Personality Test

Discover your Central Trait, and your Secondary Traits


What is your primary motivation?

The Pursuit of Knowledge


To help others


To do well


To explore my inner self


Power, the pursuit of power


Adventure, new experiences  


To develop a fantastic social life


To enjoy life, and take things as they come. Just to live


My moral code


My dream, my imagination, to invent


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How would you describe yourself?









As a natural leader












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What is your position in a large group setting?

The only one thinking logically


The supportive one, the "mom" of the group


The organized person


The quiet observer


The leader, the boss


The hand-on kinetic person


The life of the party


The voice of reason


The moral compass


The constant source of new ideas


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What is your greatest strength?

My braininess, my intelligence


My heart, I'm a truly caring person


My work ethic


My perceptiveness, my quiet intelligence


My assertiveness


My spirit, my sense of adventure


My charming personality


My practical reasoning


My loyalty and honesty


My imagination


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What is your greatest weakness?

My know-it-all qualities


My selflessness getting out of hand


My obsessive tendancies


My shyness


My willingness to do anything to get what I want


My recklessness


My inability to be quiet


My lack of urgency 


My uppity sense of self


My messy, scatterbrained tendancies


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What angers you the most?



Being unhelpful




People who don't understand the meaning of personal space


Lazy people










Being put in a box ( not literally)


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Do you believe in good and evil?

No, I believe in right and wrong


I believe all people have good in them


Yes, I like to see such concepts as night and day


Yes, I love thinking about these deep concepts


No, I believe that we are all morally grey


Yes, I love to believe in heroism


Sort of, I like the idea, but humans don't seem to follow suit


Yes. I believe that unless we try to be evil, humans are born good.


Yes. I strive to do good at all times, and right the wrongs of the world.


No. Everything is far more complicated and layered then that


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What is your life philosophy?

Consume as much knowledge as you can


Try to see things from the perspectives of others


Always perform to the highest degree


It's important to have time to just be alone


Those who want power are those who will get it


It's important to try new things


Life is a party, enjoy it!


Live in the moment


All humans should try to make the world a better place


Imagination triumphs over all other things


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Who is your personal hero?

The greatest scientists, and thinkers


My mother/father


Those who accomplished something, and came from nothing


A book character


A politician/ powerful leader


An explorer/athlete


An entertainer/actor


A friend or relative


A moral crusader


An artist


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What's the best way to earn respect?

Through impressing them with my academic abilities


By slowing showing them who I am inside


By proving it to them with my skills


By letting them figure out that on their own


By taking charge, and shoving my excellance in their faces


By showing them how courageous, and daring I am


By talking about why they should respect me!


I just let things take their course


Well, I'm sure they already respect me


By coming up with cool ideas!


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What matters more: The intention or the outcome?

The outcome, obviously


The intention is what matters


The outcome, intentions don't matter at all if you screw up in real life


They both matter, I guess


The outcome! It matters what you acheive


Both! Intention and outcome work in tangent. 


The outcome! It's what you say that matters, not what you think


I don't really know


Your intention. Principles always come first


Both! Ideas and products both matter


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What is your dream job?

Scientist of some sort, Professer


Social worker, teacher


Something that is regarded as a good career


Maybe a writer?


A politician, or other kind of leader in my field


An athlete


A performer


Just a nice, stable job


A soldier, a speaker, an activist


An artist or an inventor!


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How would other people describe you?

A genius


A true friend


A neat freak
















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What is your favorite genre of book?

Nonfiction or Science Fiction






Realistic Fiction






YA books 




Historical Fiction




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What is strength?



Love, Family, and Friends


Getting things right


It is quiet, but powerful


Power, obviously, and control


A sense of exploration and fun


The ability to enjoy your life!


Just doing what you need to


Sticking to your morals, always


Mental flexibility


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What is weakness?















The absence of strength


Compromising your beliefs


Being truly dull


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What is your work ethic like?

I get things done


I always try my best


I have to do everything right


Not so great, I like doing my own thing


Very strong! I am highly competent 


Good, most of the time


Not so great, I'm a procrastinator. 


It varies


I have a very intense work ethic


Terrible! I'm always wasting time, and I can't focus on one thing, ever.


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What do you wish someone would ask you?

My opinion on current events!


If I need help, I'm always helping others, but sometimes I need it too


If I'm stressed, and need help calming down


If I want a little company


To tell them what to do!


What my life is like


What my beliefs are


What my latest piece of art represents


For the story of my latest exploit!




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What do you look for in a relationship?

An intellectual equal


Someone who loves me


Someone who likes me, not for my achievements, but my personality


Someone who I could sit in comfortable silence with


Someone who can stand up to me


Someone fun, and bold


Someone who is romantic, and passionate!


Someone who is always there


Someone who would fight for me


Someone who is always interesting, and funny


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Which historical figure do you admire the most?

Albert Einstein


Mother Teresa


Steve Jobs


Bill Gates


Margaret Thatcher


Amelia Earhart


Marilyn Monroe


Rosa Parks


Joan of Arc


Pablo Picasso 


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You are a person with a strong analytical brain, good reasoning, and academic goals. You are logical, and can understand abstract ideas.


You are a person who is kind, and care about people around you. You are an observer, and have a deep understanding of other people. You are emotional, and artistic.


You crave order, and perfection. You want everything to be right at all times. You get stressed easily, but you are a high achiever.


You are a reserved and solitary person. You enjoy your alone time, and feel most comfortable when it is quiet. You tend to be a thinker, and have a deep mind.


You are a highly determined person. You want success, and crave recognition. Power is very important to you, and you consider yourself a natural leader.


You are an adventurous person who likes to take risks. You explore possibilities, and try to live your life to the fullest. You are loyal, and courageous.


You are a social, outgoing person. You enjoy speaking in front of others, and tend to be quite talkative, and can control and charm a room.


You are the go to person in a crisis. You are calm, easy-going, and practical. You can look at the bigger picture, and know when to relax. You are steadfast, and grounded.


You are a highly moral person. You will defend your beliefs no matter what. You stick to your principles, and will always try to do what is right.


You are an imaginative, quirky person. You are curious, and always have new ideas. You are a dreamer, and highly idealistic.