to organize when the mood strikes, but I'm not that great at keeping up with it.


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Are the other members of your household organized as well?

Yes, they do their part to put things away and keep the house tidy.


Um, no. I'm constantly cleaning up after them. They leave shoes by the door, cups on the coffee table, and empty toilet paper rings on the holder with a new roll just sitting on top.


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How do you feel about cleaning duty?

I don't mind to clean. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but I know it has to be done. I keep my house clean and tidy, even when I don't really feel like doing it.


Cleaning is definitely a chore. I do it when it needs to be done, but I'm not going out of my way to take the clothes out of the dryer immediately. They may even hang out in there for a few days so I can avoid putting them away.


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What's more important to you in a kitchen- function or beauty?

I'm all about functionality. Making meals for a family is tough, so I need a hardworking kitchen that makes meal prep easier.


I go for beauty over function, to an extent. I need to kitchen to work for my needs, but if I'm going to do any renovations, I want them to at least be good enough to show off on social media. #shelfiesaturday


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How do you feel about your current kitchen pieces?

I have attractive dishes, nice-ish cookware, and not an abnormally large amount of excessive kitchen items.


I have a mix of hand-me-down dishes and glasses, the pots and pans I bought for my college apartment, and a ton of gadgets I'm eventually going to use.


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You've got some work to do.

Open shelving isn't off the table, but it may not be what's best for you right now. You may need to improve your organization and cleaning habits, as well as your family's. But don't let that discourage you! Open shelving could be just what you need to break those bad habits.

Give it a shot!

You're neat and organized enough to pull off open shelving and rock the look in your kitchen. You know that open shelving requires you and your family to keep things tidy, dust more often, and rotate dishes frequently. You also know that open shelving improves the functionality of the space.