Passion x Purpose: Who Do You Work For?

Is your passion also your purpose? Who do you really work for?


The thought of starting your own business makes you think:

YES!  Can't wait!


I wonder how I can monetize that?


I hope I have time to finish it!


I'm already stuck


I should check to see what's trending


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Your favorite type of social feed shows:

Styled images or reviews of my favorite things


Detailed tutorials or how-to posts


A guide to where I've been or where I'm going filled with tips


An interesting or thoughtful piece that reveals my true self


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You just got great news! How do you share it?

Schedule everything with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.


Post it on my Instagram


Share with my close friends on Facebook


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Which of these statements best describes #LifeGoals:

Make money by any means necessary


Share with the world what you truly love


Chase your dreams and use your privilege for good


Change the world with what you do


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Which of these are you most likely to purchase next?

New shoes


An online class or webinar


A notebook or journal


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Complete this thought, "I'd rather be..."













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What's a typical response on your social feeds or from coworkers?

"This is hilarious!"


"This is so cute, where'd you get it?"


"Thanks so much for sharing your experience."


"Wow!  This is so helpful!"


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Which best describes your personality?

Most people either hate me or love me.


I never know where the day will lead me.


I create my own adventures.


I love sharing what I learn and teaching what I know.


There are so many pieces, I can hardly put it into words.


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The Perfect Balance

You are a trendsetter amongst women-- you work hard and play hard. You bring excitement and color in a seemingly drab world. The spaces you operate in can often seem black and white, but you add a dash of life with your tips, tricks, and charisma for the perfect balance of passion and purpose.

The Passion Puncher

You are multifaceted, just like your work! You like to create things and have many passions. That means you might work or write about your life, beauty, fashion, adventure, etc.

The Purpose Planner

You are fueled by your desire to profit and keep moving forward, you’re always on the lookout for new information, ideas and perspectives. You try to stay ahead of the game, and often, you do.