QUIZ: What's Your Success Type?

What's your ideal path to career success? Take the quiz to find out and receive your tailored success worksheet. 

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Getting up for work tomorrow morning. Discuss:

YES! Can't wait!


ARGH! So little time and so much to do. 


MEH. I'd rather be working on my own thing. 


1 / 7

The three words that best describe me are:

Creative, motivated, curious


Determined, practical, dreamer


Focussed, reliable, ambitious


Independent, passionate, positive


Sensible, Hard-working, Responsible 


Kind, entrepreneurial, creative


2 / 7

Ideally, I'd work here:

A sleek corporate office


A mix of work from home/cool co-working space


My own business HQ (maybe someday!)


3 / 7

The statement that best describes my career goal is:

Independence via a thriving business but still enough time for friends and fam


I love my career but want more (read: £££ and a promotion for starters)


I dream of my own business, but my current job will have to do for now


A great job in a new career field


I'd love to set up a successful business (but where do I start?!)


If I didn't need my salary, I'd definitely be an entrepreneur


4 / 7

I'd rather be thought of as:







5 / 7

My biggest obstacle is: 

My own confidence


Understanding the numbers (where do I even start?!)


A responsibility to keep earning my salary


My boss


Time: if I had more, I know I'd create a brilliant side hustle


Choosing my next career path


6 / 7

Which compliment are you most likely to receive?

"You're so creative."


"Brilliant performance in yesterday's meeting!"


"You know you could achieve anything you want."


7 / 7

The Entrepreneur

You are passionate about your business and oh so ready for independence, but where do you start? We promise the first $100k is the hardest, which is why we've devised a guide to getting over the first entrepreneur hurdle.

The Dreamer

Fuelled by your passions, your interests, your creativity, you'd love to leave your job behind and start out on your own. Trouble is, when you've got responsibilities to fulfil, that dream can feel permanently out of reach. But trust us when we say, we've been there too, and we can help you get the life you want (almost) risk free. Take a look at our worksheet to start working out how your dream could become a reality.

The Executive

Give you a busy office, a coffee machine and a team of colleagues and you're happy. If only your current job was fulfilling your needs. We here you: You want more flexibility, a payrise, promotion or maybe even a new career altogether. The first step to getting what you want, is working out a strategic plan. Which is where we come in. Follow our step by step worksheet to making your career goals ACTUALLY come true.